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"the healthiest diets in the world all have a few things in common—they emphasize specific patterns of healthy eating and are centered on regular consumption of healthy foods with proven benefits for the mind and body."

Reading today, since I am fasting I will not attempt exercise, I just get too dehydrated. So will take a little time out to read and find some new recipes. I have some chickpea flour haven't made flat bread in awhile with it, may make it for the breaking fast. I was thinking my keto friends may like the recipe as well. Good day all.
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Nice work. Let's go! #justdonteat #fastingrulesdietingdrools  
21 Jun 18 by member: jimmiepop
PS - At the encouragement of some other FS fasters, I have been experimenting with fasted workouts. Not my best workouts, and not for everyone, but if you can hack it, doable. I am both lifting {reduced intensity) and doing cardio daily while on extended fasts. A week ago I didn't believe that was doable. Good luck!  
21 Jun 18 by member: jimmiepop
Thank you for support and encouragement, yes I have considered workout whilst fasting, however that is a slow work in progress. I'll have to try a mini workout session close to time of breaking fast to see how well I handle it. I'll definitely give it try.  
21 Jun 18 by member: eat_les
Yep. Easing in is the right approach. Fasted low intensity cardio is the easiest (for me) and highly beneficial for fat loss. Good luck!  
21 Jun 18 by member: jimmiepop
When fasting, especially in the first days, a 45+ minute walk helped deal with the "I want to eat" feeling. Over time it built up into 1 hours jogs (when I can), because that WILL eliminate hunger, mentally and/or physically. But dehydration is REAL. Not a joke, very serious. All the fasters I know drink water with no-salt or some other supplement to address this. 
21 Jun 18 by member: adefwebserver
I did try walking, my goal was 5 mile during fast however realistically I could only reach 3 miles, I dry fast so no water, also Nursing so I get dehydrated very quickly. Hunger is completely suppressed but I really want water that is the biggest obstacle. I noticed fasting seems to suppress the hunger but once I eat I become increasingly hungry and have to stop myself. I plan to try water fast for 3 days in near future more for cleanse. Thanks for all the input and advice definitely need it. I'm been fasting for years and never used it for weight loss so it's all new to me! 
21 Jun 18 by member: eat_les
Oh I understand, totally different if you are dry fasting :) 
21 Jun 18 by member: adefwebserver


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