kingkeld's Journal, 14 April 2013

Good day!

Sorry, I'm late. I slept later than usual, had breakfast, went to the gym, went walking, went shopping, got home, took a shower, and now I am FINALLY here! :)

I am now through a full week on my way to maintenance.

I managed to get through a week with an average of 2200 calories per day. It took quite some effort to get there, as I needed 4500 calories yesterday! LOL! I'd like to thank Carlsberg Beer for helping me reach my goal.

So, we did the Millionaire's Bacon yesterday. I know many of you were curious about what the final result would look like, and how it tasted.

First of all, this is NOT a good weight loss dish. The main ingredients are two lbs of smoked bacon and TWO CUPS of brown sugar. Still, we wanted it and we went for it. I calculated everything and it was all good.

Well, here it is. It was great! It had a nice, smoked flavor with a kick from the chili flakes and the peppers. Very very nice - but not something I would eat every day. Not at all.

It was one of those "maybe-once-every-many-moons" kind of dishes. I liked it, thoroughly enjoyed it, and then moved on.


So, it's been a week. I am two and a half kilo up in weight since last week at the same time. To be fair, that was this morning's weigh-in. I am already lighter than that, but I can't really factor that in right now. That would be cheating.

My fat% is still not measurable, which means it (according to my scale) reads less than five. I am fine with my weight, and I feel great.

Yesterday was a more intense Indulgence Day than it was last week, so an up in weight is more than expected. Besides, Nimm tells me to give this three weeks and to not panic.

I am trying hard not to panic. It's tricky, when you see the lbs just climbing aboard, and you feel that you have eaten your way out of your comfort zone. This is something I need to learn more about.

I can tell that I am physically eating a lot more than I am comfortable with. I can't wait for my protein powders and bars arrive next week. That should help me a little reaching my calorie goals without eating constantly.


I have honestly been looking forward to today. Why? Because today is my 600 calorie day. Well, one of them. I have another one coming Tuesday.

I have seriously been looking forward to this day as much as I usually am looking forward to Indulgence Day. It's weird, huh? I am actually longing for a day where I do NOT need to eat a lot.

This morning I had my rye bread, a little ham and a boiled egg.

Lunch, which is relatively soon - but I will prolong it as much as I am comfortable with - will simply be a low fat high protein chocolate milk. It's great, and it's not "food". Today I just feel like not eating a whole lot.

Dinner will be garlic shrimp with broccoli. A small portion.

This brings me to 620 calories. Close enough that I am comfortable with calling it a 600 calorie day.


It's been a successful day at the gym today. I upped another machine again, by three steps! I have been wondering about this one - this is the one where you basically do crunches - and I often think how much harder I can push that one. Well, I took it from level 11 to level 14! This is pretty wild. It's VERY heavy now, but I can do it.

Also, I upped a a couple of other ones as well. I want as much weight as I can in any way handle and still get a full workout. Too much weight can make you NOT lift enough times, and thus not get the max effect. I need to stay on the right side of that.


There is no rehearsal with Burnin' Live today. Boooo! Our guitarist is prepping for school musical (that's the punishment I get for talking a 16 years old into playing with us! LOL!) but this is their last rehearsal weekend, and he can dedicate more. It's too bad, we didn't know this was happening this weekend. I could have made other plans instead. Now, I'm basically stuck at home. :/

This sucks, because I had planned a 600 calorie day around being out and playing music, basically forgetting everything about food, and removing myself from any and all temptations. So today will be EXTRA hard. I'm glad I'm looking forward to the low calorie day, I would have moved it to another day.

But since I can tell that my body is not hungry at all, then I don't think I'll have any trouble doing this. I have my food planned, I have a diet coke available if I want something sweet later on, and besides - if it gets all impossible, then I can just move my Low Cal Day to another then. Then, of course I will deal with the issue of scrambling to find another 2000 calories - PROPER calories - to eat before the day is over. Oh, the hardship I suffer! LOL.

So, anyways, today will be an awesome day.

Today, I am thankful for:
- Sleeping late.
- Spring starting to peek in.
- Having a great day at the gym, and loved the walk.
- Actually be looking forward to one of the "challenging" days of my weekly diet. It's not challenging at all any longer.
- Coffee. Then more coffee.

Happy Sunday! Life is good!
193.3 lb Lost so far: 148.4 lb.    Still to go: 6.0 lb.    Diet followed 100%.
on diet kingkeld's own diet   gaining 41.7 lb a week


I hope the anxiety eases up soon. You look wonderful Keld! 
14 Apr 13 by member: iamachristianjesusfreak
I appreciate it, Iama. "These are dangerous times!". LOL. Actually, I'm very curious as to where this takes me. But the thought of potentially overdoing the calories is terrifying. I know I am doing as I am supposed to, and I know that I no way am risking anything, but that just doesn't fully compute yet. Seeing is believing though, and so far I'm doing good. Fat% is still super low, and I feel great. It's all in my head. :) 
14 Apr 13 by member: kingkeld
Looks like Bacon Jerky DELUX! Sorry no rock night, but you sound great! Congrads on upping your weight! That is always a great feeling when You can complete the WHOLE set with the new weight. Sometimes when I am ready to up the weight , I have a spotter, help with the last few reps, then the next workout, I can usually do it on my own. (back in the day LOL)... What brand scale are you using? 
14 Apr 13 by member: Lizzygracemusic
Lizzy, having a spotter at this gym would be kinda strange. It's a very low key place, and it would be weird. Not saying it wouldn't help though, but fortunately I can get very competitive with myself (and very stubborn). When I decide to try for a heavier weight, then I have a hard time accepting to lower it again. I'd much rather work my butt off to get those things moved! :) Also, my scale is an Omron, from the Karada Scan series, though a cheaper one. I know that the numbers we get out of these scales can be wildly inaccurate, but they're as accurate as they get for what I have available, and what they show makes sense to me, even if they maybe show a little lower than the real world. I dunno... 
14 Apr 13 by member: kingkeld
Ya a spotter is hard to come by at times. Especially when you just need a little push to get through the burn. I have a Weight Watchers by Conair, was about 50 bucks. It is fairly consistant for me, sort of LOL. I am around 33-36%. If my feet are cold, it doesn't work. Have a great day! I don't know either about the scale, it was just interesting seeing a figure to confirm the body fat percentage I thought I was, and it was close enough. Have a great day!!!  
14 Apr 13 by member: Lizzygracemusic
Lizzy, I do think the smart scales serves a great purpose, whether they're correct or not. As long as we can start at "some number", and we can see it decreasing (or increasing, depending what we're talking about) then it's a way to record progress - and we need that! Mine is essentially TOTAL fail now, that it just gives me an error, but I know what the error means (less than 5% body fat is TOO inaccurate, and won't register), and that's good enough for me. If I see a number and it's under 10, then I know I'm in good shape. If I see an error, then I'm in EXCELLENT shape. :)  
14 Apr 13 by member: kingkeld
:-). On the gym.... You seem to be pushing yourself, a little each time. Who would have thought that you would look forward to a 600 calorie day.... A couple of years ago, you would have laughed at the thought of anything lower than 2000 
14 Apr 13 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
:-) your bacon reminds me of one of my fav dishes: macaroni with blue cheese. Great but not a daily staple. A little goes a long way. 
14 Apr 13 by member: FullaBella
Didn't you have your body fat checked the day you went in for surgery? what was it... if you told me I missed it. 
14 Apr 13 by member: iamachristianjesusfreak


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