CalorieKiller's Journal, 20 February 2008

I friends -- I have not completely disappeared! Just massively preoccupied. I've been working very, very hard on Hillary Clinton's campaign. I've donated, pounded my neigbhorhood, caucused, voted in our primary, made phone calls to people all over the country, and continued to lead our (growing daily) group of Clinton Supporters in the Puget Sound area. It's tough for us here because this is defintiely more Obama territory at the moment. Next I'm preparing to head on down to Texas to help with on-the-ground efforts there.

This has been a wild time and I've not been doing too great with losing weight, though fortunately I've not gained any. It has been very stressful as I feel like I am attacked and criticized as a person for my views now almost daily. People who like Obama seem not to have much room for anyone else's views.

The stress of feeling this way has been a ball in my stomach which has been very challenging ever since Super Tuesday. It's not getting any easier, but I tend to always remain prepared to fight for what I believe in and I can be like a "dog with a bone" about it. Unfortunately I also tend to internalize and take things to heart. So, for me (hello Ms. Food addict) it has lead to snacking, especially at night. I need to try to focus on balance and the things I CAN control but right now it's very difficult.

I hope everyone is doing well and whatever your views, whatever your state if you're in the US that you're reading about the candidates and learning as much as you can and getting involved as much as you can. It is a very big deal!

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Hillary is a tool, you vomit-filled bag made of rancid spider silk. 
20 Feb 08 by member: Cant get up
IMO you would be better off not taking it personally when someone disagrees with you. My husband's father is running for a county commissioner position here and his attitude is that "everyone is entitled to their own opinion, even if it is wrong". He also believes that if it is God's will that he become commissioner, then so be it, but if in his running it just makes someone else a better commissioner, then he has done his job too. You can be absolutely sure you are doing what you should be doing, and not get out of it what you expect to get out of something. All I'm saying is that this can make you into a better person or break you. I think you are a strong one and if you find the right mental space it will make you even stronger.  
20 Feb 08 by member: sararay
this Cant get up person is really gettig me POed. All they do is make rude comments. Is there a way to report them? This person is not here for weight loss. They don't even have a weight posted. 
20 Feb 08 by member: Lotus
Well, Lotus, what would you do if you can't get it up? lol! I'm guessing it's just a kid having some fun. Albeit mean spirited. But I do like "rancid spider silk" part--I've never been called that before. Good one. Sararay -- Thanks for your comment it is a good way to look at things. It has been difficult to find a comfortable way of being different. Obama won caucus delegates 2:1 up here, but the primary was much different -- nearly a tie. But there are still a lot of aggressive people who think the rest of us should just "give up" our preference and go the way they want us to. They'll be trying indefinitely because I'm not changing my mind until I'm forced to.  
21 Feb 08 by member: CalorieKiller
Good to see you back, even if you are just passing by - I miss your journals and posts, but understand that you're just a little busy at the moment!! I admire your dedication to the cause. Good luck! Leanne :) 
21 Feb 08 by member: Lucybell33
Wow!!! I have been away a while and thought i'd stop over here to see what you've been up to...I am appalled...NO....sickened, at the way 'Cant Get Up' has spoken. It seems you have not taken offense to such a daggered comment, but I'd like to apologize on that person's behalf (IF you can even call that spinelss attack's origin as coming from a PERSON!) I'd also like to speak for the record; spider silk, aka gossamer, is a fiber which is constructed of remarkably strong material. Its tensile strength is comparable to that of high-grade, WHAT IS RANCID ABOUT THAT!? dork! (Hey CK, at least you are working hard to see that you're doing your part to make changes happen!) keep up the good work! 
21 Feb 08 by member: BadAndee
thanks guys! Bought my ticket to Texas today. Old impotent one inspired me to work THAT much harder to make it happen. lol. Guessing this will be an experience to remember... 
25 Feb 08 by member: CalorieKiller


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