Diddlee's Journal, 15 May 2019

Sardines for easy fat loss? Well, that is something I have experienced more than once. If I go without sardines a few days, I eat more, and have more hunger.

With a couple of cans of sardines, hunger practically vanish, and I do not think about the next meal before the alarm goes off.

In the beginning of current loss trend, I had sardines every day. Then got into sausage making, and had sausages instead.

The last two days I've gone back to sardines, and I'm back to a feel-good fat loss.

In order to reach the goal weight within this month, I'll make sure to have my sardines.
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I love sardines πŸ€— 
14 May 19 by member: jcmama777
It’s the fat content in the Sardines! Are they also packed in an oil? Higher fat meals reduce hunger pains. 
14 May 19 by member: 60pack
Hmm 0 carbs... :) 
14 May 19 by member: adefwebserver
I think sardines are magic food. and o mega 3!  
14 May 19 by member: lydium
Try 4 tbls apple cider vinegar, 1 tbls honey, 1 1/2 cups distilled water and 3 cinnamon sticks. It helps with hungry, fat loss. Look up the benefits. I drink every morning. When I skip a day I want to eat the fridge 😭 
14 May 19 by member: ccrai22
60pack I live by a 'tiny town' and can only buy them in tomato sauce. I save the little bit of oil on top, discard the sauce, and wash the sardines in water. The sardines have bones, that I believe to be a good source of calcium. The only pill form supplements I do is Iodine from Kelp.  
14 May 19 by member: Diddlee
adefwebserver Yup, run fine on 1 gram of carbs a day (breakfast egg) On liver days I blow out completely to a wopping 8 grams. Cheat day. 😜 
15 May 19 by member: Diddlee
lydium Agree. I try to keep my food budget low by including high omega 6 meat. Suspect the sardines helps with balancing this out, which lead to greater body feel, making easy fat loss possible. 
15 May 19 by member: Diddlee
jcmama777 You're lucky. I'm still getting used to sardines. Never ate them in my carb days. Now I love them for how they make me feel, more than anything. 
15 May 19 by member: Diddlee
ccrai22 That recipe sounded refreshing. Wrote it down in my recipe file. My diet is too strict to try this out it now. 
15 May 19 by member: Diddlee
I'll say YES to sardines any time of the day! Not only do I love them...they love me back =) giving me all the Omega-3, B-12,calcium, minerals, and protein I need. I personally love the spanish spicy sardines with EVOO. 
15 May 19 by member: keyten77
I started eating them as s child😊 they are so good and fantastic health wise. 
15 May 19 by member: jcmama777
Diddlee: are you basically eating carnivore? 
15 May 19 by member: erikahollister
I just read your profile, which answers my question. Congratulations on your great weight loss! I've been on carnivore for two weeks now after years of keto/low carb. I'm liking it so far and it has jump-started better losses. Interestingly, it has also decreased my post-concussion headaches. Ketones are neuroprotective. 
15 May 19 by member: erikahollister
How many do you eat at a sitting and how many times a day? 
15 May 19 by member: Granddaughterclock
And sardines are so good for you. Yummy πŸ˜‹ 
15 May 19 by member: Erquiaga
hmmm interesting! Thanks for sharing! Maybe I'll have to try them! :)  
15 May 19 by member: Sharons Victory
Sardines are so good and easy. Like jcmama, started as a child. πŸ˜‹ 
15 May 19 by member: Becc@
favorite ways to eat them? 
15 May 19 by member: JQwellin
erikahollister Exciting to hear you're a carnivore too. Have been going for around a year now, and love it more and more. 
15 May 19 by member: Diddlee


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