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So, I'm probably going to get a lot of hate but I find keto friendly substitutes for carb foods odd. The whole point of keto is being on a restrictive diet so that you "naturally" eat fewer calories. It is supposed to eliminate these options to reduce diet variety. Supposedly keto helps control hunger so that you don't crave pizza, tortillas etc, so making versions of these foods with most of the time even higher calorie versions due to fat being more calorie-dense, is ironic. It's like a hack that is counterproductive.

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3997 kcal Fat: 75.57g | Prot: 178.89g | Carb: 656.20g.   Breakfast: Pure Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter High Protein Bar (Small), Pineapple, California Pizza Kitchen Crispy Thin Crust White Pizza, White Bread, Smucker's Red Raspberry Jam. Lunch: Kellogg's Special K Protein Plus Cereal, General Mills Lucky Charms Cereal, Milk (Nonfat), Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats Little Bites - Original, Apples, Post Fruity Pebbles Cereal. Dinner: Martin's Buttered Flavored Popcorn, Subway 12" Black Forest Ham, Egg White, Cooked Egg White, Deli Sliced Ham, Coca-Cola Coca-Cola Classic (10 oz). more...
4154 kcal Activities & Exercise: Weight Training (moderate) - 1 hour, Walking (moderate) - 3/mph - 45 minutes, Running (jogging) - 5/mph - 50 minutes, Bicycling (leisurely) - <10/mph - 4 hours, Resting - 9 hours and 25 minutes, Sleeping - 8 hours. more...
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since the diet is fueled by a balance of fat and proteins, it allows us to eat our regular foods with a little inventive healthier version. there is no reason to deprive ourselves of good food. most misunderstood part about the keto diet. balance of fat, protein and carbs make it all work. We have less appetite and can easily be satisfied with less food but more variety. once fat adapted we don't feel the need to eat in an hour after a high refined carb snack or meal does for the non keto/low carb people deal with. as you convert to lifestyle maintenance level you tend to have less fat and more balance. It is not just a diet, it is a sustainable lifestyle. the diet naturally cuts out a lot of food which tend to cause people health issues. refined flour products especially combined with pure sugar and or high fructose corn syrup is not healthy for anyone. while eating less of these items is better for you, it definitely is not on the health trail. You should really stop picking on other peoples diets or lifestyle choices. You refuse to really try to understand other peoples problems and sensitivities to certain foods as you don't have the problem. Many years ago I could eat like Chris and not gain an ounce. In my mid 30's I started having problems with certain foods. it developed more and more over the years to the point I got ill from eating these foods (in my 40's) or brain fog, muscle knots the list goes on. these are real physical issues that for me are food based and chemical based. Avoidance is the only answer. This, (if you really care) was all discovered under a doctors supervision and guidance. many people have undiagnosed issues with different foods and have found strangely that on the low carb or keto or paleo diet, which restricts a lot of these questionable food items that they feel great, vastly improved quality of life. Improved moods, improved vitality, dropped weight, etc. so I am sure this will all go over your head again as you just want to focus on your own personal agenda. Whatever that is.  
19 Jul 18 by member: baskington
Yeah, pure cheese tortillas are healthier than corn. "But if you try to educate yourself on Google, it seems that HFCS is somehow metabolized differently than honey or sucrose, even though they are all sugar. It sounds truthy but is really just epidemiological shape-shifting. The U.S. FDA has no distinction between them other than process. However, the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) decided to see if they could find a particular risk to health compared to beet sugar, cane sugar or even regular corn sugar. Since that was their goal, they did. Except they really didn't, they just dismissed all of the evidence for the null hypothesis." http://www.science20.com/news_staff/highfructose_corn_syrup_and_sucrose_is_there_a_health_difference-233071 For every article that you can find on google fearmongering about sugar, I can find just as many about saturated fats. Brain fog? Sounds like another buzzword like inflammation. As far as improved mood, etc, sounds like good ole placebo working its magic. People claim this no matter what diet they switch to depending on how much they've bought into it. Losing fat goes hand in hand with all of those benefits you mentioned and will happen in anyone who is in a calorie deficit. 
19 Jul 18 by member: Diablo360x
I realize that when I edited the original post I omitted the part where I mentioned besides people doing it for personal health reason and for people trying to stave off an epileptic seizure. I'm talking about the people who are purely doing keto for the fat loss. 
19 Jul 18 by member: Diablo360x
there are many people out there that feel badly and it can and often is because of particular foods that are in their diet. this is why people that switch to paleo, whole foods and keto find they are in improved health and vigor because these refined foods are out of their diet plans. My problems were all diagnosed with lab tests and allergy tests and I was put on a very strict limited item diet to find my worst problem area's over 20 years ago. so this is not voodoo crap. I don't think sugar is a problem for me personally any more since we cured the candidiasis, but deserts are, is it the flour?? that is one item on my no list, is it the eggs?? yes that is one item that definitely cause me issues,,, if I don't watch it. I have to decide on which of the foods that cause me issues to limit, which to cut out completely. There are millions of people that improved their quality of life by switching to a more limited ingredient diet. you can not argue with success. You are just a negative Nancy about these things. why you have this obsession I have not a clue, but your insensitivity to other people's needs and insulting their diet plans does no one any good. It is discouragement instead of a support. I thought this site was all about supporting people that struggle to lose weight.  
