tere&lily's Journal, 25 January 2007

I’m going to a party this weekend and I’m going to see it as an obstacle that I have to go through one way or another. No drinking for me!!! :} There is going to be a lot of people there that have never seen me with just a bottle of water for 4years. Its going 2 b really hard because I have tried no to drink before, but I some how give in. I haven’t drank sense new years and I am very happy for that….. …..... wish me luck ….I’ll get back at you all on Monday..
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Remember if you give in, do so just a little. Have one drink. Then move on. However, not drinking at all is probably better. Don't listen to any negative or pressuring comments and do what makes you happy. I'm not sure what phase your in on the diet but, if your in detox I say don't drink at all. The best thing to do is have fun doing other stuff at the party and try and hang out with others who may not be drinking as well. Good Luck!  
25 Jan 07 by member: jennilu
You could agree to be the designated driver for the night then you kind of feel some added pressure not to do it. Just keep your eyes on the prize and good luck.  
25 Jan 07 by member: momof2ATMs
I think you're brave to go to a party - good for you! Hope you have fun! 
25 Jan 07 by member: nicoandy
I hope you have fun, after all your not going to stay away from parties forever. Who knows, maybe it will be easier than you are thinking! 
25 Jan 07 by member: tootsie
i've been the designated driver a few times. if you just say that, people won't give you a hard time. it'll all be okay. have fun, see your friends. if you are going to drink, a few ideas are vodka, light rum, or gin. i know that they do not have carbs or calories. mix with a bit of diet soda. if i were to drink, which i am tempted to, i would have vodka water with a lemon twist. if mixed properly, it's like drinking lemon water. maybe a gin and diet tonic would suit you better.  
25 Jan 07 by member: elsie312
I just read that alcohol can decrease your willpower for a while. DON'T DO IT! Totally not worth it. But remember , if you choose to drink do so in moderation. 
26 Jan 07 by member: jennilu


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