shadowx1110's Journal, 04 April 2013

Well it's officially confirmed by my doctor!! I am about 3 months pregnant.. tomorrow I go for an ultrasound and blood work. They also are putting me on lovinox as a precaution because I've had a blood clot 5 years ago in my leg and pregnancy increases the risk of getting another. Blood thinners, joy!!

All of my and my husband's family and work know now... everyone is so surprised and excited!!!! So far we're having 3 different baby showers LOL

I've been pretty good about food so far... been having some things I usually don't have and my weight hasn't jumped up at all, mainly because I've been keeping it within moderation and still eating healthy I think. Although I've also quit smoking since finding out, and that is a big complication... I've been turning to sweets the past couple of days to help with the stress. Not good. I had something before my appointment yesterday, and it caused my blood sugar to spike enough that they could see it in my urine sample. The nurse totally got on me about diet, no sugar no soda... I really felt like saying something snooty back, like look what would you rather I do have something sweet or light one up? I keep expecting them to say something about my weight if they do I will totally educate them on my weight loss and healthy diet and inform them that even though I may not look like it I do know how to take care of myself the right way thank you very much. Ugh I'll need a ciggy after that though. I had honestly bought an e-cigarette with the intention of working myself off of cigarettes last week. Now I have to deal with sending it back for a refund. I don't think I'll risk whatever side effects that may have, even if it's just water vapor and nicotine. Not to mention the crap I would have to take from other people for using something like that.

I NEED SLEEEEPP.... I had been wondering why I felt like going to bed earlier and earlier the past month, now I know why. With all the excitement of the past week I just came home from the doctors yesterday afternoon and slept until this morning. Now I feel like going to sleep again, except I'm looking forward too much to the baked potato I'm having with dinner tonight.

Though I think sleep could definitely help way more with the cigarette cravings.

We're having a guest visiting this weekend, one of DH's old friends. With everything going on I haven't had a chance to clean the house... it's a mess right now. Not disgusting but not clean either arrrggghhh.
We're going out to dinner after the ultrasound tomorrow... so I have no frigging clue when the house is supposed to be cleaned. There's no extra time and I'm too tired!!!

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3117 kcal Activities & Exercise: Sleeping - 8 hours, Resting - 7 hours, Desk Work - 7 hours and 30 minutes, Driving - 1 hour, Walking (moderate) - 3/mph - 30 minutes. more...
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GOOD FOR YOU!!!! Quitting is hard! You smart Lady you and congratulations on the baby :). I battled smoking for years . This quit is it! I can tell and it is worth any poundage I gained because that big deep breath feels soooooooooo good. Stick to your guns Girl. If you don't have a hobby that occupies your hands and mind learn one because it is a great stress relief and stress is a smoking trigger. I knit/crochet among other things ans I can tell you I knit some socks and wraps and hats and mitts in the past year LOL!!! And you are right about cravings if your tired you are more apt to crave anything whether it is cigs or a candy bar. Sleep is good. lol!  
04 Apr 13 by member: Merrywinkle
So happy for you Shadow, congrats on the new arrival. This will be an over whelming time for you with all that's going on but remember, don't sweat the small stuff, it's just not worth the effort it takes. The ultrasound will make it all real for sure once you see that heart beat on the screen, that should take any of your cravings away as your big job right now is to grow and healthy, strong baby. Enjoy this time, you've wait so long for it to happen you don't want to miss a second of it. Again, congrats! 
05 Apr 13 by member: Sunkeeper
05 Apr 13 by member: riocaz


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