19 Jul 18 by member: baskington
It's not very limited when people are findings ways around the limitations. That was the point. 
19 Jul 18 by member: Diablo360x
I work in Diabetes and Diabetes Prevention and the Keto diet is not a good idea for anyone who currently is living with diabetes and/or is at high risk and wants to prevent diabetes. Just my two cents! 💚 
19 Jul 18 by member: 17Equality
Ty for your comment 17Equality. I've heard that too but people keep telling me diabetics do better on it. I still believe placebo affects so many people when it comes to certain ways of eating. 
19 Jul 18 by member: Diablo360x
Some people make themselves believe that they are different and that carbs of a certain food have a negative affect in their body 
19 Jul 18 by member: rosio19
This entire weight issue is very much so physiological 
19 Jul 18 by member: rosio19
that is the problem with your statement, people do have sensitivities to foods, that is why eating healthy is good for a life plan and good for dieting. Diablo how is not limited, people avoid overprocessed flour, unhealthy choice,,,, to make a product to replace it that no longer has the unhealthy culprit in it. People should not have to stop enjoying eating their favorite foods, just find a healthier way to enjoy it. You can not live a happy life by always being deprived. You need to find healthier ways to enjoy the things you love. This is brought up on constantly here. Then when people find a way to enjoy in their diet plan what they miss, now it is cheating. Make up your mind, diets are supposed to deprive you of joyful eating, or you should find new recipes that fit your diet so you are not deprived. 
19 Jul 18 by member: baskington
Depends on whether you're talking weight loss or maintenance. I wouldn't recommend substitutes for weight loss, lose the weight first, then adjust accordingly, like what Chris is doing.  
19 Jul 18 by member: Phil
As always, your thoughts strike a cord with me that I can totally relate to. Really, I have to ask if these people are you on a quest for a new healthier way of living or are they just hoping to go along the same old route and not figure out how to enjoy the foods that are good for them? 
19 Jul 18 by member: abbadabba
I agree with everything just said. 
19 Jul 18 by member: Peggy Juricek
I had a vegan cookbook once that was VERY popular "Skinny Bitch in the Kitch" from the "Skinny Bitch" series. Nearly all the recipes were "meat meals" with a vegan substitute - like "vegan bacon" - it didn't emphasize quality foods like vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, etc in their true form - but it used processed, created foods that were meant to mimic meats. Same concept - I couldn't even take it seriously and just seemed like a huge marketing stunt to utilize a buzzword. 
19 Jul 18 by member: EclecticWellness
My sister's a vegetarian. We have a very low metabolism because of a muscle disorder that keeps us from doing high impact exercise. She had a very normal weight when we were young, but now she's put weight on and I'm at my goal weight. 
19 Jul 18 by member: Peggy Juricek
There are many different “diets” and there is not one out there that works for everyone. Keto happens to be my lifestyle of choice... after trying every other “diet” and failing, this is what I have chosen to do and is working for me. I understand that some people won’t ‘get it’ or why I would want to eat this way, but I feel good and weight is coming off, regardless of how counterintuitive it may seem to some people (including my husband and parents). Just like any other program choice, like weight watchers and Atkins, or any other accepted weight loss program, substitution helps some people find foods that they like in a new form. Seems pretty smart to me. 
19 Jul 18 by member: PJNappi
I don't get it either, that so many go so far "overboard" especially regarding "treats" like fat bombs. What is the point? I found that eating a reasonably well balanced meal on this diet is easy; a moderate protein (say, lamb chops) along with a smallish salad with salad dressing and some green veggies with a pat of butter(not peas please), and you have a balanced meal. OR a nice homemade soup with leftover roast beef or chicken, and a ton of safe veggies makes a nice supper or lunch. I haven't made any Keto desserts with the exception of chia pudding. A half serving is enough to satisfy, or about 2 oz of raspberries is plenty. The only thing I miss is ice cream, but the pudding is close enough.  
19 Jul 18 by member: GmaDAH
@GmaDAH try freezing your pudding 
19 Jul 18 by member: DEADPOOL12345
To each his own, If it works for them and they are content with that why bother yourself. My Keto friends seem to being well and they don't seem to be worried about my high carb bread, or pizza crust and fruit diet. 😀 While I have read Keto is primarily for extremely obese people and that it should not be a long term diet but for a time to stabilize weight, I believe some people may take it too far? Even so each person knows his body better then anyone else, so I support my keto friends.  
19 Jul 18 by member: eat_les
Yep keto is a odd diet indeed, and I don’t think that it is good for people pre-disposed to depression since the lack of carbohydrates can actually influence hormonal inbalance as well. I don’t think that people are losing weight as quickly as they could with eating a low-calorie low fat diet. My two cents, not that anyone was asking. 
19 Jul 18 by member: KayBuckaroo


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