DairyFarmersWife's Journal, 18 June 2018

I keep going back and forth between being SUPER motivated to wanting pie then back to SUPER motivated then wondering how I can stay super motivated and eat lots of pie..

I decided to revive the blog dairyfarmgirlfitness.wordpress.com Huh... I wonder if Fatsecret will change that into something random. It does changes it into something random doesn't is? When you can't tell what that just said it means Fatsecret turned it into something random.

I wrote last time about this being Chapter 2 of my life. The kids are self containing for very short periods of time. Anything over 30 minutes and they seem to try to kill one another or figure any additional time after that means they can do whatever they want. Since the boys are boys that appears to include doing dumb things with tools, tractors, or food... Seriously.. why can't they get the jello into their mouths? It's a tiny cup of jello. It's almost like they don't know where their mouth is so they leave plops of jello in a trail from the kitchen to 6 inches in front of the tv. I suppose I should be grateful the jello isn't on the tv.

Wait.. sorry I got sidetracked by the plops of jello on my freshly mopped floors. Chapter 2 of my life AKA the midlife crisis. Finding me, discovering who I am and what I like, facing fears and overcoming them, ... I have no clue what else one does in this stage of life. I think they struggle to keep their sanity or in my case. I struggle to keep pie from my face and I complain about things hurting a lot. Man... I haven't even hit 40 yet. Life is gonna be rough if I don't make some serious changes. Like finding things I enjoy and avoiding pie so I stop carrying around all this extra weight.

I know I know.. I keep saying this is it!!!! Yeah.. I'm still saying it. I'm posting on Instagram.. I'm still trying to write.. I'm still trying to keep my head above water. I still weigh the same freaking amount. Maybe if I keep telling myself this is it! One day it will be IT. Maybe..

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Well maybe today will be THE DAY? Then again maybe not? The great thing is that everyone is still alive and tomorrow offers a whole new 24 beautiful hours of opportunity! I too, am scrambling to figure out the script for scene two of chapter 26. Is this the part that gets scary? Or could it be the part that is scary, but now i can’t remember enough of the first scene to know if one should be scared?  
18 Jun 18 by member: glen
Feed those boys outside!! Lol you’re gonna get the hang of it. Dont worry. Where there is a will there is a way! Just don’t buy any pie!!!!!! 
18 Jun 18 by member: CrashtestDawnie
Ha - I have to weigh in tomorrow and measure and I just want to eat everything in the house. LOL. Nothing like good old sabotage to make the world go round. We'll get better!  
19 Jun 18 by member: MightyFull


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