kingkeld's Journal, 18 March 2013

Good morning, friends!

I'm up 300 grams. It's the post-Indulgence Day thing kicking me, and it's no biggie. It's pretty normal to see a two day weight gain after these.

I did good yesterday. Not great, but good. Here's why:

I had all the best intentions. I had everything lined up, and insured myself that I had the food I needed, and nothing more.

I had a light breakfast. Then I went to work out. Then I was waiting for my drummer to come pick me up at 1 pm. I actually hadn't planned a lunch, but I could tell that I was getting hungry. I had a small (like 250g) portion of chicken chili in the freezer. It's high on protein and low on calories - something like 150 calories - so I decided that it'd be better to just have that and NOT go hungry all afternoon, or end up buying something dum.

So, the afternoon was safe, as I wasn't gonna go anywhere other than to rock out with Burnin' Live at the school. There is NO food or any kinds of other calories available there, so it's a good place for me to be.

We're gonna try to play without our guitaist this day, as he is busy doing other things. So our new found singer is gonna bring a guitar and we'll see where it takes us.

It's actually going really well. We get three songs set up (more or less) and we're gonna start rehearsing these in our regular setlist. I like the fact that it's becoming a "setlist". That means we're playing more than three songs. lol.

Anyways, after about an hour, there's movement by the windows. Our drummer's mom is there to drop off drummer's daughter. This is no problem - she like to hear us play and she's usually pretty quiet.

Trouble this time is that she comes ALL PROUD and she and granny baked a cake! Geeeez... can I please have a day with no cake around me?!?

Of course, as we all know - when a ten year old kid offers cake that they proudly baked, you can NOT say no. She did MASSIVE pieces too, and I just had half one, but it was easily (estimated) 400 calories. Geeez.

I'm relieved that I had a super light breakfast and lunch, and I chose to just have a pita with ham and greens for dinner. Super light.

Still, there was a gain this morning that I was hoping to avoid, but what can you do.


So, food for thought. I just had a little eye opening moment.

My dear buddy FullaBella commented on my journal yesterday. It was a comment about the donuts that Wife made the other day. Bella mentioned that she did have one IN OCTOBER!

Now, this brought something up in me.

I used to NOT have any of the bad stuff. I'd simply be able to say no thank you, and skip it.

I really need to get back into that mindset.

Thinking back, I really didn't miss it. I know I talk about this over and frickin' over, but I do know that once I have the sugar out of my system, it's a lot easier to not have all the sweets and the bad stuff. It's a lot easier to just say no to it when you're not hooked on the damn sugar. It's definitely an addiction, but it's one that I can rid myself off, simply by putting my mind to it and by being strong for a few days. I think most of us can actually do this.

So, here's the deal:

No sugar. No sugar. No sugar. No FRICKIN' SUGAR!

Starting today - and all week - and afterwards - No cake. No candy. No chocolate. I don't need that junk. It just makes me want more of it, it makes me hungry, it makes me feel uncomfortable. Why do I want to do that to myself?

This morning - probably because I ate small meals yesterday (though it sounds like it should be the opposite) - I woke up very satisfied. I was in no way hungry, but I chose to have a little bitty breakfast after all.

I had a great reminder from a friend - the one who's had the gastric bypass surgery.

He told me that he went to his nutritionist to have a checkup, and all was fine.

She taught him a little about how our bodies have certain patterns that it follows.

One is sleep and wake times.

He was telling me about the body essentially trying to shut down in the evening, often related to your normal sleep patterns, or - for some people - related to sundown (a certain more or less fixed time after the sun goes down, not necessarily at the actual sundown moment).

This essentially means that when we get to a certain time, it could be 10 PM, every day - our bodies will slow down the metabolism for our sleep time.

Then, it will stay in this "hibernation mode" until we wake up AND EAT! It's not automatically starting the calorie burning simply because we wake up. Our inner caveman wants to see that we have food available before it starts burning our reserves.

This is why breakfast is important.

When I lost all the weight super fast, I'd ALWAYS eat breakfast. Every single day. No skipping.

I want to get back into that habit. I generally do this on work days, but I am a lot more relaxed about it on the weekends. Sometimes I skip it to save the calories for later. But what's the use of saving 150 calories, if you end up NOT burning much for maybe 6 hours? Bad deal.

So, what I'll do if I want to save calories, I'll just have a light breakfast. A little bread and egg, or just two eggs. I like the eggs in the morning. They fill me up, and they promote weight loss.


