DairyFarmersWife's Journal, 11 September 2018

Apparently I love crackers. All things crackers. I didn't find this love of crackers until I told myself I was going to buckle down and really eat clean and eliminate the processed crap from my life. Then my brain said.. Wait!!!! You loooooooove crackers. Especially the fake cheese filled ones. Yup.. You LOOOOOVE those. Eat those. Eat lots and lots of those. I'm still wondering why.... It's not like they are some delicious delicacy that I see and think my life is now complete. Crack Cakes. Crack cakes should be the craving I am having right now. NOT fake cheese crackers with fake cheese and cheesy fakeness. That have DeProteinized Dairy Whey.. what is that?? And if they are taking the protein out of things then why does the box say it has 3g of Protein. Why not leave the protein in the whey and have more than 3g of protein??? Why?? Why is this happening?!?!?!!

Anyways.. I ate my crackers. All of my crackers and now I'm hoping I have that out of my system. The craving that is. The unproteinized dairy whey and other ingredients will probably stick with me till the grave. The plan is to stick to the Ketogenic diet for the next 30 days. Starting tomorrow. Today I had cheese crackers. I wonder if I will last more than 6 hours this time... It's a little iffy. I mean the crackers are gone so my chances have improved but that whole math.. adding.. micros.. not mindlessly throwing things into my mouth. Lets face it I'm not the most dedicated person when it comes to these things.

Wish me luck.. send me duct tape to tape my mouth shut. Any tips, tricks, advice, personal chefs that want to come life with me and my 8 chickens, 3 pigs, 3 goats, 3 kids, 227 cows, and slightly questionable married life? Oh and 3 dogs. I forgot we got a puppy so now we have 3 dogs on top of it all. Puppy is sooooooo cute though. I bet he loves crackers too.

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You have to give in to some of those cravings! Moderation is the key. When I hit a mini goal I like to celebrate with something I dont normally eat on my diet. I LOVE McDonald's carmel frappe, small is about 400 calories. I think I've had 2 in the past few months but they were soooooo good😊 Just get back on the wagon, we all have those days! 
11 Sep 18 by member: JDog2u
stock up on low carb veggies get heavy whipping cream you already have eggs and beef which is real nice to have fresh.  
11 Sep 18 by member: baskington
Hey there Ms Crackers ... I have a similar relationship with fragile, thin, slightly salted, warm to the tongue and aromatic tortilla chips. Of course I prefer them with a bath of steamy bean dip accompanied with a side of chunky fresh home-made salsa. And so as to not choke as I’m pounding these babies down, within reach needs to be a good sized glass of dry white Pinot Grigio to cut the salt. Thus, the very reason why I’m on FS. 
12 Sep 18 by member: glen
Oh my gosh, this post is funny! Is your day job as a writer? You’re a great writer! 
17 Sep 18 by member: Laugh at.cabbage


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