URMYLF's Journal, 22 February 2013

The following is an e-mail from the past, composed 11 months and 30 days ago, on February 20, 2012. It is being delivered from the past through FutureMe.org

Dear FutureMe,

I'm writing to you from 11 weeks (almost 3 months!) ago. Wow, when you hear it like that, it seems like a long, long time. But we both know better than that, now, don't we?

You're getting ready for the end of the school year. Do you still love subbing as much as you did?

Some stress was just beginning to build, being involved with church again, and spending your first weekend away from Maddie.

The great news is that you discovered what triggered migraines for you (gluten, as if you need that reminder) and that you really dedicated yourself to low-carb that following week. I hope Atkins.com community was so helpful for you, and that you figured out a way to make meal-planning easy for you! (I knew you could do it!)

I know you were really upset that the last challenge ended and you were only a couple pounds downs from the beginning of the challenge. YOU CAN DO THIS. Those bumps in the road? They were just speed bumps so you would slow down and really learn your lessons, so you will NEVER go back. Don't let them stop you!!

You know how much I love you, and I always will. No one will take my place, and you can't do anything that will change that. YOU ARE AWESOME.

Love, ME.
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