Rubie-sue's Journal, 25 May 2018

MAY 25TH...yep almost 6 months from when I said I was getting back on that horse that's pulling the wagon I had fallen off. Hmmmmm....think I've been walking the horse and not riding him. What is that saying "You can lead a horse to water, but can't make him drink", which in this case would be you can lead a person to the fact that better choices and persistence would make things better; but you can't stop them from buying the Oreos! Was a crazy start to the year helping my Mom get the her house ready to sell. Many weekends away from home spent doing the Swedish Death Cleaning, packing, donating, trashing, hauling, and get the picture. Even though it was a ton of work I'd truly recommend it to anyone! How freeing to be free of all that stuff and treasures you were saving for others to enjoy after you're gone. We get to enjoy the treasures now, and she gets to start this next fun filled phase lighter!!

Speaking of starting the next phase lighter, here I am again committing to getting this new life style to stick. There is a certain birthday coming up in 1.5 years, and thus it has become my goal date. Want to be at my goal weight of 145, as well as being able to have the active life style I crave. So to this end, I have started going back to the lectures for the program I was on. Also working w/the dietitian and counselor to try and figure out the road blocks. Oh that a mind field! You know that feeling of there is that life you want? It's right there and you can have it, you just have to lean into it and grab it. That's where I am, I want it. I do! Time to buckle down and get there, no fear, no doubt.... it is going to be great!!

Time to get ready and embrace the next phase. But the past behind and charge forward into the new. I am worth it, I am ready for it.

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looking forward to travelling with you, I have buggy ready, but I'm going to have to find my horse 1st, think it bolted when it heard I was serious about a complete lifestyle change...... 
26 May 18 by member: annie oak
LOL.... Great nice to know I'm not the only one chasing down that dang horse! Change is hard to catch, so just have to keep hydrated and never stop chasing it!  
07 Jun 18 by member: Rubie-sue


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