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Disclaimer: I am currently doing a SUPER LOW calorie diet. I am only doing this a couple of weeks, going off and on it as I see it developing. I need to emphazise that this is not something I generally recommend doing. This is something I am doing to learn about hunger, behavior and other things. If you do want long, sustainable weight loss, then you need to work with an efficient diet, like consuming about 500-1000 calories less than you burn on a daily basis. I'm hoping that we can all learn things from these experiments, but please be VERY cautious if you decided to try what I try. Consider me the lab rat. We don't know the results. :)

Hey guys,

Just a short notice along with the weigh-in.

I feel great, having done 5 days of 600 calories. I am now approx 6 kilos down since last week. :) Nice! I'm even down another 600 grams today.

I feel great. No fatigue. I went to the gym, and it went as always, and I feel great about it.

I'm sorry this is a rushed entry, but Wife and I are gonna go enjoy the awesome weather, and enjoy my Indulgence Day. I'm looking forward to it.

Have a great weekend everyone! Life is good!

We've arrived at the restaurant, and we're enjoying a cup of coffee, spending time on our tablets. There is still half an hour until they serve lunch, so we're more or less just waiting for that, killing time. So, I decided to write a little more in my journal.

Yesterday was pretty easy. I was expecting the 5th day of my experiment to be a lot harder than it was.

I skipped gym - as I did an workout the night before to compensate, and went to work early. I went to work early to be able to leave early. Wife and I went to have lunch, and me doing another low calorie day, I choose to just eat a plain salad. No dressing, no nuts, no cheese. I figured that if you add fresh cucumber, tomato, bell pepper etc., it doesn't feel "dry", and really don't need ANY dressing.

It was super nice.

Traditionally, we eat salmon for dinner on Fridays. I like it a lot, and it's both very filling and low in calories. A perfect choice.

The real challenge was to skip the French bread and the cheese at band rehearsal last night. I really enjoy that break and love the bread and cheese that we have.

There are three reasons I survived it without having any.

1. I really wanted the week to end right, without failure.
2.i made sure to tell the guys about my mission. They knew ahead of time that I wasn't gonna have anything other than my coffee, and they didn't offer. Thanks guys!
3. The talk ended up in an endlessly boring political discussion, and I went to the rehearsal room to play instead.

The result? I'm down 600 grams today. After dropping two kilos yesterday's, I didn't expect that at all.

So, today is Saturday. It's indulgence Day. Lunch is in 23 minutes (and counting!).

I'm thinking that I'm not gonna go ALL crazy. I will simply enjoy a couple of good meals, and let my body see that there is no starvation or hard times around me. I don't want this progress to still until it's absolutely necessary. I'm alresdy down 6 kilos, and I'd move to drop (as close to) six kilos more (if I can).

I realize that is asking a LOT and I don't expect to reach that goal. Then again, I had never in my wildest dreams thought I'd be able to drop six kilos this week. Lol. Let's see what happens.

I already went to the gym today. It went fine. Still no fatigue. Afterwards, I showered and coming out from that I felt very hungry. However, after I moment i realized that it is simply because next step was for Wife and I to go eat at the little Saturday buffet. That's all. I'm not CRAZY hungry. I'm not dying from starvation. I'm not even close. :-)

This week has really taught me something about hunger. In our part of the world, it doesn't exist. It's something that I can comfortably take out of the equation. I don't think I have EVER truly been hungry, and I never will be. Not even at 600 calories for a week.

It's all a matter of planning things. It's all a matter of recognizing that it is in fact NOT physical hunger we experience. Instead, we're slaves of habits, we're used to food at certain times and portions of certain sizes. When we don't get what we're used to, we panic. It's all in our heads. It's not physical hunger. It's not starvation. We're NOT gonna die from skipping a meal.


Today, I'm thankful for:
- another weight loss!
- realizing so many things this week.
- having done my workouts today.
- having no other Wil and crazy plans today, other than potentially a walk in the sun. Even if it's still freezing.
- full focus. Even on indulgence days.

Once more, have a great weekend. Life is good!
190.0 lb Lost so far: 151.7 lb.    Still to go: 2.6 lb.    Diet followed 100%.
on diet kingkeld's own diet   losing 9.3 lb a week


Enjoy your indulgence day....jealous of your weather.... Snowing here. 
23 Mar 13 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
Thanks, Pam. I made a major edit of my journal. :-)  
23 Mar 13 by member: kingkeld
So, first impression of Indulgence Day this week: I wasn't really all too hungry. I ate SIGNIFICANTLY less than I normally would do on a Saturday at lunch. I suppose this has to do with the smaller meals throughout the week. I did, however, gain a little more appetite going home, and I'm having an apple. It's delish! Also, I usually buy come candy or chocolate to nudge up the calorie intake on Indulgence Day. Today I didn't. I'm gonna stay away from the processed sugars completely. If I want snacks, it'll be fruit, or my sugar-free, low fat ice cream that has been sitting in the freezer. I think it's been there for more than a week. I think that's a record in this house. :) 
23 Mar 13 by member: kingkeld
I have really enjoyed reading this segment of your journals. I need to work on my discipline and give this a shot. My weight has been slowly and steadily coming off. I've mixed up my work outs a little bit and I must say things are shifting around.Need to focus more on the lower calories like you are doing and see what happens. Thanks for sharing your motivation! 
23 Mar 13 by member: Sherillynn
Just be aware that long term super low calorie diets are not generally recommended.  
23 Mar 13 by member: kingkeld
Jumping up and down for you and your loss!!! You enjoy your lunch with the wife! I can just see you two on your tabs! Till tomorrow! 
23 Mar 13 by member: Lizzygracemusic
Lizzy, it's so nice to be a nerd.  
23 Mar 13 by member: kingkeld
wow you are really in control. And your realizations are on target. i too have realized that this time "my diet" is more about learning to eat right for the first time in my life and improving my health along with the weight loss. Got my lab results back yesterday, after 3 months of "eating right"(15 grams of total fat per day), and my B/P is down from 148/98 to 112/74, cholesterol down from 269 to 231 with a total weight loss now of 29 lbs. Almost 10 lbs per month. I have been using myplate's super tracker and it works wonderfully. i don't eat till i record my choices and try to plan my days meals first thing in the morning. The weather is getting warmer and i will add walking to my 5 minutes twice a day stair stepper. 
28 Mar 13 by member: deb kasper


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