davet58's Journal, 28 June 2018

Was jonsin' for a sandwich so here's the Boar's Headapalooza Reuben: Thin Slim zero carb rye bread, Boar's Head kraut, provolone and pastrami and homemade Thousand.

Kind of expensive for a homemade sandwich but it is worth every cent, especially for something that isn't a cheat!
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Yum, looks delicious! Sometimes you gotta have a Reuben. 
28 Jun 18 by member: jengetfit123
how does the bread taste?? I have tried some in the past and they were not very good 
28 Jun 18 by member: baskington
you could grill that in a teflon pan with no oil or butter 
28 Jun 18 by member: Jipper500
Wow, I think I would love to make this. I enjoy Reuben's very much 
28 Jun 18 by member: Samantharox1
Now you're making me Jones for a reuben. I make 'em so good BUT I add tons of swiss and toast the bread on both sides with butter. I haven't had one in a long time. I just had oatmeal but this is making me hungry again! 
28 Jun 18 by member: Roschelle McGowan
No "fake" bread comes close to the real thing but the rye flavor helps to mask things. At the point you are jonsing for a sandwich(not a lettuce wrap), a burger(not a lettuce wrap), a hotdog(at least no lettuce wrap...)... this allows you to do a low carb meal that lets you feel like a real person who can hold and bite into real food! Sure, it's mental. This is lightly toasted, didn't want to cut up the roof of my mouth. I was so hungry that I didn't do the usual pan grilling in butter(which crisps but doesn't destroy your mouth). Yes, butter grilling helps flavor and texture a lot. I kinda like provolone better than Swiss but both are great. Provolone on a hotdog is awesome! @Jipper500 No oil or butter??!! :) 
28 Jun 18 by member: davet58
Lol it literally says “7g carbs” right there! 
28 Jun 18 by member: DEADPOOL12345
Zero net carbs. Don't start a war over this. 
28 Jun 18 by member: davet58
The wheat in the ingredients like gluten free, still contributes to the carb intake even if it’s low. It’s a small amount but still there’s some amount in there, just nothing significant to do anything detrimental to blood sugar.  
28 Jun 18 by member: DEADPOOL12345
My point is that I've seen people falling hard lately. Instead of going to a restaurant and eating a high carb sandwich or burger, keep some of these in the freezer. When you have an itch, use these. No food is perfect but these products are leaps ahead of doing a big cheat and hurting yourself in many different ways. You can use these guilt free. I lost weight eating this bread and low carb (3g NET) tortillas every day. 
28 Jun 18 by member: davet58
I agree completely. Occasionally I myself opt for similar food products if I’m going to enjoy larger meals the day before/after or I. Keeping myself within my weekly food intake. 👍🏻 
28 Jun 18 by member: DEADPOOL12345
7 carbs even if they counted works in the 20 gram range of keto. And I think having an alternative to a high carb cheat to have a minor cheat is always a winner. I have done extremely strict keto for weeks and the other day I had a minor cheat with carb balance mission torilla. I made one of my favorites, chicken nacho's and definitely appreciate having a special treat and still way under my carbs for the day and way under my calories. I wanted to test and see if it spiked my food cravings and I am happy to say it did not. Bless the occasional treat that did not mess me up 
28 Jun 18 by member: baskington
Thanks for this. I'm sold, just bought some on Amazon. This is better for me than the McDonald's hamburgers that I was eating (on my eating days).  
28 Jun 18 by member: adefwebserver
this looks Awesome !!! I'll be there in a few minutes, please have another one ready when I get there ....thanks in advance (haha).... Nice work, thanks for showing it ! 
28 Jun 18 by member: wright2018
I have enough to make 4-5 more so first come first serve, bring bourbon! FYI, on the Thin Slim site, I think they give free shipping on your first order over $50. I know it sounds crazy to spend that much on bread but it's worth it. The hamburger buns also get used as bagels. Slightly less dense than their bagels but it works in a pinch. The hotdog buns are oddly large but can be used for meatball sandwiches and such. I previously posted a picture of a chili cheese dog that had two Nathan's dogs in it and probably could have taken three. Again, it does not compare to real bread but it's an important player for me. Important! When you get the bread, freeze it in a ziploc bag and it'll be good for a long time, months. Don't leave it out, it'll get moldy very quickly. Even in the fridge it doesn't last as long as normal bread. Buy lots and put it in the freezer. 
28 Jun 18 by member: davet58
Interesting. Will look this up online for future reference just in case :) 
28 Jun 18 by member: kattay
This bread sounds amazing! 
28 Jun 18 by member: glen


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