Rubie-sue's Journal, 14 June 2018

June 14th..... And we're still digging our nails into that wagon as it bounces along the trail. At time almost all on, the a slip, then claw your way back to having a leg over the top edge...huge bump and there you are dangling by your bra strap again grabbing at the buckboard and cussing the fact that life is never as smooth and easy as you would like it to be. Thank goodness, bra straps are sturdy and strong as you hang there looking for a hold to start again. Then you see it, or feel it, as you reach into the unknown just knowing that it's there the hold that you can grip and hoist back up to the topside of that wagon. Just as long as you never just hang there swinging like a sack, you're still winning the battle. One time it will click, you'll know what to grab on to that will finally get you back on top of that wagon. So claw on....never stop fighting!

As this scenario plays out, I know that I feel better. That icky hangover feeling is no more, unless I hit a bump and slip off. My skin is looking better, my hair is soft and seems to be "flowy" again, easier to get to sleep(expect that 1am pee break...argh), energy is coming back (this is good for the rocks and dirt that have to be hauled for flower bed building projects), seem to be standing taller not trying to slouch-n-hide, even feeling a tad...hmmmm....well you know/wink wink, which lead to a very amazing thing: shaved my legs (I know astounding), since going to bed better getting up earlier(yea!), and looking forward not down nor not back....but forward.

Is the scale moving, no not really. Is that upsetting, sure. But over all as I look at how I feel and what I make my body do for me, this is a good body. Maybe not a pretty (yet) body, but it is good and rarely lets me down. Sure it balks at times, but it truly does try to do what I ask. So the goal is to make it easier to help me bring my life for pretty darn good to amazing. I like the sound of amazing......

Let's do this! Let us all strive for AMAZING! Why settle???

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You have obviously been spying on me. I may have to strengthen my bra straps this time. Ha! 
14 Jun 18 by member: BlueFront


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