marcia200's Journal, 11 December 2012

Iam looking for a diet I can stick too and would love some feedback. I was on atkins last year and had issues because I like my artificial sugar. I was able to cut out my diet sodas but I still had several cups of coffee in the mornning along with crystal light. I would still drink my water ( which I hate) and I had problems losing. I work in a restaurant that serves only fried foods and htodogs. hamburgers and I have put on 15 recently. If anyone has any advice I sure would appreciate it.


You might go to the library and check out some books. They have all the new diet books there (or should any way). You might just try calorie counting though. It enables you to eat what you want but within your daily caloric intake. I do think it's important to focus on lean protein, lean dairy, fruits and veggies. WHAT you eat can be as important as HOW MUCH. Processed foods contains tons of sodium which can inhibit weight loss in some people. You can also google diets and sample menu plans to see if something might appeal to you or fit in to your life style. There is a magazine that comes out every week called "Woman's World" and they put a new diet plan in the magazine every week with sample menu's (everything from Weight Watchers to Atkins and more). Plus, all the magazines will be running their January weight loss issues soon too. I like to get them just to read for motivation. I do Weight Watchers with a modified Atkins (lower carb) to help me lose better. It really depends on what you like and fits in to your lifestyle. 
11 Dec 12 by member: Suzi161
thank you so much for the information. I thought about just going low fat and low carb but I guess I will have to start bringing my food to work beacuse the menu is so fat. I will check out the magazine. I guess I will start my annual diet in january. Thanks! 
12 Dec 12 by member: marcia200


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