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What other woe offers all these benefits including weight loss and has been proven medically to help people suffering from severe illnesses like epilepsy?

---How do You start induction week on a Keto Diet - https://bit.ly/2vepShn info from the originator Dr. Peterson.
---For those timid about fasting - you can start induction week on 72' Atkins here
https://bit.ly/2OB9GQd by Dr. Atkins.

Always ask your physician before starting a new way of eating!
Helpful info I received from my own physician many years ago when I was severely ill, overweight, and could not exercise: (for CICO folks) take your goal weight, add a zero at the end and that should be the calorie intake per day to LOSE weight(for people who are sedentary or cannot exercise for medical reason). So 125 = 1250; 145 = 1450
---If you exercise or are at maintenance level the calorie intake would be more. Always work with your physician or registered dietitian.

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Do you have epilepsy? 
19 Aug 18 by member: srossca
@srossca yes, I have epilepsy from a car wreck in 2003. I also have Systemic Lupus and other medical issues. The Atkins/Keto woe has helped me survive and I have been able to get off most medications. My blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol levels have all normalized. At one point I was taking 12 different prescriptions every day; now just one. 
19 Aug 18 by member: Mjgh06
This is great. 
19 Aug 18 by member: Kim4dogNite
With your issues, I’m glad that you are doing this under medical supervision.  
19 Aug 18 by member: Kenna Morton
@Kenna Yes my doctors are the ones who told me to do this woe. My doctor in the 80's told me to start the 72' Atkins and gave me his book and copies of his medical research. That worked very well for me. Then I had the car wreck/epilepsy which completely changed who I was. Because of the severity of the damage, my neurologist told me to start doing keto woe. I can say that as long as I have followed 72' Atkins or Keto, I remain healthy. When I go off plan and try to eat like everyone else CICO, my bp and cholesterol rises, I go back to being diabetic, Lupus comes back, and my health deteriorates. So to say this woe helps me survive is an understatement. -------I was lucky enough back then to have doctors that weren't afraid of researching treatments. If this all happened now, I would not have been told to go this route. It seems physicians are now run by the insurance companies, what they approve, or the recommended med charts by age, instead of providing treatment based on the individual patient.  
19 Aug 18 by member: Mjgh06
I have yet to hear anyone explain inflammation when it comes to food choices. The definition: "a localized physical condition in which part of the body becomes reddened, swollen, hot, and often painful, especially as a reaction to injury or infection." Does this really happen to anyone because they ate some fruit? Sounds like some buzzword keto pushers are using. Also, you burn more fat because you eat more fat. You're burning dietary fat. You have to be in a calorie deficit just like any other diet. The anti-aging claim is ridiculous as who could know? Have they followed to twins doing different diets to know this? Just being at a normal weight and exercising your heart is way more anti-aging than food choices could ever be. 
19 Aug 18 by member: Diablo360x
What is funny is I went to a new Rheumatologist for a check up about two years ago and even though I brought all my medical records with me showing my Lupus etc. She refused to believe I have SLE. My tests all came back perfect. I even went home and got the medical journal that I was published in because I was the first case of Lupus switching and they did studies on me as a child from it. She was still like I just can't believe it... So 72'Atkins/Keto will always be my woe. 
19 Aug 18 by member: Mjgh06
Just saying, noone can explain this inflammation. How long have you been doing keto? 
19 Aug 18 by member: Diablo360x
@Diablo360x I have said this many times. I have been shown the research and yes in fact there was a twin study done. Why is it so hard for you to believe that a person could have an inflammatory reaction to what they eat? There are people here that have food allergies from eggs, to nuts, to shellfish. It happens! It is not a buzz word for keto. Inflammation is a medical fact and I have suffered from it plenty. No a normal diet did not help. At my worst I weighed 100# had little body fat but I was physically dying. I cannot say the food I ate was killing me; but I can for sure say changing my woe to a high fat, low carb woe saved me. -----------------You are so stuck on your CICO, that you refuse to see that it is Not the point. What you eat can have an affect on your health regardless of the CICO. I cannot eat whatever I want following CICO. My immune response goes against carbs. Just as someone who has a gluten allergy or a shellfish allergy. To be stuck on a CICO way of thinking is ridiculous. Atkin's or Keto never talk about CICO because it is not about that. It is about removing things from your woe that could be and often does work against your efforts to heal. ---------------------As for the anti-aging I cannot offer anything for you there as I have personally never researched it. The only evidence would be me which I don't call evidence because it to me is genetics - By my picture do I look 48? I think they are referring to medically anti-aging though.... just now  
19 Aug 18 by member: Mjgh06
keto has the thermal effect which I know you understand from muscle building and work. with no carbs to raise your glucose level and moderate protein which is pretty level not a big jump and fat having no effect on glucose, the body insulin is more rested with allows for more fat burning. there are some good video's from labs on this. But no way I am getting into an indepth discussion on this topic. Now food sensitivities is a real thing. I suffer from them and have for over 2 decades. Right now because I introduced a bunch of "healthy" food choices I put my system into overload. my entire immune system is out of wack. So this is very real. Whether someone wants to call it allergies, or food sensitivities, when I go to the allergists my results fire my back up so bad they have to give me a shot to shut if off. I have walked around like a zombie for the past 10 years as I let my food choices mess me up. All my fault as I thought I was pretty much healed and just went back to the old way of eating. So