chesgreen's Journal, 20 June 2018

Warning *** Beginning of rant. ***

I am such an junk food addict and I hate it. I don't hate myself for it I just hate my actions. Did I need the 3 pack of Peggy Lawton's cookies yesterday after a healthy lunch? No but I ate it. OINK, OINK.

Do I need to eat potato chips with or after dinner? No, but I do. OINK. OINK.

*** End of rant. ***

There is no such thing as moderation to addict. I have to cut that SH!T out.

The reason I am venting is I know that overly processed food is not meant for the body but this addiction is real, my struggle is real.

I think for me I need to apply this KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid) and start making my food in batches and placing them in containers on Sunday and then each day I can go into fridge and grab that container for my lunch and when I come home in the evening, access the second container. I need to do this M - F with the exception of Thursday nights. This is the plan, now all I have to do is execute and STICK to it.

On a final note, I have logged for 15 days now. I am proud of change. It takes work and I am in it for the long haul.

I can do this, I can do this.

Diet Calendar Entries for 20 June 2018:
1828 kcal Fat: 114.69g | Prot: 75.08g | Carb: 65.00g.   Breakfast: Water, Coffee, International Delight Coffee House Inspirations - Half & Half. Lunch: Great Value Broccoli Stir-Fry, Egg, Kraft MiO Liquid Water Enhancer - Orange Tangerine, Vanilla Extract (Imitation, Alcohol), International Delight Coffee House Inspirations - Half & Half, La Croix Orange Flavored Sparkling Water, Great Value Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Dinner: Mixed Salad Greens, Egg, Great Value Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Merlot Wine, Vodka, La Croix Orange Flavored Sparkling Water. Snacks/Other: Brownie, Simple Truth Roasted Cashews with Sea Salt. more...
3476 kcal Activities & Exercise: Fitbit - 24 hours. more...

