kingkeld's Journal, 03 August 2012

You know, it's a lot more fun to follow a weight loss/maintenance program when you're NOT gaining weight. :)

My wild fluctuation adventure continues - today I am down two full kilos (that's 4 lbs) since yesterday.

I could tell it'd happen. Yesterday, towards the end of the day I felt "light", as I have done before the surgery.

To those of you who haven't heard me tell about this - this is a feeling I have when I am doing well on my weight loss. I can actually tell that I am lighter than I have been up to that point. It's an interesting feeling, and I am often right in this suspicion.

I can literally wake up in the morning and FEEL whether I am heavier or lighter than the day before - it's pretty wild.

Well, yesterday I had that feeling for the first time after the surgery. Also, I can see my veins on my arms and hands popping out more than they have been. I take it as a sign that some water has been shed. Let's keep it that way.

Yesterday was mostly good food choices. It was Thursday, which is cake day at work, and Wife makes those insanely good cakes - shame on her! :) Everyone is CRAZY about her cakes, and I am definitely a fan too.

I did make room in my RDI for the cake - and it went fine. I had no other snacks, but stuck to my meal plan.

I wanted to have snacks constantly, but I killed the urge by drinking plenty of water. This works like a charm for me many times. As long as my stomach is full with water and I am well hydrated, there is usually not too much trouble.

Going shopping yesterday, I had the carb demons whispering in my ear all the time, and at some point some Danish meatballs found their way into my shopping basked. The excuse I used was that they could be lunch instead of my planned lunch. Trouble was, of course, that they'd cost me additional 700 calories or so. I smartened up, and got rid of them before reaching the cash register. I packed up my stuff and went home to eat lunch.

It just shows that there is something about that old advice about NOT shopping on an empty stomach.

I see this all the time, especially Saturdays. Wife and I usually go shopping on Saturday mornings, and we go eat afterwards. We save our calories for the lunch meal, so the breakfasts are usually fairly light. This makes us hungry when it's time to eat.

If we shop BEFORE we eat, then we end up buying all kinds of crap, but if we shop AFTER, then we make much more reasonable choices. It's strange how it affects us.


I haven't been on my bike just yet. Yesterday, I eagerly told about my permission to use the bike, and that I was gonna start yesterday. Well, coming home from work I was BEAT. I figured it'd be a bad day to start bicycling, wearing myself out even more. Instead, I dived into a two-hour nap - something I usually can't do. I guess I needed it, huh?


Today I am going to work at 7 AM instead of 8 AM. I'd like to leave an hour early and go shopping with Wife. We need a few things for dinner and a couple of other things.

We're trying to save up some money, so we are going on a super strict budget these days. This efficiently takes care of buying junk food and candies. It's not a bad deal.

Basically, we (I) have allowed us to spend 100 Danish kroner (about 20 dollars) per day on groceries. Now, if we need something else - like clothes or other things - it doesn't affect this budget. But there is also no buying movies or other things that aren't really necessary. I do put money aside for my bass gear, and Wife puts aside for her stuff too. It's budgeted.

Anyways, the 20 dollars (which, because of the ridiculously high prices in Denmark, essentially have a shopping value that in the US would equal 10-12 dollars!) can be spent daily. We can NOT go over. What is NOT spent will transfer to the following day.

We did this because we realized that we spend a small fortune on food every month. We spend a fortune because we just shop without thinking. This little exercise should put our mind on what we really need to buy, following a shopping list, and saving money on things that we don't need to buy.

It's actually a fun challenge to fit our food budget into this.

We started Monday with 100 kroner. Today Friday I have almost 300 kroner available as I haven't been even close to reaching the amount. We've had about as good food as always, the usual breakfast, dinner leftovers for lunch as usual and pretty reasonable dinners. The difference is that we go out of our way a little more to shop, go less to the "quick fix" lunch places to get sandwiches, pita breads, or order food elsewhere. By doing it ourselves we save tons.

I hope we can keep this up - We are going on vacation in October, and I'd like for us to have a good chunk of spending money.

...and of course I would like to order my bass cabinet that I want/need.

Today will be a quiet day. After I am done writing my journal, it's on to the bass practice, and then off to work.

I wanna go in early to leave early. Wife is off at 10:30 or 11, and I'd like to leave with her but still put in all my (reduced) hours.

There is no practice with the Peanuts tonight. My drummer is getting married tomorrow, so he's got plenty to do!

