davidsprincess's Journal, 20 January 2020

Here's a non food related post... Don't you think that your very truest friendships are the ones where you are able to tell someone the truth and even if there is offense taken, you move on and have a stronger friendship for it? Could you ever be friends with someone if you couldn't express what you really thought? I could never follow someone blindly and just click and support or not speak my mind. If someone irritates me, I need to be able to say something- if they're my friend....Otherwise people irritate me but I have no interest in persuing a relationship so it doesn't matter. I'm talking about when you
are truly someone's friend.I just feel like that's the mark of a true, genuine friendship. Calling someone out on bull shit and moving past it.

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True with the exception that telling it like is isn't synonymous with negativity. Honesty with someone should include what is both positive and what is negative. If someone is constantly being truthful and their truth is always something bad - then I would take it as that person just doesn't like me, say f'em, and move on.  
20 Jan 20 by member: AboutMyTribe
And if they dish it, they should be able to take it back 
20 Jan 20 by member: AboutMyTribe
No...I don't sugar coat or say- here is what the positives are. As a supervisor, yes - note the positive and negative. But I'm talking strictly as a friend or any meaningful relationship - no - I just say it. And it's not an all the time thing because I wouldn't have close friends that I'm constantly bickering with or having differences of opinion. Usually we are like- minded.  
20 Jan 20 by member: davidsprincess
I’m married to a straight shooter. Jess tells me what she thinks no matter what and I appreciate it. There are many that don’t appreciate it and take offense. It works for me and I think it’s refreshing to hear what someone really thinks, even if I don’t like it 😁 
20 Jan 20 by member: love2educate
I grew up in a family where they always spoke the truth. I found it a bit stressful. Yes so you do not like my makeup. Why not just keep it to yourself... It is your opinion and you do not have to state it just because that is hwo you feel. That was the conclusion I came to. Some of my family is still like that. I can deal with it. I know them. My own policy is that some "truths" are not necessary to share 
20 Jan 20 by member: liv001
Liv... Yeah that's kinda sucky. I guess I don't have a great example. Ummm... I mean more along the lines of your friend doing or saying something you strongly disagree with and being able to say so without that person boo-hooing and hopefully even respecting you enough to see your side and how wrong he /she is. Or at least not continuing to bring it up in front of you.  
20 Jan 20 by member: davidsprincess
L2E... David tells me stuff I don't want to hear all the time. 🤷🏻‍♀️ i don't always love it and he may think I don't listen- but I tuck it away and make note of things. I never say "yes dear, you were right" 😆  
20 Jan 20 by member: davidsprincess
Yes it is but sometimes the truth really does hurt. 
20 Jan 20 by member: najwa kale
I like my friends being honest with me. Plus your friends should know you for who you truly are and not take offense. But some people more sensitive then others. I always get myself in deep poo 💩 when we speak the truth. 
20 Jan 20 by member: najwa kale
Sometimes I wish I had a filter but I don’t. 
20 Jan 20 by member: najwa kale
Amen davidsprincess. I hate "walking on eggshells" If someone tells me something I don't particularly like or agree with, I try to see their point of view but if I still disagree it's ok. We are all individual with our own opinions. I value that and it doesn't bother me..it's ok to disagree. 
20 Jan 20 by member: Diana 1234
truth sister... 
20 Jan 20 by member: designwebs
So apropos, Princess! It's destructive to a relationship in which you feel you must always say what the other wants to hear in lieu of being honest... not claiming this as fact--it's just my humble opinion. 
20 Jan 20 by member: rokr6378
Apropos... I quite like that word. I need to use it more often. 💕  
20 Jan 20 by member: davidsprincess
I don't really like to say things that I know would hurt someone's feelings. So personal things that hurt, I stay away from. I also avoid talking about politics. I just don't like arguing or fighting if I can help it. 
20 Jan 20 by member: Fritzy 22
I would tell a friend if she had lipstick on her teeth though. Some things you just have to know! 
20 Jan 20 by member: Fritzy 22
My daddy was a straight shooter so I know no other way! LOL. Therefore all the people close to me are straight up. It makes me giggle when people meet me for the first time and apologize in advance for their "bluntness". If they only knew the man that raised me❤.  
20 Jan 20 by member: vcabral2
I think the massive presence of internet, talk shows & social media has resulted in people 'telling it like it is' all in the defense of 'being honest' and 'being real' and with that mindset politeness and manners have faded. There's also a huge difference between 'a good friend' and a 'social media acquaintance'. Even with my 'close friends' or family, I try to temper my answer or opinion. Sure, I want honesty but I don't want to be suicidal afterward. More often than not, when a person claims they're 'being honest' it's used as a defense of criticism. Criticism is only helpful if it inspires us to improve.  
20 Jan 20 by member: FullaBella
I was confused by the questions. 'Following' someone on the internet is different than a real life friend. A dear 10+year friend of mine criticized me once ... I've never felt the same around her. We're still friends and have discussed that incident but it didn't make our friendship stronger. I have never felt 'myself' around her and when I do return home after an outing I'm exhausted from pretending. 
20 Jan 20 by member: FullaBella
People feel very free to say hurtful things on the internet, to people they never meet in person. It's very easy to be blunt, and takes much more effort to phrase things gently and politely.  
20 Jan 20 by member: gz9gjg


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