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No big. You know what to do. Meal planning/prep is key for me, too. Let's go! #next 
20 Jun 18 by member: jimmiepop
You were one of the first people here to really inspire me! You can totally do this. I just read a members profile and she said “there is so much in life I have absolutely no control over, but what I eat and how often I exercise are the ONLY things I can control and I am the only one that can do it!” I loved this! It spoke to me...we can control this! I believe in you and know you’ll figure it out. 
20 Jun 18 by member: momma6224
Be the COACH that COACH would want you to be, COACH! 
20 Jun 18 by member: From371to184
The oinks are killing me, maaan, pigs are delicious.  
20 Jun 18 by member: Phil
Thank you for being honest and sharing! I feel the same way. 
20 Jun 18 by member: Glory89
I used to be really addicted to junk food too, I found that I had to always be thinking about what I am eating in order to break the habit. 
20 Jun 18 by member: kaceyhowell
You are not alone! 
20 Jun 18 by member: CGonzalez90
Food addiction is real and its hard to deal with. Alcoholics and drug addicts can get away from their addiction, but food is necessary to survive, thats the hard part. I feel ya, 100%, and we are all here to help you along!! You can get past this!! Youre a superstar!!  
20 Jun 18 by member: Klynn82
I've been dealing with the same thing!! You are never alone in this! Thank you for sharing. We gon' get through it!! 
20 Jun 18 by member: SailorEarth
Yeah, I get it. Is one time, Chest, right? Oh sure, the will be others. It's just easy to let it become a little dabbling routine. Don't let it be. Feel off a bit myself last night. Going to go make my confession and define my penance. 
20 Jun 18 by member: northernmusician
*hugs* What a great idea. "Failure to plan is planning to fail." Prep food once - eat right all week. I make keto desserts for my junk fixes, like keto pecan cheesecake - keeps me from screwing up my carb count. I found recipes for keto cookies and I eat pork rinds in place of potato chips - this helped me with my junk food addiction. It might help you?!  
20 Jun 18 by member: KayseaLove
Love your "rant warning"!! You are right--processed food is an addiction for some of us!! And I agree that you have to stop the stuff that is messing you up--totally--in order to get control of your eating. I have been off sugar and most highly processed/refined foods for long enough that I rarely miss them and am generally not even tempted when they are in front of me. But it takes time and keeping completely away from them to get to that point. On occasion I have succumbed to the temptation for something sweet and by the next day I can feel that pull in my gut wanting more of the same. Addiction. Finally, I recognize what that sensation is and know that if I allow it to take hold it will mean so much more struggle in all parts of my life than it is worth. I do think you are on the right track. I have found that doing prep work ahead helps me and my family stick to an eating plan. I pre-proportion nuts for snacks (if I don't we all over-consume), I pre-proportion oatmeal with cinnamon, raisins and nuts for my hubby so it is easier for him to just add liquid and pop it in the microwave than to stop at the convenience store on the way to work in the morning. I have baked eggs (like hard boiled, only in the oven) in the fridge at all times so they are easy to pop in a lunch or eat for a snack. I purposely cook enough so there are leftovers and then package those left-overs in lunch-sized and ready to go containers so they are easier to grab for lunches during the work week than it would be to eat out. Whatever works for you. There may be times when you have to assess your methods and refine what you are doing to make it work better and make your process what I call more "stress-proof". If something is stress-proof, it works even on your toughest and most stressful and busy days and weeks! My personal rule is that I'm only allowed to kick myself hard enough and long enough about something I messed up on to knock into my head what I've learned from the experience and get me thinking about what I can do to change things for the better in the future! Here's wishing you the best on your journey.  
20 Jun 18 by member: Fizzlescraps
Hang in there man! Buckle down and get it done! You can do it! 
20 Jun 18 by member: 60pack
A friend turned me on to the concept of the "Black Box"....the black box is where I put all the foods that I know I cannot control myself around..If an item is in my black box, I make a choice to avoid it at all times, because I know that if I don't I will over indulge and will then begin to back track on all my progress...For me, some of the items in my black box are pizza, tortilla chips, beer, snack cakes, sugary desserts...everyone's black box has different items in it...I have found that when I open the black box and partake of something that is in it, I begin to find reasons to cut corners on my WOE...I have gained some back over the last few months..and I attribute it to not keeping the black box locked...your post has reminded me of the importance of staying the course and avoiding my black box foods.... 
20 Jun 18 by member: ScottH
Hang in there! I know how hard it is dieting is hard we all have our temptations mine is ice cream and sweets in general. It's a struggle everyday and I'm trying so hard but getting little results only lost four pounds since January. I'm desperate to lose even five pounds so I'm now trying to keep calories 800 to 1000 per day while increasing exercise daily! I have got to get that scale to budge! 
20 Jun 18 by member: janet blonde
Try not to be too hard on yourself. You do well when you are logging weight and food intake. I suggest you continue to do so... 
20 Jun 18 by member: John10251
I can relate! I am a junk food addict. I have friends that will say, 'oh just have one, it won't hurt you' or 'you don't need to loose any weight' or 'i made this just for you' etc etc, but I CANNOT eat just one, It WILL hurt me (start endless cravings), I DO need to loose weight, AND you know I can't eat that, why did you make it 'just for me'????? It is ME that puts it in my mouth, that craves it, that smells it and thinks ohhhh I want it, BUT it is me that knows I do not need it, my body does not need it. Oh but does that help? Maybe somedays, but still the evil cravings remain. I can totally relate! Thank you for posting and letting us know, we are not alone in our battle! 
20 Jun 18 by member: JMA312
Ches, recognizing habits that derail progress is awesome, doing some pre-planning to get rid of them is even better. Reinforce the good habits, reduce the bad, it all adds up, take care mate!! 
20 Jun 18 by member: Steven Lloyd
You're 'preaching to the choir' with me! 
20 Jun 18 by member: adefwebserver
Remember that this little piggy went to the market? You need to be the little piggy that ran all the way home!! I am the same way but weekend are my "black box. " Can I rest during the workweek and then just skip the so called weekend. Maybe my Monday will be actually be Sunday mentally. Boy, this is very confusing. Happy Hump Day 
20 Jun 18 by member: cstella1


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