Rubie-sue's Journal, 21 February 2013

About 5 years ago I got laid off and no longer worked with folks I'd been with for 10 to 20 years. While I was laid off I got a job in a small factory, and started a downhill spiral. My weight got so out of control, my legs got infected, I had to stop working out, and the couch became my bestest friend ever. Then the end of 2011 my doc said that I had to do something and he wanted me to get the surgery; which I refused. So in Feb of 2012 started a program through the hospital, was able to start working out again, added boxing to my routine, and was able to kick butt in the yard again.

Now you'd think with all the effort I have put into getting thinner that you'd want folks to say "you look amazing", or "wow, I didn't even regonise you". Turns out that there is another one that made me smile: "Wow, how can you look excatly the same!?!". Most would take this the wrong way. But I finally go hired back to my old job and running into old friends that I have not seen in 6 to 7 years it just makes me happy that to them I am excalty the same. Really, it means all that major damage I did to myself is gone. The extra 80lbs, the weak and uncomfortable body feeling, the stress and aging on my face, and the dull sheen my skin had taken on. It is all gone. When a dear old freind who knew has known me since I was a "young pup" gives you a huge tight hug and says: "You feel great, and wow you look just the same!!" , yes it does make me very happy. Because it means I am back from that brink of death, and happy, and healthy...and from here it can only get better and better and better!!


I don't think anyone here on FatSecret has EVER been more happy "looking exactly the same". :) What an accomplishment! Well done! 
22 Feb 13 by member: kingkeld
I never thought about things that way. How encouraging! 
22 Feb 13 by member: iamachristianjesusfreak
I love the positive light you are able to put on all things. Great job on looking the same :) 
22 Feb 13 by member: skirch97


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