I still have an aching shoulder. It's not too bad, and it's slowly getting better, I think.

It did hurt a little more yesterday, but I wasn't TOO kind to it.

It wasn't the gym that did me in on that. It was dragging my bass cabinets down from the 3rd floor, packing the car, playing music for hours, and dragging it all back up to 3rd floor.

I'm still amazed that I can actually carry those sucker up here to the apartment on my own. One of these cabinets weighs almost 100 lbs, and I take them up here in one go. I was in NO way able to do this ever before in my life. I think I owe that 100% to the gym. It's all worth it, seeing progress like this.

But of course, I have to be careful. It was simply that there was nobody else to do it, and I didn't want to ask Wife to help. She's got a sore back from work, and I don't want her to hurt herself.

I've located the machines at the gym that affect my shoulder muscles. I am doing less strain from them - I put them to 7 instead of 9, and I feel that it's probably a better place to be for right now.

I gotta say, though, that I am amazed that 7 is EASIER! LOL. I started out at 4 and thought I was pushing it. Now 7 is a piece of cake. That's a great affirmation.

I like the fact that I am in the habit of going to the gym. I like the fact that I now find excuses to go instead of excuses to NOT go. I like the fact that I feel bad about skipping, and that I really do want to go.

I've been there quite a bit lately, and that is probably also one of the reasons that I strained the shoulder. Still, doctor says I can keep going. It's no severe strain, there is no need for physiotherapy or medicine or anything like that. It's simply a little strain. I am not too surprised - I have been there 9 out of the last 11 days, if we count today.

I wasn't really planning on going on weekends. They were supposed to be my days off, along with Tuesday and Thursday. However, I really enjoyed taking just one morning on the weekends, pushing it to 4 days instead of 3. But of course, now Daughter keeps asking if I want to go. She can only go on Monday morning, and then the weekends. It's great to see her doing this for herself, so I want to motivate as much as I possibly can. This means going on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

The early workday mornings (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) are great for more reasons, and I don't want to be without those either. I get to talk to some great people there, and it's becoming a little "let's do this together"-club. It's nice. Also, I think I'm gonna have a few clients on my team for weight loss class. I've had quite a few interested people approaching me, but sadly - nobody has signed up just yet. I hope I can get some people going. I need this. I want this.


So, to sum it up:

- ALWAYS eat breakfast.
- NEVER eat sugar.
- Keep working out.
- Keep going, and keep doing what I know is right.

Today, I'm thankful for:
- Writing a long journal. It helps me focus.
- A pretty decent night's sleep, though my shoulder did wake me up a couple of times.
- A SUPER FUN day with Burnin' Live yesterday.

Happy Monday! Let's make this a great week with nothing but good food choices! :)

Life is good!
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Same here, I also would love to have days without cake around me!!! 
18 Mar 13 by member: Lizzie983
Morning Buddy - thanks tor the nod. I hope you never think I'm projecting 'perfect eater' gal. In fact I had a chocolate peanut butter egg yesterday putting the Easter baskets yesterday. I just chose to not take in processed sugar regularly because it is indeed hard to resist once my body starts craving it and it only craves it because I have it. A chicken and the egg sort of conflict. There are plenty of delightful sweet natural pleasures in fruit for me. So I don't say 'sugar bad' to myself - I just say 'other non sugar things better'...anyway - good for you. It will take a few days to say 'no' and if it helps tell the munchkin bakers you are 'trying to control your sugar' and leave it at that? Good for you buddy - I know you'll get your mojo back! 
18 Mar 13 by member: FullaBella
Bella, I get where you're coming from. Processed sugars ARE bad, and I totally agree on the chicken and egg reference. I went for something like 8 months with literally NO cake, cookies, candies... NOTHING. Well, that's a lie. I did have ONE hard candy. lol. That was all. I didn't miss it, I didn't want it. Oh, how I would love to be back in that place and just say no. It's making everything so much easier to have the determination and not feel any kind of pressure from it. :) And I have promised myself to just politely have a little bite next time a kid offers cake. Or maybe come up with an allergy excuse. lol.  
18 Mar 13 by member: kingkeld
I loved the journal today. You have come so far from where you began and I loved all the food for thought.  
18 Mar 13 by member: iamachristianjesusfreak
Thanks, iama-c-j-f! I find this to be a great outlet for thoughts, both weight loss related and otherwise. It's a great tool to get my head in order. :) 
18 Mar 13 by member: kingkeld


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