Honeywife's Journal, 24 November 2012

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The Michigan/Ohio game has always been such a fun one since my mom's side of the family is all from Michigan, and my husband's family is from Ohio! We always had friendly little bets over this game, and I remember having to make a tray of lasagna for my hubby's grandparents because I lost. :) Now my hubby's business partner is from Michigan and hubby was texting him late last night over this game! Should be fun!! One year I had my daughter dressed in a cute little "Go Blue" cheerleading outfit with a necklace of buckeyes! ;-)  
24 Nov 12 by member: ConniebytheSea
Well Connie...tell your husband "it feels good to be a Buckeye" after whoopin Michigan's butt!! I am lovin this!!! PARTY TIME! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. You are in California, right? xoxo 
24 Nov 12 by member: Honeywife
Glad the Buckeyes won for you! :) I WAS in California, now I'm home in Florida. It was hard to leave my daughter but now that I'm home it feels good to be back! I'm ready to get back into the gym and burn off the "excess" consumed over the holiday! :) Cucumbers, asparagus and WATER are sounding really good to me today! How was your holiday? 
26 Nov 12 by member: ConniebytheSea
Welcome home! I bet you do miss your daughter. I don't know what I would do if one of my three were very far away. My holiday was great! Got an announcement that Daughter #1 is pregnant with her second (due in August)...along with Daughter #2 who is also pregnant with her second due in February. These girls are killing me being pregnant at the same time...AGAIN! I know what you mean about "excess" although I did great on Thanksgiving...it was the days after when my husband took the week off! Only gained 1/2 pound but not the direction I was goin for. We can do this Connie...back on the horse, girlfriend!! xoxo  
27 Nov 12 by member: Honeywife
Oh!!! I'm looking forward to being a grandma, but my daughter is only 19 and she's still taking college course while working full time, so I'd prefer she wait a few more years, but I am sure looking forward to it!!! Shhhhhh! Don't tell her but I bought the cutest Christmas baby bibs and little baby booties this year and stuck them away for when the time is right. The bib says "Grandma's Christmas Cutie!" :) I got up the courage to step on the scale this morning and I'm up 1.4 lbs so not as good as you, but at least I know what the damage was and I can work on getting it off again! My official weigh in day is Friday, so maybe by then even more of it will be gone! :)  
28 Nov 12 by member: ConniebytheSea

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