Jetsah's Journal, 25 June 2018

Does anyone here use KetoStrips? This is my third week doing keto and I've stayed under 25g pretty much every day. The most I must've gone up to is 35g. I feel like that's low enough to put me in ketosis at this point but for the last few days the strips aren't changing color. I know they aren't super reliable but it's still a bit of a bummer. Should I trust them? What other markers/signs could I use to tell me that I am in fact in ketosis?

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I do and they work fine when your diet is in balance. I could not get into ketosis for months and then I read up better on the diet facts on a couple sites and figured out my correct macro's. I looked and you don't document your food on line so I could not make suggestions to be of help. but I can tell you what was holding me up. I was eating way too much protein for my body needs. and I was not reducing my calories to promote weight loss. I pretty much ate what I wanted as long as my carbs were low.Eating fatty foods is important to fill in too. but in balance. I ate the food with sugar alcohols drank a ton of diet soda and those items for me also caused me problems. I would suggest you get a scale to weigh food to help you guage your proteins, you would be suprized how off you can be until you play with it a while. a lot of sites have calculators to help you get your basic macro's. while everyone is different and you may have to adjust your levels for your activity and body needs but it will get you started correctly. 
25 Jun 18 by member: baskington
I don't track my food here but I do in another app, I use this site for the journal aspect of it. I have used several different calculators and most of them are around the same ballpark so I took the average. I am not consuming too much protein but also don't want to cut it too much since I have good muscle tone that I don't want to lose while doing keto. I weigh my food and read up on what's good and what's not so good for keto. I realized a few mistakes I was making and I'm working to correct those, for example I thought I was good with Xylitol! Now I'm working with Erythritol which is safer. I'm a very small person at 117lbs and I can't reduce my calories drastically since my daily allowance is already pretty low. I can't engage in a lot of activity for the next month due to being in recovery from a surgery, but I am fit and I'm just using keto to lose some stubborn body fat.  
25 Jun 18 by member: Jetsah
As far as I’ve read, those strips won’t show you are in Ketosis after you become fat adapted. You use the ketones, you don’t pee them out. Do you feel different? Like you are no longer in Ketosis? That would be the best gauge without testing your blood 
25 Jun 18 by member: CrashtestDawnie
That makes sense. Honestly I haven't been doing this long enough to easily notice changes, but I definitely don't feel different. I do get a headache here and there but they go away with caffeine. I'm sure I fell into ketosis within my first few days because I was eating very few carbs and lifting heavy, and I did feel like crap during those days. I'll give the strips a few more tries but if I'm doing everything as correctly as my knowledge allows me, I feel I should be good. Right? ^_^ 
25 Jun 18 by member: Jetsah
When I first started my ketogenic diet, it took me about 3-5 days to start seeing the strips change color. I was also intermittent fasting, which I believe, speed up the process. You are probably not fat adapted. Make sure you are getting enough fat. Your carbs are very reasonable. Remember you have glycogen stored in your liver and muscles, just give it some time. 
25 Jun 18 by member: rkm78
mine work fine as I said and I have been dieting for a while. I feel good on the diet but I eat all regular food and use stevia for my only sweetener. can't handle coffee without some sweetening. something in your diet is probably tripping you up especially if you are not feeling good. some people do get keto flue if they are used to eating a ton of carbs before the diet. you can always look at some folks daily food diary that are successful keto dieters and compare how they are doing things. You really don't have much weight to lose it can sometimes be tough to get that last couple pounds. when I got stuck I tried the 16:8 fast and that took me over the hump. it is pretty easy too. half of the 16 hours you are sleeping 
25 Jun 18 by member: baskington
It was the same for me. It took 2 full weeks at 20g carb days to see a change. You can “jump start” ketosis by splashing out on bhb salts ($$$) which work for me if I slip up out of ketosis. 
25 Jun 18 by member: ebeth17
I use them. Have 2 different types. They do work. I was having that problem too. I did my first fat fast last week and I was in ketosis by the 2nd day and it turned the dark purple within seconds and I checked with both types. I even ate a piece of wedding cake yesterday, came home checked and was STILL in ketosis. I just posted if you would like to read about the fat fast. I started a beef n butter fat fast today and going until Thursday. Everyone is different and this is what I found to work for me. Have a blessed night! 
25 Jun 18 by member: lscarlett64
Jetsah according to your food diary I think you may need to consume much more fat. You’re macros look closer to Atkins. I feel a big difference in Ketosis vs not being in Ketosis. However I am obese and did not feel healthy at all before keto 
25 Jun 18 by member: CrashtestDawnie
@CrashtestDawnie I'm not using FS since starting keto. My current macros are closer to 20g carbs, 104g fat, 80g protein and around 1300 calories. They were originally a little bit less fat and protein, but I was losing too much weight and I didn't want to lose my muscle mass, so I increased fat and protein to what they are now. I'm pretty healthy overall and I only started doing keto to get rid of the last bit of stubborn body fat that wouldn't go away with just exercise. I may consider coming back to tracking in FS or tracking in both apps to see what people have to say. 
25 Jun 18 by member: Jetsah
then you know where it works for you to lose weight, you may need to reduce both a little bit to hit the last couple pounds. because if you stopped at this level of fat and protein then you have to adjust. maybe you were a little too low in both before and have to find a happy medium 
25 Jun 18 by member: baskington
Do u use mct oil? I put in a smoothie or bulletproof coffee. It's basically super concentrated medium chain triglycerides (from coconuts) it's a super healthy fat and is immediately used by the body to produce ketones. If ur having trouble getting into ketosis and staying there, this def helped me get there, even if u consume a few too many carbs. I had to go below 25g per day and added the mct oil, it's really important to make sure ur consuming enough healthy fats as well as keeping ur carbs low. Hope this helps! 
25 Jun 18 by member: Sharla81183
They never worked for me, but the Precision Xtra does. But it's expensive for the strips! 
25 Jun 18 by member: Draglist


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