Fritzy 22's Journal, 26 May 2018

Getting tired of how my diet is going. I guess I'm tired of it and cheat too much and not making good choices. Kind of surprised I've lasted this long, I really don't like cooking very much or meal planning. Used to lose weight by taking a Lean Cuisine and a piece of fruit or maybe a salad for lunch at work and having something light for dinner, like scrambled eggs or a bowl of cereal. It's so much harder being retired, so much time to think about food. So I'm going to try to mix it up a bit. I ordered some products from - all Wonderslim products. They have various foods in boxes and a plan to follow. I've used their bars and shakes in the past to up my protein but they have a full meal plan. Then I won't have to think about what to have. Just need to make one meal out of real food from the grocery store, like tuna or chicken with a salad or vegetables. Will try to do it for 2 to 3 weeks at least and hopefully it will get my into the right frame of mind so I can get back to what I was doing when it was working! My friend sent me some salted caramel shakes/puddings to try. I hadn't ordered that flavor and she knows it's my favorite ice cream! She also sent me some salted caramel tea that I have to try! I think there are 100 calories in the shake and 15 protein grams.
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I think it's nice to mix it up a little, so these products are probably a good idea. Do you have a friend nearby you can share dinner with once or twice a week? Either eat together or cook your own foods and exchange the leftovers for a brand-new-to-you dinner! My dad comes over to dinner once a week or so and I always send him home with leftovers from our meal + at least one other so he has some variety + he doesn't have to cook.  
27 May 18 by member: SoCalPam
Sometimes mixing it up is essential to stop boredom.. good luck with your plan 
27 May 18 by member: gaelicgal
Your doing Great Fritzy❤️ I agree changing it up a bit should prove successful on many levels! Are you still walking (your my walking motivator) and hiking? Continued success Sweetie! 
27 May 18 by member: 8Patty
I understand when I’m off work it takes double the self control not reach towards the snack cabinet. Maybe intermittent fasting can help 
27 May 18 by member: rosio19
I'm retired and I agree that it makes it harder plus I don't like to cook so I feel your pain. I try to stay busy and take lots of walks so i don't sit and watch TV with my husband too much. Interesting product; I will have to check it out. You are doing fine and working to solve the problem so you've got this! 
27 May 18 by member: Gingerk65
Make time for walking and mixing it up does the body good. 
27 May 18 by member: murphthesurf
Good job mixing it up! Gotta keep your brain working! I try to use a trick my aunt taught me, which is to cook all the protein for the week at once, usually Saturday. I have 3 pounds of salmon and a block if tofu in my fridge now for dinners for the rest of the week. Hang in there! 
27 May 18 by member: abbadabba
I guess I’m lucky that I love to cook. 
27 May 18 by member: AnneSion
You're doing great and this sounds like a god idea. However, it is your body and your decision anyway! I fully understand the desire to make a change when we find ourselves "cheating" (not sticking to the plan). That is the only reason I became fanatical about fasting, it was the only thing that I could do where I didn't cheat. It is not the best diet out there, just the one I can stick to. The thing I support for all people is to keep switching until you find what works for you rather than spend YEARS (like I did) going up and down trying to do the diet everyone else is doing. 
27 May 18 by member: adefwebserver
Wish you lots of LUCK...I understand how u feel to much time on your hands makes you think of food.trying to find a new hobby 
27 May 18 by member: ANellie2
That product has aspartame which kills off gut bacteria and is an anti-nutrient. Then you can’t metabolize well. Be sure you take extra probiotics to counter balance the effect. Sounds divine though. Look for stevia products or xylitol or erythritol if you can tolerate sugar alcohols. 
27 May 18 by member: JulsRuls
Look at Quest products. BBQ protein chips, raspberry cheesecake bars, shakes. Very filling amazing and delicious and they don’t use cheap aspartame. Developed for Navy Seals. Cusp of the ketogenic uptick in the weight loss world. 
27 May 18 by member: JulsRuls
Whatever works for you. Good luck. 
27 May 18 by member: Draglist
JulsRuls - this particular shake is aspartame free, can't read the "free" in the picture. They have shakes with aspartame and aspartame free. I never paid any attention to it, but my friend sent me this shake in salted caramel and it only comes in aspartame free. I am going to try this plan for a couple weeks just to try to get back on track. Was doing well on my other plan, which was attempting to limit processed foods, or having small portions. But it's like a light switch turned off and I'm just not following the plan. I feel a little guilty, my doctor wants me to avoid processed foods as much as possible and this won't accomplish that. But hopefully it will just be for a couple of weeks. Patty - I haven't been walking at all at home because of allergies. Going back to the coast in a week and plan on walking for miles along the bluff trails above the ocean. Very level walking and very pretty. Plan on taking the Wonderslim products on the trip with some raw veggies to snack on. 
27 May 18 by member: Fritzy 22
I’m pleased I was wrong! I have some aspertame products but gave them up (Diet Dr. Pepper) and hoping there is some impact. I’ll jeep watching you and see how you do on Wonderslim. I’m always up for a good fast cheap easy amazing thing. Sorry!  
27 May 18 by member: JulsRuls
To avoid processed foods, I cook up larger batches once a week - I have a multi cooker that is great for anything that wants slow cooking. Then I input all the ingredients and figure out per - portion nutrition using the easiest way I have found so far -  
28 May 18 by member: gz9gjg


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