davidsprincess's Journal, 14 January 2020

So...the arguing never stops on fs. 😆 haven't even made it a year being "public" but I definitely see a pattern. I'm just going to continue to lift weights every day, do my daily weigh ins, measure monthly and try to stick to my new years resolution of spending my time mindfully which means much less on fs. I don't care how or what someone chooses to eat but what I don't get is this : when is enough going to be enough? When do you say...hmm... I've tried and failed this way of eating and gained and lost the same 30-40 pounds, maybe I should try something else? Maybe this way of eating is not sustainable for even 3 months without a binge, let alone a lifestyle change.. Just curious. Anyone who is constantly spinning his /her wheels, feel free to respond. Goodnight friends and app users.

Diet Calendar Entries for 14 January 2020:
1761 kcal Fat: 65.53g | Prot: 148.14g | Carb: 167.21g.   Breakfast: McDonald's Egg McMuffin, Aunt Millie's Giant White Bread, McDonald's Coffee Creamer, Sugar. Lunch: Quest Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bar, Equate High Performance Protein Shake - Chocolate. Dinner: Trader Joe's 4% Cottage Cheese, Subway Black Forest Ham Salad, Subway Pepperjack Cheese, Subway Sweet Onion Teriyaki Sauce. Snacks/Other: Bananas , Emerald Natural Almonds 100 Calorie Pack, Equate High Performance Protein Shake - Caramel , Girl Scout Cookies Do-si-dos Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cremes, Hungry Jack Instant Mashed Potatoes. more...
3420 kcal Activities & Exercise: Sitting - 12 hours, Driving - 2 hours, Elliptical - 35 minutes, Weight Training (moderate) - 57 minutes, Standing - 45 minutes, Sleeping - 7 hours and 43 minutes. more...

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Right!?! Life is too short to argue. Keep kicking butt girl!! 
14 Jan 20 by member: ramblemanje
I think a lot of it is that some people want an easy fix. They want a quick miracle fad diet. They don’t want the work of counting calories and actually working out. I’ve heard a few on low carb diets eat higher amounts of calories. Not sure how true that is. Just my thoughts. 
14 Jan 20 by member: peeperjj
I agree with ramblemanje too much hate and jealousy in the world. 
14 Jan 20 by member: Chestnut63
Yep. Sometimes you have to quit arguing and explaining and just let people be wrong. They do not know what they do not know and many just are not interested in learning— and, they are looking for the fast fix. Many different paths to successful weight control and better health, but none include magic. 
15 Jan 20 by member: Kenna Morton
Yes, what Kenna says.....let them be wrong. Someday they'll grow up (hopefully?) and learn there is no quick fix.  
15 Jan 20 by member: melissapko
Seriously!! I've been on a lot of weight loss sites these past few years and this by far has been the most argumentative social feed! LOL But I love FS because people are serious about getting and staying healthy. I've never seen so many people reaching their goals in one place! Proof that consistency (no matter the method) works! 
15 Jan 20 by member: Happily_C
I saw it all start up again yesterday 😒 it’s nonsense, but it’s January makes sense. I remember last year and I’m just going to do me. To each their own WOE♥️💪🙌💜💚 
15 Jan 20 by member: jcmama777
Looks like I have to catch up on some stuff, I’m sorry to hear that there was a rift somewhere, and a misunderstanding. I’m new on FS, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the discussions and the education most of all. I really really love the support that I’ve been getting. So no matter what, please don’t stop being who you are, Which is a person who is extremely helpful. So I thank you. 
15 Jan 20 by member: najwa kale
I have been logging my food as honestly as I can, exercise daily, and I know I am doing the best I can, without fad diets etc...I applaud everyone's success and have hope for everyone else who experiences plateaus, slip ups etc....we are only human, not machines....have a good day all! "Let no one or no thing steal your joy"  
15 Jan 20 by member: marytygh parks
15 Jan 20 by member: jcmama777
I know my problem: my portion sizes are way too big; I don't drink enough water; and I binge in the evening. The only time I lose weight is when I am sick or don't eat at all. There are times I think, "this it it, I am going to do this" and other times I feel hopeless. This little talk has helped. Off I go! 
15 Jan 20 by member: SusanEmma
Princess, I guess I missed it too but no matter what people say here: you know yourself better then anyone else. FS is a virtual platform of virtual individuals that don't REALLY know each other (keep that in mind). Protect yourself from negativity and just do you. In the end of the day you're your own hero, not the FS app. Independently, you're admired! Remember that ❤️ 
15 Jan 20 by member: Sabrina Helmold
Unfortunately we have to separate the wheat from the chauf.  
15 Jan 20 by member: Chestnut63
Sometimes, because of health reasons, the best WOE isn't really my preference. I have always been a yo yo dieter. After a successful weight loss journey 2 years ago where I almost reached goal, I gained it all back. I am hoping this time, to figure out a good way to maintain once I reach goal. And like several of people on here who are maintaining their weight I think I would need to stay here for at least a year and log food and see what it takes to maintain. My desired WOE is portion control. I can (and have) made 1/4 grilled cheese sandwich and usually would have 1/4 bagel for breakfast. But for now, just trying to get through the Daniel fast! I just scroll past all the arguing and when I'm tempted to jump in to dispute something I know isn't true for me, I just resist and keep scrolling. 
15 Jan 20 by member: Fritzy 22
Thanks for the input. This doesn't concern me too much aside from the guy who wanted to tell me how much activity I would need to enjoy pop tarts. 😁 I honestly don't care who eats what and I don't care what people tell me about what I eat. I just explained that I eat it all in moderation and lift every day. I don't get offended but I do find it odd when people clearly not at goal and unable to get there are pushing what they know even when they, themselves are unable to follow their advice. anyhow...another day of not winning the lottery brings me to work. Have a good day! 💕💪🏼 
15 Jan 20 by member: davidsprincess
DP— not a lottery winner here either so off to school. I love the way you write—I imagine you write just like you speak. I do to. Have a great day DP. 
15 Jan 20 by member: Kenna Morton
Who's the lottery winner?  
15 Jan 20 by member: Chestnut63
It was amazing about how many comments there were about pop tarts! Never would have thought it! Shows how many people like them and they've been around forever. I used to buy toaster strudels as well. Loved them. Haven't both either of them in 2 or 3 years. 
15 Jan 20 by member: Fritzy 22
DP, you do you. just don't let them get under your skin. there are a lot of what I call "unpublished experts" out there in the world. i mostly ignore. also why I'm quiet lately. we all have different goals, different paths, different ways. some people have a crazy drive to be the foremost authority on everything they dip their toe into. I don't get it, but I sure as heck don't buy into it either. It's the internet after all.  
15 Jan 20 by member: Katsolo
Congrats on your anniversary and you have the right attitude, I think. Lots of gadflys on the site from all quarters. I don't know where everyone gets the time. 
15 Jan 20 by member: Draglist


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