blueowl88's Journal, 20 July 2018

I still feel like the pic on the left. My rolls are all still there but on a smaller scale. I'm not going to give up but I'm just not feeling good about any of this. My poor belly... After two pregnancies it's destroyed. I just wanted to feel healthy and look nice but it's hard to feel okay about it when I think I look the same but smaller :(
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You look amazing!! GREAT work! Super inspiring! 
20 Jul 18 by member: jengetfit123
We can see all your hard work you look great and keep your head up 😁 
20 Jul 18 by member: michael d stark
you have an awesome loss. YOu should be proud. and it takes time for everything to go back into place. I got to 180 when I had my son and my belly eventually went back to normal. you are young still and have plenty of time to bounce back. you may have to start exercising to help that process, most of use do to get back the shape. but I think you have done great so far. the difference is like night and day 
20 Jul 18 by member: baskington
you look great in both pictures. we are always critical of ourselves and need to love who we see in the mirror. change what we think we need to, while accepting who we are today. you are totally perfect the way you are.  
20 Jul 18 by member: sallkr3
20 Jul 18 by member: thalie11
It's a fact that children do change our bodies, but try to focus on the fact that you doing something healthy for you and your family. As the years pass you will be happy that you did. You have done a wonderful job! Every last one of us that are mother's have battle scars. Enjoy your life and your children. 
20 Jul 18 by member: Little Red Fox
You look great!  
20 Jul 18 by member: meldurfee
I think you look great! You can see the loss for sure. We are our own worst critics, and that will never change. I've been smaller than I am now and thought I needed to lose, now I think I'd be happy to be that size or weight again, so I hope when I get there I am happy with my progress. Just keep moving forward because if you are feeling better now, you'll just keep feeling better the healthier you make yourself. Good luck!! 
20 Jul 18 by member: mars2kids
Take it!! Smaller rolls mean success! One day you'll have the picture on the right moved to the left side and you'll be saying, "Wow! Look at me now!! Stay strong. 
20 Jul 18 by member: Katt6256
wow! 👏👏 
20 Jul 18 by member: keilin-4
I think you look amazing! It’s so hard to accept that our bodies will never be the same after we have babies. I’ve struggled with it for 21 years. But something clicked with me a few years ago, like the veil was lifted, and I was able to clearly see what a miraculous thing that my little body was able to do, twice! It just got my head right about what was important and what to appreciate about myself. I don’t know how it happened or how to help someone else make it happen, but the peace that it has brought me is absolutely priceless! Of course I still want to try and improve myself, but it comes from a more positive place now. Best of luck to you! ❤️ 
20 Jul 18 by member: mrsroboto
Great comment, Mrsroboto, and spot on. 
20 Jul 18 by member: TtinaBee
You've already accomplished some good work here. You look amazing!  
20 Jul 18 by member: Becc@
You look terrific!  
20 Jul 18 by member: kathydetweiler
I see a huge difference my friend ..... it’s happening, but probably not as fast as you would like. I want to encourage you to exercise because (l believe) less food makes you smaller, but exercise gives you shape. Please know that I’m cheering you on. 
20 Jul 18 by member: glen
You look great!  
20 Jul 18 by member: eatolive4life
You do NOT "look the same" . You may need to give yourself more time to reach your goals, but please give yourself credit for the progress you have made. It seems you are focused on the appearance of your belly, not meeting your vision. Keep visualizing, it's very powerful! but also try this: best done while looking in the mirror: suck it in, exhale, then pull your abs in three or four times. Breathe again, pulse again. I have found this helps me feel the muscles that I need to work on, and helps my posture. 
20 Jul 18 by member: gz9gjg
You have made great progress and look amazing! Be patient and give yourself some credit. 
20 Jul 18 by member: momma6224
Umm HUGE difference in the pictures. You have curves in all the right places. The only thing missing in your picture is your smile :) 
21 Jul 18 by member: adefwebserver


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