DairyFarmersWife's Journal, 24 September 2018

My butt hurts. Actually all of me hurts but my butt is particularly whiny. Today I took a spin class. I seriously don’t get why anyone voluntarily does this to themselves. I was talked into it by the instructor who is also a coworker and a guy in my department. It will be great they said. You will burn a ton of calories they said.

They seemed to have left out the part where I would no longer be able to go down stairs because my legs have stopped working and my butt hurts so when I do attempt to walk down stairs I walk like someone who got stuck on a saddle. I feel kind of cheated that so don’t have either of their cell numbers. I feel like they should get minute by minute updates. Like when I sat down for an hour at work and then attempted to stand only to find out that it’s not just your legs that get a workout it’s everything. Like my abs, arms, shoulders and back. I’m lucky I made it to the copier upright. Half way there I thought seriously about just laying down and rolling there.

I’ve also become aware that I am very short and my suv is too tall. I found this out when I attempted to hope in and scoot across the seat like I usually do. Yeah... bad idea when you have an imprint of a bike seat permanently etched into your butt.

I haven’t even gotten to the worse part! As if the pain and being sore later in the day isn’t bad enough. Wishing it would just stop 20 minutes into a 45 minute class with an insane instructor yelling up down twist sprint and engage muscles I apparently don’t have. Nope not the worse part. The worse part is you get so delirious during the class that I actually thinking about going back on Wednesday if my butt heals by then that is. If not then maybe next Monday. See?!?!?!? What kind of mind warping sick sadist crap is this????

Sure I wished I was dead during the class and sure I tried to think of any possible excuse to get out of it..... oh and towards the end I thought I might puke. BUT yes let’s do that again! Someone get the straight jacket.

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Thx for the laugh(s). But I can’t wait to see you do 100 push-ups in a row!! 
24 Sep 18 by member: srossca
The tears are still running down my face from laughing. Please write a book. I so miss Erma Bombeck!😂😂😂 
24 Sep 18 by member: Erquiaga
Loved the way you described that traumatic, and yet addictive, experience! 
24 Sep 18 by member: From371to184
Glad to see you back! You got this, girl! 
24 Sep 18 by member: Horseshu1
Loved reading this post! Missed seeing your posts. You make me laugh out loud even as I know it is a true story. I feel some of your pain...I had to go down 14 flights of stairs to go to a meeting 'cause the elevator was broke at the convention hotel. It was a week (or more) of horrible pain taking a little step up a curb or anything other step and you don't even want to know about getting up and down on the "john"!! My body fought me for that "exercise" for a long time!! Unlike you, :), I won't do it again. I'll sit my #ss right down until the elevator is fixed!! 
24 Sep 18 by member: kattay
24 Sep 18 by member: crazy8cottage
I don’t understand what you’re complaining about this isn’t that bad in fact it’s a constant occurrence for people who train hard you’re just not used to the difficulty and it’s honestly probably why you haven’t managed to lose weight because as soon as it gets hard you complain and give up if you really want to achieve your goals suck it up and power through 
24 Sep 18 by member: jakemohr4
Loved this! And love your sense of humor!!! Spin on sista, spin on! 
25 Sep 18 by member: Swedishblondie
I once went from 0k runs to a 5k park run. Oh boy. I totally feel your (literal) pain. Had to go up and down the stairs sideways like a demented crab. Jakemohr4, she's having a laugh about it - and thinking seriously of going back - so lighten up! :-). 
25 Sep 18 by member: Halesowenmum
25 Sep 18 by member: DO N OK
LOL! I've been there, not from spin class, but still. It does make you wonder why you keep doing that to yourself, but eventually the pain isn't as bad. :) You're doing some great things for yourself, keep it up. 
25 Sep 18 by member: mars2kids
I love your style ;)  
25 Sep 18 by member: SoCalPam
You need two pairs of chamois cycling shorts if you are going to stick with it. You need to spend some time in the saddle to get toughened up. Both are an investment. Don't get the big thick squishy gel shorts. In the long run they are more uncomfortable than gym shorts.  
25 Sep 18 by member: jparlett


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