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WELL NOW WHAT DO I DO? Insomniacs unite! So..... I have tried melatonin, potassium, oyster calcium, magnesium, benadryl and whiskey(1 shot) I don't dare take more than 4 sleeping OTC pills. Too much benadryl and I am glued to the Ceiling like a terrorized cat, too much magnesium and (well you know) I have even tried benadryl with a whiskey chaser. Don't like it with the alcohol because the sleep is lousy (on the other hand it is sleep). This only seems to happen when I am REALLY dropping weight fast. SUGGESTIONS?

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eat more food and if you are keto get some serious eletrolytes into you. I had the same problem once I got all geared up and not eating much. I forced myself to eat and I got some of that hi lyte electrolyte and I am sleeping like I haven't in weeks. I do take about 1 teaspoon or so during the day. I drink a lot of water so I put the half teaspoon in the morning jug and the afternoon jug. plus a little dash in my first water with my lemon. nothing else is working so try something new. but you do need to eat! 
08 Aug 18 by member: baskington
If you are in a "legal state" cannabis gummies, edibles! just a little, helped me break a long bad streak of insomnia, or advice from mom, hot milk and a bath,, haha 
08 Aug 18 by member: jenjabba
Legal state or not does not matter with a medical licence.  
08 Aug 18 by member: rebeccaberg
Ugh, insomnia sucks so bad. Seconding jenjabba's suggestion. ^^ 
08 Aug 18 by member: jengetfit123
Don't follow you about medical license, but one thing not on your list is valarian root! It works, and is my first choice 
08 Aug 18 by member: jenjabba
Chamomile tea (double strength-2 tea bags 1 cup water) works for me, I tried valarian, but after about a month...I felt like the cat mentioned before!! 
08 Aug 18 by member: momocro
Check out my blog post from June 30th for a bunch of overlooked tips. Also, you might be missing glycine (there's a bunch more sleep hormones and chemicals than just melatonin).... do a quick Google search for "bone broth sleep" and read up on some of its benefits as well. Keep us posted! 🤞🤘 
08 Aug 18 by member: chrisw77
I don't allow myself to think of things, keep my mind blank, and listen only to the chochi frogs. I'm out in about 5 second. The frogs are optional, BTW. 
08 Aug 18 by member: LZenn
08 Aug 18 by member: keilin-4
I agree with jenjabba Sleepy Z's for these you don't have to worry about a med license. It is legal in all US States - verify here 
08 Aug 18 by member: Mjgh06
If this has been going on for a while and gradually getting worse, consider upping your calories. You seem to be really really low cal though I just glanced at one page of your calendar. Hunger does seem to interfere with a lot of people's sleep. Other than that, I find that if I rotate sleep aids they are more effective for me. Have been doing this for over a month now and it has helped a lot. Might take Alteril one night, tea with valarian next night, whiskey next night, regular chamomile next night then back to alteril. Hope you are able to get some sleep soon. 
08 Aug 18 by member: VAM49
I am sorry about your sleep problems, I hate insomnia, when I can not sleep I eat or drink hot milk with chocolate, sometimes the body is just exhausted of dieting  
08 Aug 18 by member: keilin-4
I've used Valerian occasionally, helps with muscle cramps. Chamomile tea is my go to before bed. But if you are doing Keto, don't do those Sleepy Z's; I looked them up: You might as just well take a straight shot of corn syrup! But I'm also with most of the folks here, look to increasing your food; the other things like herbal tea and Valerian only treat the symptoms and are really only for occasional use.  
08 Aug 18 by member: CaerinOReilly
08 Aug 18 by member: Magpiezoe
08 Aug 18 by member: Jan 5
maybe try weed / tylenol pm/ and or working out... works for me 
08 Aug 18 by member: cc81004
I have the same problem. I knew my sleep was bad and then I got a Fit bit which documented just how bad my sleep is. I hope you find a solution. 
09 Aug 18 by member: Joelmel
-low lights and a consistent bedtime routine in the evenings to help your body produce endogenous melatonin -valerian root along with B6, taken 20 mins before bedtime -melatonin (2.5mg around 6pm and a 5mg 4-5 hours later which should be within 45 mins to bedtime) -shifting calorie load heavier in evenings 
09 Aug 18 by member: leathalynch
I have had sleeping issues for awhile. Went and had a sleep test done and was told there is nothing wrong with me. UGH. So anyways....these are the things that have helped me. I have cut back on caffeine. i only have one cup of coffee in the morning and thats it for caffeine. i cut way back on my sugar. not sure what you are eating in the evening but that might have something to do with it. maybe keep a sleep/eating journal. you might be allergic to something and this is affecting you falling asleep. also turn off all tvs, phone, computer etc 30mins before going to bed. meditate for a little bit as you are going to bed. write everything done in a journal before bed so those thoughts are gone and you are not thinking and thinking and thinking... hope this helps  
09 Aug 18 by member: bwalk76


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