Miraculum's Journal, 08 June 2019

A few days of ignoring Fat Secret, food logging,) etc., and my sugar addiction has reared its ugly head. I flew into Buffalo yesterday, my first travel excursion with my cane and arthritic left knee and ankle. Sampling Bflo's gastronomic dee-lights is a given. (I really need to change my association of Bflo and food contraband.)

My dermatologist has diagnosed "PORPHYRIA CUTANEA TARDA," in jujueither a genetic skin condition related to a deficiency in the liver chemical uroporphyrinogen or a liver enzyme called uroporphyrinogen decarboxylase; or acquired (sporadic) form most often occurs after use of alcohol, estrogens, oral contraceptives, or other drugs and certain environmental pollutants. My dermatologist says it's probably the acquired form related to the naproxen I've taken for years. She switched me to acetaminophen. Barely helps at all.

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You got this!! Glad she switched you over to a different medication to use. 
08 Jun 19 by member: jcmama777
Mira are you coming back from your diet break??? Have missed you and all the nice keto chit chat. 
08 Jun 19 by member: liv001
liv001, yes, I'll be back on Tuesday! 
08 Jun 19 by member: Miraculum
I *meant* that acetaminophen barely relieves my left knee and ankle pain.  
08 Jun 19 by member: Miraculum
Can certainly understand you wanting to enjoy the food in Buffalo. It was a wonderful opportunity to be with your former step-daughters Lisa and Andrea that you haven't seen for so long, even though it must have been hard to travel with your cane and arthritic knee/ankle. I assume that since both have weight issues they weren't adverse to splurging either. But I'm sorry you are paying a high price for it. I too splurged, and found the hunger, depression, and craving returned quickly. It's disappointing that we can't have occasional treats without paying a big price for it. I'm not sure it is only from sugar addiction and the way we ate for years, or just sugar and carbs in general. Oh, our bodies are so screwed up from sugar/carbs, plus all the genetic engineering, and toxins in our environment. I'm sorry your knee and ankle are so painful, and now you have to give up naproxen. As before, I am glad you were able to share with them, about your new way of “usual” eating. Maybe you need to now share with them how much the splurge is affecting you negatively. Especially with Andrea, because of her new diagnosis of pituitary adenoma. Yes, I believe IF and Keto could, and probably would help. If she eases into it slowly, she may be willing to try it. I am so sorry about this skin condition of yours, It sounds like such a hassle plus being painful. I didn't know naproxen, as a NSAID could cause it. I knew of many other side effects and try not to take many NSAID's even though they help with swelling, but I surely prefer them to Tylenol, which can cause liver damage if too much is taken. I threw all mine out but then had to buy some more when my husband went on blood thinner, because of course he could not take NSAID's anymore. Please be careful with them because it sounds like your doctor isn't even sure if your liver is already involved. If the skin condition is the acquired form as your dermatologist suspects, sugar can't be helping it, if alcohol can affect or even cause it. You have been through so much, it's not fair. But life isn't fair, is it? Sorry. My heart is with you.  
09 Jun 19 by member: Snowwhite100
Thank you, Snowy! I avoided eating at Andrea's house this afternoon, and visiting the dying mother of an old-and-dear friend whom I'd known since I was four. Just kept drinking water! When I got back to Linda & Barry's house, she had a dinner of wonderful grass-fed, gouda-topped, bunless hamburgers (and a not-so-much spinach salad with strawberries and pine nuts *drowning* in way too much salad dressing). 
09 Jun 19 by member: Miraculum
I'm careful with the acetaminophen, taking only four doses a day. Traveling with the cane is a challenge because I'm soooo slooooow. My English pen pal (53 years this summer!) said, some time ago, that she would push my wheelchair if that's what it took. However, that was before her years (still continuing) as a caregiver for her partner, who has metastatic cancer. 
09 Jun 19 by member: Miraculum
You have so many challenges going on right now, Miraculum. There’s got to be a way you can have pain relief or your quality of life will suffer. I’m glad you had the opportunity to see friends, and I’m praying for you. Hang in there... 🥺🙏🏻 
10 Jun 19 by member: laraae


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