kingkeld's Journal, 14 March 2013

Good morning!

Sorry, no weigh-in today.

I slept so bad last night, when I finally manned up and got out of bed, weighing in was at no point in my thoughts - not until I was already up, dressed and having breakfast. Nevermind, then. Numbers will be inaccurate, and in the big picture I suppose they do not matter.

I felt that I did a bad job yesterday anyways.

I went to the gym, but I have a strain in a muscle by my shoulderblade, and even though I went for less weight on the machines that work that area, it still hurt like a mother by the time I was done. Boooo! Tomorrow, when I go again, I will have to go even lighter, or not at all, on those machines.

The result: I had to go home from work. I was not only hurting somewhat in that shoulder, but I had a splitting headache. I was done with the main things at work, but had a meeting I should have attended. I decided that I could skip it, and left.

I do NOT want to skip going to the gym. I have the habit of going now, and it really really bothers me to be put out of my game like this. If nothing else, I will have to go and use the epilipticals or something else, along with leg training. Stopping completely is not an option.

I already talked to a physio therapist at work, and she said to "just take it easy on the heavy lifting", but that I didn't need to fully stop, so it should be safe enough, if done right.

So, I ended up staying at home most of the day. Feeling bad about myself, dealing with having the munchies, pains and boredom. Boooo. It was hard to get through, and I didn't succeed at all. At least, that how I feel. I went over my RDI with several hundred calories, but in no way close to my calorie burn for the day. It's still good, just not as good as I'd like it to be.

I will have to compensate today.

It bothers me not knowing what I weigh today. I know the number probably isn't in my favor, but it bothers me to not know it. That number helps me stay on track throughout the day.

I know. It really shouldn't make any difference knowing that number. I should be doing the exact same thing, no matter. But seeing the number helps me focus, just like writing this journal does.


So, I went to bed last night at 8 PM, as we often do. Remember, we get up at 4 AM on work days, so 8 PM is really when I need to go to bed, if I want full value beauty sleep.

11:30 I was wide awake again, to a point where I got up. I set up a little blog page for my weight-loss class, a place mostly for people to make payments for the class.

I want to make this so that people dedicate. I talked to the owner of the fitness place yesterday, and I concluded that this should be the way to go. I'm considering NOT starting new classes once per month, but make them ongoing, where people can start and stop. I do, however, want people to dedicate for three months.

By dedicating, you perform better. I want people to see results.

What do you guys think? Which is better?

Option 1: A new "class" start every month, and runs three months. You will have to wait until next month to get going. I will have to spend ONE time explaining the system.

Option 2: You can start ANY Monday, just join. You're still committed to three months, just like in option 1. When you start and you're new, you'll have to stay extra 15-20 minutes or so, while I explain the calorie counthing thing after class. I'm thinking that others, that need to brush up their calorie counting skills on the system. This will - of course - require that I stay their LONGER on a more or less regular basis.

What's better for the client? What do you think?


I finally got to go back to bed at around 2:30 am last night, and I think I got to sleep for about an hour before it was again time to wake up. No wonder I'm tired today. SO TIRED!

I do have all my meals planned out, but I know it'll be a long and rough day. When I get sleepy, I get hungry. I want carbs.

Today is, of course, cake day. I'm simply not gonna go for that break, no matter what leftover calories I have today. No cake for me.

I have arranged with wife that she does NOT bring any home. I have also arranged that we do low calorie dinner. Probably a chili con carne with ground chicken. It'll be nice.

I suppose the good thing about it all is that I will be at work all day. I will actually have to actively go to the basement if I want cake, and Wife is instructed that I can't have any - not even a sample. The only alternative is to go shop, and I won't have time for that. I should be safe.

I am bringing a banana, in case it all goes sour on me. I hope I won't get to have it.


I do feel pretty good today, though. I feel that I am thinner. I'm not sure if it's simply knowing the numbers yesterday, but I do feel thinner today. I feel it in my hands in particular, and I did so too yesterday. It's hard to explain. It's kind of like there is more "room" in my hands, between bones and veins etc. I guess it makes sense. Once the fat is gone, the other things move around easier. Right?

Now, of course, I just need it gone from the rest of me. lol. I'm not complaining too much. Seeing that number yesterday really helped. I'm still set on my mission though, and I do want to see some great numbers for my evaluation with the surgeon.

I wrote to her yesterday, asking to keep the meeting in early April. I want to know what needs to be done to qualify, or if I'm already there. I hardly believe I would be there already. I know I have worked hard at the gym, and I know that quite a lot of fat has come off (according to the scale), but I can't imagine me just simply qualifying without at least dropping SOME kilos.

We'll have to see.

Today, I'm thankful for:
- Determination. Focus. I will need these tools massively today. I don't feel TOO motivated - I never do, when I am tired - so I need to be stubborn.
- Morning coffee. Oh boy, do I need it.
- Game Of Thrones on blu-ray. Wife and I finally are getting around to watching it. Not bad at all. :)

Happy Thursday! Life is good!

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Hi Keld. I would prefer Option 2. Maybe a bit more effort on your side, but if I want to do something, I like to do it immidiately, not wait a whole month. A lot can happen in a month, like finding a different place. So the more open you are, the more people can join, on the spot :). I am in the same boat with my weight in the moment, since I am weight training, I am getting heavier, not bigger, just heavier. Its a tat frustrating, but feeling strong & fit helps a lot. Just be careful with your shoulder. Have someone take a proper look at it before you do anymore training! You don't want any real damage! Have a strong day :) 
14 Mar 13 by member: schmetterling34
Option 2 for me too, for the same reasons. Sounds like staying with warm up and gentle stretching on the shoulder would be best for now, but I agree it's worth getting someone to take a proper look. 
14 Mar 13 by member: Earthlady
In my program they have a meeting once a month for new members. I think it could be a good option between every Monday and every 3 months. Not as much work for you, and more open for the folks that want to join but don't want to wait 3 months.  
14 Mar 13 by member: Rubie-sue
Planning on going to meetings when we get home to Michigan first week in May. Hopefully it will help. Been in a rut, losing, but it's slow going. I dislike the leader here in Florida, she's boring. lol. At least this site gives me some incentive thanks to all of you and your posts. Thanks. 
14 Mar 13 by member: Penel0126
I think that I will try to coach people to sign up asap, and start first monday coming month, but let them know that they can start on "other" weeks as well. I think this might work. So far, it seems that I have interested people coming from "out of nowhere" asking about the class. Nice! 
14 Mar 13 by member: kingkeld
Ditto Option 2 - if I had to wait a whole month I'd go somewhere else or talk myself out of it. Hope you get some rest and feel better buddy. 
14 Mar 13 by member: FullaBella
My attitude to injuries is take off all impact but keep moving... so maybe swimming or yoga or tai chi could mix things up for you while your shoulder heals? I know they don't feel as hardcore, but it's just a different kind. =) I think Option 2 is good, as long as there's an induction time for a newbie. 
14 Mar 13 by member: ferlengheti


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