blasphemouspagen's Journal, 18 July 2018

so i usually come here to read the struggles of my fellow overweight people of various walks of life trying to lose weight. today I am bombarded with normal-underweight girls trying to lose more weight and I am super sad. ive never seen anything like it here. if you are reading this, I dont judge you baby girl. I love you and I hope you love yourself. please stop before you permanently damage the only body you will ever have.

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I’m seeing that too. Hoping those who need help will get it. 
19 Jul 18 by member: crazy8cottage
I call it 'runway super model disease'. The TV, Movies and the media push this unhealthy look on these young girls. It's very dangerous. 
19 Jul 18 by member: BlueFront
I apologize. I’m sorry it’s so hard for everyone. 
19 Jul 18 by member: BostonQualifier
I too am very disturbed and sad by this. 😢 
19 Jul 18 by member: jengetfit123
ive seen some of them and its sad but everyone has there own issues problems  
19 Jul 18 by member: raveneyes76
Likewise, I'm truly disturbed by those who have been here for years pretending to struggle while losing weight, while just torturing themselves. Sad 
19 Jul 18 by member: adamevegod1
Take heart and keep the faith...I’m here...a 50-something-yr-old woman with 65 pounds to lose thanks to “life”. On day 3 of Keto and praying it works! 
19 Jul 18 by member: EmaleeG
Indeed eating disorders go both directions, and all we can do is support and encourage positive words of advice.  
19 Jul 18 by member: eat_les
I call it "systemic sexism resulting in a widespread mental illness afflicting only one group of people within the human race"  
07 Aug 18 by member: heuristics
Looks like its all about the "Looks" ☺🙃 It applies to us men too😂 Brainwashed by the media😥 
07 Aug 18 by member: reader1


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