We are playing a little concert at the wedding party, so I will be there in full battle gear tomorrow night. I'm a little nervous about this, as this is my first concert after surgery, and it's gonna be LATE! We are expecting to play around midnight, I'm invited to the party with church ceremony, dinner and everything else from 4 PM, so it's gonna be a LONG day. I might sneak off for a nap at some point. That, and bring an extreme amount of protein bars and energy drinks! :)

Today I am thankful for:
- Morning coffee!
- Friday!
- Losing a whopping two kilos of water since yesterday. Now, let's hope they can stay off this time. :)

Have an awesome weekend, people. You know I love you!

Oh... and I am not sure who posed the question, whether it was here or if it was a friend of mine, but I got to ask my surgeon yesterday:

When they do a 7 hour operation, do they at any point take a lunch break? She couldn't stop laughing when I asked. :) The answer is: They do NOT take a lunch break, but they do stay well hydrated, and when the strong guys came in to flip me over, which takes some moments, they went out for some fresh air and something to drink. She also told me that they get so focused on the surgery that it really doesn't feel like seven hours, time just flies by. :)

I love that my surgeon can handle all my weird questions. Actually, she looks like she gets a kick out of it. Just like when I asked if I really NEEDED a belly button. It'd look freaky without it, but would make for an awesome dinner topic. :)

Anyways, have a great day! Life is good!

183.4 lb Lost so far: 158.3 lb.    Still to go: 0 lb.    Diet followed 100%.

Diet Calendar Entry for 03 August 2012:
1457 kcal Fat: 76.45g | Prot: 91.81g | Carb: 107.18g.   Breakfast: Rye Bread (Reduced Calorie), Egg, Sliced Ham (Extra Lean). Lunch: Seeded burger buns, Nakkekam med svær, Ranch Salad Dressing. Dinner: Liver (Pan-Fried, Cooked), White Potatoes (Flesh and Skin), Onions, Butter. Snacks/Other: Carrot Cake with Icing. more...
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I get such a kick from reading your journals. :) You have a great sense of humor and it seems that no matter what is going on with you, it seems that you always try to look at the good things. I love the question about the belly button and needing we really need it??? Happy for you that you lost a little and I am sure that made you feel good. Thanks for being so entertaining :) 
02 Aug 12 by member: kimjinxie
Keld, it is awesome that you can speak to your surgeon "normally". This is just so key. We get lost in formalities with Doctors, Managers, Business folks. Lets just talk and be humans and drop the bulls**t. Awesome. Sounds like tomorrow is an epic day, I hope it is also your cheat day! You can ride through on the energy of wedding cake and shrimp! Good luck saving for vacation, sounds like a nice plan too. Man, your awesome! lol 
03 Aug 12 by member: posterchild66
i always thought that switzerland is the most expensive country in the world. because grocerie shopping is pretty expensive here. but now i've noticed that denmark isn't cheap, too. i usually compare it with countries i know like germany, france or the states. but you have a good plan and to budget things is always the best opportunity to save money! enjoy the wedding tomorrow :) 
03 Aug 12 by member: joelae
Love your journals. There is a show called kyle xy and the main character doesnt have a belly button.  
03 Aug 12 by member: Poorflick
....let me tell you that UK is certainly expensive food wise, petrol wise, house wise etc....But you can buy cheap food, unfortunately its what I class as junk food = white bread, cheap sausages, crips, bisquits, chocolate......Fresh fruit & veg or good meat & fish is extortionate :(. Glad I got my garden for all the veg I can think of during the summer. when you are hungry....guess we all done that before, it can be fatal, for the waistline & the purse, but sometimes I manage to discover some foods I have never tried before & wouldn't have bought if my tummy was full :). Have a great time at the wedding, don't overdo the bass playing! 
03 Aug 12 by member: schmetterling34
LOL.... Can you imagine a surgeon sending out for a takeout, while operating :-). Have a great night playing at the wedding - plenty of rest before,is maybe key :-) 
03 Aug 12 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
just catching thru yesterday's and today's post - you are doing so great! And I am so happy for you!!! Keep up the great focus! 
03 Aug 12 by member: jsfantome
as a doctor spouse I can tell you that if there is a break, they sometimes steal turkey sandwiches from the patients tray (the patients are still allotted the tray even if they are on the table, and obviously not going to eat it). Also, Like queens, they can have the nurses feed them hard candies and long as they don't touch it....during the procedures...and I take a moment to think of that Seinfeld episode with the junior mints...:) 
03 Aug 12 by member: JenKatja


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