Soulnoid's Journal, 07 April 2013

Day 439- Not one of my more powerful entries. I have been back on a hard training program for running. I am back up to 20+ miles per week and getting ready to add another day of running per week. I am trying to enter a race every other week. This coming weekend I will be running a 5K in Atlantic City on the Boardwalk. This could get really interesting for a few reasons: If it is windy, it is going to be tough! If we are really running on the boards, not sure how my legs are going to react to the bounce? It is early in the AM, so the crowds should not be a problem. I wonder if I will be able to improve on my PR, I broke through to the next minute club in my last race a week ago, I would be happy with a 10 second gain in this one.

Training wise, I am not doing enough speed work. I am trying to find an app that will help with interval training when I don't have a track to run on. I tried using the alarm on my phone, but it get's real annoying after about the 3rd lap and you have to scroll through the screen while running..... I have be looking into a Garmin watch, but everyone keeps telling me the apps/cell phones are better because you get more data/feedback from them for your records. I have also been adding to my weekly long run. This is where I ran into injury trouble in the fall. So far, not problem......

I do need to look for a new pair of running shoes, I have to find a new model as they don't make the ones that work well for me anymore. I am thinking about a pair of the inov-8's but having a hard time deciding on what drop to get. I seem to do better with a lower drop and they have anything from 0-15mm between their models. I have not seen anyone else with this wide of a range? Also looking at a pair of Scott's that I can get a great deal on ($30 for a $120 pair!). I have tried them on in the past and they fit well, but the color SUCKS! Lighter royal blue and red, kind of retro looking....

I signed up for my rowing training, that is in a few weeks. This is the whole reason I started this journey, I wanted to be on a row team. I was too big before, now I think I might be to small?

One step at a time, you are sure to move that way....
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How can you be too small? Wouldn't it be measured off your strength? 
07 Apr 13 by member: iamachristianjesusfreak
WOW...that is a program & a half your doing!!!! The wind does affect my running too, although I hardly ever compete (only against myself). Have you ever tried vibrams? I just love how much more stability they have given me. But I have not tired them outdoors yet, as it has been too muddy were I run. But it will depend on your running style if they are any good for you. I changed to a front runner, as no matter how cushioned my trainers were, my soure in my heel would cripple me for days! 
08 Apr 13 by member: schmetterling34
Hmm curious to see if they do have you run the boardwalk, that would be a big change I would think! Hope it goes well!  
08 Apr 13 by member: Bkeller1023
Rowing?? How fun is that! My coworker and I were just talking about how we'd love to learn to row. Alas, we found out that the only local club we can find must be a bunch or retired folk because every thing is scheduled during the day!! So I am glass that I can now row vicariously through you till we can find a club that at least has classes on the weekend!  
08 Apr 13 by member: Rubie-sue
Being to small has to do with, I am already short for rowing and know I am much lighter, so they may try to get me to be the coxswain, you have to do all the same workouts, but come race day all you do is go along for the ride and direct the boat.... not what I am in it for. schmetterling, a lot of the vibrams are to thin for me. My feet are flatter than flat and I have to wear custom orthos. I just found out a few weeks ago that the type I have are very hard to get your feet changed over to a more 'flex' type after I have been using them for so many years. Buying shoes is a nightmare!!! Bkeller, I finally found the coarse map, it is 100% on the boards... this could be a challenge to keep my speed up? Good news is we run south then north, so if there is wind it will most likely be coming out of the south. 
08 Apr 13 by member: Soulnoid


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