iamachristianjesusfreak's Journal, 26 August 2018

It’s always so nice to hop back on here and see the faithful ones of us still trying to eat healthy for life regardless of the rollercoaster it seems to be. The last year of my life has been busier than any season before. Since November 4th of last year I have typically worked 14 hours a week while living life and homeschooling. I waitress and cook and love every moment. I also am always the one to pick up any hours that someone can’t be there. Within saying that the past month has been crazy while I have been working 30 hours and trying to keep up on life at home. Praying for my boss to find a good person to replace the one we lost which honestly needed to go anyhow. I would like to have those hours back to start homeschool September 1st. We were slow being able to afford purchasing materials this year as we spent 2 weeks in May gone as our grandmother passed, 2 week vacation at my mothers in July (this honesty didn’t cost anymore than being at home as we just paid for groceries) and spending much of our summer paying to support other people like my SIL and her children. That is not a complaint about my nieces but part of me feels like his sister just used us to get back with her crappy boyfriend.... but that is life.
Now we are looking at moving back to NW Missouri after being here in Arkansas the past 16 months. I would sure appreciate prayer in us doing as God would want us to in His time. All the doors have been opening there and we are just waiting on a job for my husband to be set in stone for sure. He is currently waiting for his old boss to be given the go ahead to hire the extra people they need. I would love for my husband to have this job back alongside a part time ministry job that will pay enough between the two we can afford life. He has had one interview and has just put in a couple more applications. The church where he is pastoring has slowly decreased as many young men and their families have went into the military and moved on. On top of the fact what they thought they had financially for a budget wasn’t as much as they did have at all. So honestly they can only afford to pay him for a few more months without beginning to go into the negative. While we love the people here i know that we have all brought change and growth to each other’s lives and I’m okay with moving on.

I had my first period since having Jack. That was a long 27 months lol! That was wrecking havoc on my emotions and eating since about May. I feel so much better now and have been eating better for the past week. Honestly working around food had not made life any easier as well. But thankfully I seemed to have done fairly well. But now I’m on my mission to get back to 115 before the inevitable getting pregnant happens again. I honestly think it will happen before the end of this year. I would rather start on the lower end so I can end at less. I might know a thing or two about this stuff as many times as I have been through it. Well I hope to check in here more frequently now. I honestly could not believe I had not been on here since right before I started working last year!

I hope you all are doing well and find marvelous gains in your journey to weight loss and healthy living!

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Welcome back 
26 Aug 18 by member: tiffany1908
Glad to see you are back. 
26 Aug 18 by member: skwhite


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