Jipper500's Journal, 16 July 2018

I just don't get it. To each his own, I'm fine with that. But some of the diet methods people use seem like punishment to me. Fasting, keto, vegan, tofu, cleanses, and especially the meals that have odd ingredients that just don't look good. I'd never criticize a meal shown in a post, (there are so many really nice people here) but some of the photos; I'm like "no way" would I eat that. Oh well, to each his own, but I'm just so never going to eat in a way that feels like punishment. Those folks aren't wrong, just braver than I.

Diet Calendar Entry for 16 July 2018:
997 kcal Fat: 27.80g | Prot: 87.52g | Carb: 102.90g.   Breakfast: Watermelon, Bacon (Cured, Baked, Cooked), Coffee, Food Club Large Egg, V8 Original 100% Vegetable Juice, Nature's Own Light Honey Wheat Bread. Lunch: Food Lion Taste of Inspirations Greek Nonfat Yogurt Vanilla, Walnuts, Great Value Frozen Blueberries, Strawberries. Dinner: Mushrooms, raw, Feta Cheese, Watermelon, Sweet Onions, Banana Pepper, shrimp, cooked, tomato, Roma, raw cut up. more...
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Taste change over time. Foods I would not touch before, has turned into desirable because of the way they make me feel. 
16 Jul 18 by member: Diddlee
I think that sometimes too. Then other times I see a pic and I’m like “oh yeah. I forgot about that, gimme one”. 
16 Jul 18 by member: bunnyfoofoo00
I’m not desiring to fast either. I don’t like quinoa and don’t plan on eating any strange seeds, but I think we can do this eating normal stuff. 
16 Jul 18 by member: rosesblue
My tastes have changed so much over the years. Things I thought I would never eat are things I actually enjoy eating now! Some folks may put themselves thru what we may deem to be torture, but to them it is not. Keto is too restrictive for me and I don't officially fast, but I find that fasting breakfast isn't a big deal and actually beneficial at times. You have to do what is best and most enjoyable for you, otherwise, you won't stick to it.  
16 Jul 18 by member: LSG417
So not eating breakfast in considered fasting? Omg I rarely eat breakfast. It usually lunch or brunch 
16 Jul 18 by member: rosesblue
If you go more than 8 hours it's considered fasting, at least in medical terms. I usually end up fasting 12 to 16 hours from supper until lunch the next day.  
16 Jul 18 by member: LSG417
I agree to each his own...in my humble opinion though I'm not sure I could count keto as punishment LoL. I mean come on who doesn't want to eat bacon, cheeseburgers, salmon, a big ass salad loaded with awesome toppings?? at first it seems a bit difficult to maneuver around the low carbs but once you get used to it and figure out what carbs you can do its AMAZING. also never thought I could do a fast but I did for 7 days..(now that DID feel a little like punishment after the 4th day BUT it was totally worth it.) gonna do another one August 1st. anywho..just muh thoughts. do whatever works for you. you have the owner's manual for your body. you know it better than anybody else! cheers 
16 Jul 18 by member: KerryKeto
One person's cure is another's poison - key is to keep your body guessing. Once your body adjusts to your WOE... it'll try (harder) to stay where it's at. 
17 Jul 18 by member: From371to184
I'll add in the same as I always tell my 6 year old granddaughter, everyone has different tastes. I hate and won't eat shell fish, but others love it. I eat wonderfully with keto and sure sometimes I miss my milk chocolate goodies, but what do I really think is punishment? Not having milk chocolate or being fat and unhealthy? As you said, so well "to each his own". Congratulations on doing so fantastic with your plan!  
17 Jul 18 by member: Keyishealth
I’m a vegetarian bc I can’t stomach meat - I like my furry creatures alive! I don’t understand people who go vegetarian for health reasons and long for meat. Just eat it if you like it! 😂 Just spent a week with my sister in law who has had Celiac for 20 years. She is very irritated with all those people who jumped on the gluten free trendwagon but don’t have a true sensitivity to gluten. 
17 Jul 18 by member: crazy8cottage
I would never give up chocolate or fruit or sugar. 
17 Jul 18 by member: Jipper500
17 Jul 18 by member: marshakanady
You have lost nearly 200 pounds so you obviously found a great plan that works for you! Congrats!  
17 Jul 18 by member: HCB
A 200 lbs loss! My, that is amazing! what is your woe, if I may ask?  
17 Jul 18 by member: NowIunderstand
Whatever works for you! I keto *and* eat chocolate almost every day. I don't mind giving up joint pain and brain fog. Every body is different.  
17 Jul 18 by member: T8U9
I'm with you, but we probably cringe at different foods! 
17 Jul 18 by member: gz9gjg
I had to cut out all refined sugar because when I was eating it, I craved more and more. It was like a twisted hamster wheel I couldn't get off of. Once I cut it out for good, I stopped craving it. Otherwise, my WOE is mostly portion control. To each his own though, we are all very different for sure! 
17 Jul 18 by member: Peasy3
When I started keto I was worried I would feel deprived or that I was "different" but honestly, I love it. I dont miss the things I was eating before. Every once in a while I will get a craving, but it usually passes pretty quick. I eat foods I love and have lost 120lbs, keto literally saved my life.  
17 Jul 18 by member: Klynn82
Knowing that it comes down to CICO I feel the same way but some people need certain restrictions to achieve their calorie goals whether they are counting or not. I personally use IF as it allows for larger more filling meals. 
17 Jul 18 by member: Diablo360x
That's why I like simple calorie restriction -- less in, more out. You can still eat what you want (to an extent).  
17 Jul 18 by member: Russian12Mafia


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