Soulnoid's Journal, 01 April 2013

Day 433- I know, MIA.... and there has been so much going on that I want to journal about. I need to make a time of day each day to do this, it really does help to get it out. I have been wondering if I should be starting a blog to get some of this stuff out in the public? I have been hungry to learn for the past 3-4 month more than ever and I have been learning a lot about things I always thought I knew? Like food, health, the body, and the world we live in. Not that I am saying we are taught lies most of our life, but we kind of are. I had a conversation with one of my customers the other day that had not seen me in over a year and he could not believe how I looked, he has recently just started on a similar journey as mine and one of the comments that came up was how we both learned a lot truths about food lately and had to stop and ask the question of 'why didn't we learn this stuff when were younger'????? Why didn't the schools teach us about food? Why didn't our parents know it? Why are the fastest growing retail stores in the world health focused? Why, why, why..... I always thought of myself as a healthy person, but when I see pics from a year ago or older I see how unhealthy I was. More on this in later journals as you can see there is much more to it.....

I have been lurking around here a little bit and I have to say reading some of the things people are doing just makes the hair on my neck stand up. I find myself screaming at my screen telling them to just stop eating the CRAP!!!!! STOP EATING PROCESSED FOODS!!! IF IT COMES IN A BOX, DON'T EAT IT!!! IF IT HAS A SWEETNER IN IT, DON'T EAT IT!!!! IF IT IS PART OF SOME DIET YOU HAVE TO BUY INTO(WW), DON'T EAT IT!! YOU WILL NEVER BE SUCCESSFUL, BECAUSE YOU WON'T KNOW WHAT TO EAT AFTER YOU STOP! (let me add here that my MIL has been on a diet due to health issues and she is using WW, she lives by their products and is losing weight, but she still feels like crap!!! My wife and I have been telling her eat more 'real food' cut out anything with wheat, etc. and you will feel better. She refuses to do it because she can't track it easily. A NON-SUSTAINABLE SYSTEM!!!) again... more of this in later journals.

Like I said, I have a lot to say... on a positive note, not that weight loss is a huge issue for me, I have broken through another wall and am dropping what is left of the gut. Details to come on how I am doing it......

Take the time to look around you, you might just see something......
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Really appreciate your Journal today. As you know, I am a big fan of "real food" and surely wish I knew the answers to your questions. Of course, one big hurdle is the time it takes to shop for and prepare fresh food. When I run short on time the temptation is there to open a can, box, order take out, etc. It is like everything else, you've got to want it bad enough to work for it.  
01 Apr 13 by member: BuffyBear
couldn't agree with you more! looking forward to hearing of your new success 
01 Apr 13 by member: Lindsay6384
Love your journal and just wanted to say thanks for leaving us on a cliff hanger note. ;) 
01 Apr 13 by member: iamachristianjesusfreak
So true :), nothing tastes better than REAL FOOD, although my learning curve is still steep!  
02 Apr 13 by member: schmetterling34
02 Apr 13 by member: yduj57
just took a peek! Your diet looks great! That is what I am trying to do, already at no processed food.. I wish you could shop and cook for me LOL!!! Lean protein, veggies, yupper, clean good food! I did all the bad stuff, many times. I always had low BP so I never thought sodium was bad for me (even doctors said I was ok with it)... HA HA HA! 
02 Apr 13 by member: Lizzygracemusic
You are so right too much processed food is the problem, and it's sad when we have whole foods so abundant. People think of veges as a small addition to their meat based dinner plate, when it should be the majority of their plate.  
02 Apr 13 by member: greycmay


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