I paid for it. I know I am not allergic to all these foods but there is no way to tell which are sensitivities verus which are actual allergies other then testing each one on a elimination diet. My throat closing from the shrimp the other day gave me a good scare and yes that one I am allergic to. I am doing the elimination routine again right now. But with the bloodwork I know coconut and almond oils and the actual nuts I can't have. that is new knowledge. I knew about flours and some things before. I have a longer list but don't need to go through it here so by avoiding all foods that bother me, I now function a lot better, brain fog is no joke and it is only one of the many symptoms that can pop up. with me freezing cold right now in sunny florida I know my thyroid is messed up. It is a wonder I have lost any weight. Not being able to retain water is another glands job. so when people scoff at the benefits of eating not effecting the body if certain foods cause a sensitivity, it bothers me. Until you have had an actual issue and lived through it you have NO idea.  
19 Aug 18 by member: baskington
Also, anecdotes are just that. I got into and am currently getting into the best shape with clear skin and looking at least 5 years younger than I am while eating a healthy amount of junk food. Am I now going to claim the cookie butter I just ate is anti-aging and anti inflammatory? No. I know it's because I exercise and eat a healthy amount of calories. I've also worked Midnight's for going on 19 years straight and my co-workers say I look 25-28 while I'm 37. The pizza must be reversing the damage of staying up all night for almost 20 years. 
19 Aug 18 by member: Diablo360x
Food allergies are not just limited to ones where you have an Epipen stabbed in your leg after eating a peanut. The body reacts in many subtle ways to the foods we eat. Inflammation being just one. And for men our hormones change every 7 years and changes how we interact with food. When I was in my 20s I could eat anything and nothing bothered me. When I turned 28 I couldn't eat wheat anymore and it would double me over to the point I thought I had burst my Appendix. Adjustments were made and my diet changed.  
19 Aug 18 by member: 00Marx00
There is the same amount of body fat burning in everyone when calories and protein are equal whether you eat high fat or high carb. Many metabolic ward studies have proven this is you want to search them out in my journal. Also people keep talking about keto and CiCO as if they are not one and the same. All diets are CICO. 
19 Aug 18 by member: Diablo360x
@Diablo360x I have been on 72' Atkins which is a form of the original Ketogenic diet since the early 80's. I was used as a case study for USARMY medical journals and peer reviews from 83' to 85'. In 2003 due to epileptic seizures I was asked to switch to a purely Ketogenic woe, but I refused, stuck with what I knew was working, and didn't keep with Keto until this year when my seizures worsened. On the 72' Atkins I stayed healthy. It is medically documented in the study. That is why it is so important to work with a physician if you have medical issues. CICO does not work for everyone. Sometimes there can be an immune response issue that if you change what you eat it will help your health improve. ---------------So yes, I get a little defensive when I keep hearing people say it doesn't matter what you eat as long as CICO.... That is just not true for everyone. We are not medical doctors here, and to say ANY woe is the right way or better way or Only way - is wrong, and could cause more harm than good.  
19 Aug 18 by member: Mjgh06
And if you need to avoid certain foods because they cause pain do so. That would be very individual. I am only against the claims on this graphic since they do not apply to everyone. 
19 Aug 18 by member: Diablo360x
yep, all my life I could eat anything I wanted and not gain an ounce. hit my mid 30's into early menopause, freak pregnancy and then a couple years later all over body yeast infection, FIBROMYALGIA and food allergies. everything changed in my life. It took a sharp doctor to explain what was going on with the confusion and pain I was in and to treat it. so enjoy your health and hope like heck it does not happen to you. 
19 Aug 18 by member: baskington
@Diablo360x I know we have heated debates over this often you and me. But really you are missing the point on this one. No one has ever said that if you are on Atkins or Keto that your Calories Out won't be more than Calories In. Get off that train. -------------Also why take offense to the post because it does not apply to everyone? Every person's posts including some of yours, do not apply to everyone. That is the point. We are all individuals and our bodies are different. We all have different sensitivities and food allergies. You know my post are always Atkins/Keto because that works for me. I now your posts are all about CICO because that works for you. Appreciate and Respect man! We do what works for us.--------------... Point blank to the basics - Atkins/Keto takes away most everything from your diet that could cause an adverse reaction in your bodies immune response. It is a way of healing. It was never meant to be a weight loss program or diet. That just happened to be one of the benefits. As you progress through the plan, you add in one new food to determine if it is safe - how your body reacts to it. If you get a sensitivity or inflammation, you eliminate it permanently from your diet. You continue this until you feel you have eliminated all food items that cause your body harm. Again it was created as a medical diet to improve health not to lose weight. ------ As for the weight loss part - if when adding a new food item you gain weight, you go back to what you had the previous week or back to the induction week and start again. You are not tracking calories in or out because it is a medical diet to help your body heal and determine what foods cause system problems. That's it. Find the foods that cause health issues for your body and eliminate them from your diet.  
19 Aug 18 by member: Mjgh06
Thanks for sharing. 
19 Aug 18 by member: broncomba
What is Atkins 72' ? Is that the original Atkins diet? 
19 Aug 18 by member: gz9gjg
@gz9gjg Yes the 1972 Atkins is the original work of Dr. Atkins. It is very different than today's version and what the call The New Diet Revolution. It is hard to find today in book form because back then there was major controversy on the subject. 
19 Aug 18 by member: Mjgh06


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