kingkeld's Journal, 22 March 2013

Good - and HAPPY - Friday morning!

So... today is day five of my crazy little mission - and WOW! I see and feel results like crazy!

I am ANOTHER TWO KILOS down this morning.

Yesterday went well - it was a LOT easier to resist temptation than I thought it would be.

I had to go through TWO buffets at a class I attended, and I had NONE of it, opting for the food I had brought instead.

I really wanted to stick to my 600 calorie goal, and I made it. I even had a little fruit as snacks.

The results? Well, two kilos down in a day AND a decrease in body fat. Not bad at all.

I looked back at my previous weigh-ins, and I have not been as light as I am today since AUGUST! This would be about two months after surgery. This is DEFINITELY pushing me in the right direction.

I still feel no famine, or anything else negative. Nothing at all. Not even a little extra sleepy. If anything, I feel that I am actually waking up easier.

I even went to the gym after my class yesterday. It felt like the right thing to do.

As I was sitting at the class thinking about other things than class (as one tends to do at these sessions), I was thinking about gym and how the Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday workout is pretty rough. So I decided that if I moved the Friday workout to Thursday, I would get a resting day inbetween. Good call, I think.

I will be moving a little extra today regardless. I will be rockin' out with The Black Peanut tonight, which means several extra hours of standing up, playing music, setting up gear, etc.

I will skip the white bread that we usually have on our break at rehearsal. I can't possibly fit it into my calorie plan for today. It's okay - with the results that I see I doubt that I'll miss it.

So, today's food plan is as follows, and WILL be kept:

Breakfast: A slice of rye bread, two eggs.

Lunch: Salad, no dressing, no "bad stuff" in it.

Snacks throughout the day: A couple of diet sodas (yup, I do those and they don't make me hungry), and a bell pepper.

Dinner: A nice slice of oven baked salmon with mixed vegetables.

Not bad, huh? All this comes to 583 calories.


I am amazed that I can keep shedding pounds. It's now 11 lbs since Monday. Fat percentage is somewhat following, so I do see that there is a decrease in fat, but I think what is really sitting there is water. I feel that the only way I can reasonably drop this much weight is water.

Of course, this also means that I can EASILY put it back on, if I'm not careful.

I am sure that once I up my calories a little again, things will somewhat adjust. You can't just drop 11 lbs in a few days and expect to keep them off. It's amazing that you can drop that much regardless, though. It's good to know.

When I went to the gym I didn't feel any different from other workouts. I work hard at it (except for the two machines that affect my hurt shoulder muscle) and they didn't feel any more challenging than they always do. It's always exhausting, but no different.

I gotta say I am very tempted to just keep going, as long as I feel good, see results and isn't generally worn down by it. I love the lighter feeling - I feel that I move around SO much easier. It's really wild how much of a difference it makes.

I know I change my mind on this pretty much every day. I know I have to be careful with it, muscle mass and all. But I do think it's a little different with the workouts I do.

4-5 times every week I work out pretty much ALL muscle groups. They get a good kicking, and I see them building. I don't see any danger there, unless I feel that I can no longer handle the weights I'm lifting. Then I'll try to adjust a little.

If I can keep going like this for another week or two, and still see results, then I'll be MUCH closer to my goal, and much more comfortable with going to the surgeon. But I won't do it at too much of a cost.

However, I do want to feel lighter still. I like my weight around 80 kilos, muscles or not. I am sure if I get rid of the excess weight, I will put on the muscle over time, fill more out and just be good.

It's already good.

Today, I'm thankful for:
- Another two kilo drop.
- Feeling great.
- Sleeping better.
- Generally happy.
- Awesome Wife.
- Rockin' with The Black Peanut tongiht.

Happy Friday! Life is good!
191.4 lb Lost so far: 150.4 lb.    Still to go: 4.0 lb.    Diet followed 100%.
on diet kingkeld's own diet   losing 30.9 lb a week


Glad you are still feeling good and are sticking to your goals. It is awesome that you have so much will power. I hope i feel the same when i do a cut next month to help my body fat drop. I have 9 pounds to lose to be at my goal body fat percentage. Kinda nervous to see how hard this last nine is going to be for me. I enjoy eating at a calorie range to maintain while lifting weights. Really have spoiled myself lately by not having to count calories and my weight staying the same. O well. Maybe i will be able to whack it out in a month. Aim high right!? 
22 Mar 13 by member: iamachristianjesusfreak
Aim high and DO IT, I say! You can and you will, if you put your mind to it. Make it a priority, Iama. Everyone talks about how hard it is to lose "those last pounds". I want to tell you this - when I lost all the weight first time around, I had NO issues dropping the last lbs. Not until I reached a ridiculous low weight, then my body started objecting, but I had 4 percent body fat and there really want much to give away. I get that. Since you are looking for a low percentage of body fat and not so much the weight, then I think you should be able to do this efficiently. Count your calories to remain in total control. Keep working out. Measure bodyfat as often as you can - I'd recommend daily - but be aware that this number is based on your weight and will fluctuate from day to day along with your weight. When your percentage go up (because we know that it will do this now and then) get stubborn and focus MORE. That's the way to reach goal. If I were you, I'd stay at a reasonable calorie intake, keep lifint weights and NOT compensate too much for the work you do. Do, of course, make sure that you get enough calories that you don't feel exhausted, tired, or anything else bad. Make sure you can still do your workouts without extra tiredness. Energy is key. When we start getting tired and worn out, our bodies will slow down and halt. We don't want that. Go go go! 
22 Mar 13 by member: kingkeld
AoooHoo..Happy Dancing for you...:O) 
22 Mar 13 by member: BHA
Happy Friday! Your journals are always interesting and inspiring to read. Hope the day brings all of the expected fun plus unexpected joy! 
22 Mar 13 by member: just.keep.swimming
Sounds like you have things WELL thought out... Are you still doing your indulgence day? (I haven't been on in a while to read journals). Please do take care to get the good calories in, not just cutting back to see a loss. As you workout, you're gaining muscle at the same time you're shedding the fat, so while it might not register as a loss in the visible sense, you should see the fat % go down. Just looking out for ya, buddy. I don't want to see a frantic post from Wifey that you're in the hospital for anything other than a scheduled thing!! But definitely keep going with what is working for you! Ever the inspiration to keep going!! <3 
22 Mar 13 by member: ZippyDani
Dani, I will be doing indulgence day tomorrow. If I go all the way to the supposed 3500 calories, I'm not sure. I will definitely go quite some higher than any other day this week. Also, doing this low cal thing daily takes a lot of determination. I need a day off soon. I think I can handle doing this safely. I'm deep in touch with how I feel. I'm very focused on my energy level, especially at the workouts. I'll be Ok. :-)  
22 Mar 13 by member: kingkeld
It's 5:30 PM and I'm done eating for the day. This means that there is one more challenge to come - the break in the middle of band practice tonight. Traditionally, we are having bread and cheese with a cup of coffee. So, of course, I'm gonna have to pass on the bread. It's WAY too high in calories (and carbs) for me this week. I'm determined though. I have throughout the week sat through so many little meals where everyone ate around me and I wasn't phased by it. I can handle one more.  
22 Mar 13 by member: kingkeld
You are really on a roll! Great job and have fun playing with the Black Peanut! 
22 Mar 13 by member: Neptunebch


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