Kedrake18's Journal, 24 May 2018

I'm struggling. I can feel myself struggling. I know what I should do, but the will power is just not there. I want comfort food and to drown my woes in pizza until I feel like bursting. O.O Maybe writing it down will help me keep some kind of control and will power. I hurt my back last weekend, and after 4 days of steadily increasing pain, and waking up feeling like I haven't hardly slept at all, I called the doc and went in. I hurt my back about a month ago when I fell while doing yard work. But I guess between moving things, and the baby, and just life in general, I strained a tendon or muscle or something in my lower back. I willingly got the shot of anti-inflammatory meds in my tushy on my lunch break and now will be doing a round of muscle relaxers at bedtime to get through the crud. uuuuuuuugh. But I really hate needles, and I was hungry and now I'm craving pizza with vengeance. It's my comfort food, my go to. Cheesey bready goodness. Gonna try to be good and make my own lower calorie thin crust pizza at the house. But I'm not feeling it, I'm done with today and just want to eat, followed by sleep and hopefully waking up rested and not in pain. Cheers FS people, may tomorrow be brighter and more full of hope than today.

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1333 kcal Fat: 41.60g | Prot: 99.72g | Carb: 148.13g.   Breakfast: FlapJacked Mighty Muffin Chocolate PB, Bell Plantation PB2 Chocolate Powdered Peanut Butter, International Delight Almond Joy Coffee Creamer, Coffee. Lunch: Zatarain's New Orleans Style Dirty Rice Mix, Grape Tomatoes. Dinner: Boar's Head London Broil Cap-off Top Round Oven Roasted Beef, Publix Muenster Cheese, Blackberries. Snacks/Other: Bananas, Premier Nutrition High Protein Shake - Chocolate. more...
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Let's go! Pizza = Disposal Fodder. Obviously. You're better than that. 
24 May 18 by member: jimmiepop
sending healing thoughts your way! get well sOOn. stay strong. shhh...don't tell any1 I said this BUT..."eat the pizza". LoL. "just not the whole pizza". LoL. OK you all can stone me now I'm ready to go...LoL. I hear I'm much skinnier in heaven anyway. ;) just wanted to make U smile! Or let the truth be told "eat the whole pizza" and don't log it like SOME and then scream out on Friday and say "I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPEN?" ....oh ok to the NO NO chair I go! LoL. 
24 May 18 by member: marshakanady
LOL. Thank you for the laugh Marshakanady. :) I needed it. I have planned to make healthier pizza for myself tonight, but it's not what i'm wanting. I know it's just because the stress of hurting physically, then the mental load of having to get that shot. -_- I reeeeeeeeeeeeallly hate being punctured with needles. I had to warn the poor nurse that I was going to jump, no matter how much i calm myself, breathe, focus on something else, I jump when I'm poked with the durn needle. Only the poke bothers me, pushing meds, doesn't bother me, having the needle in me doesn't bother me, but that intial poke gets me every time. ugh. I'm not going to not - log my pizza. lol. But I'm going to try and push myself to toast my flat bread, and portion everything out. I get to eat the whole thing and have no regrets about it. It should fill me up and if it doesn't have a ton of fresh tomatoes in the fridge, and some great spring mix salad that I get from the local farmer's market. I'm now making myself hungry. lol. Guess it's time for a yogurt. ^_^  
24 May 18 by member: Kedrake18
Maybe skip the bread part altogether and just have a load of cheese and tomatoes? I love having grilled tomatoes - I mix cheese and mayo and spread on tomato slices and broil. Mmm. 
24 May 18 by member: abbadabba
Whip/season three eggs, pour into a hot skillet. Cover and cook on med/low heat until you can flip it. Flip, cook for a minute and remove from heat. Transfer to a parchment lined baking sheet, add marinara and favorite pizza toppings and pop in the broiler until the cheese bubbles. Guilt-free pizza, sooo delicious I promise! Take care! 💕 
24 May 18 by member: brookofmirkwood
why not order a small (8") pepperoni (250cal/slice) and have two slices today (before your meds) so you can crash. good luck on the 'will power' --it'll either prevail or it won't and in either scenario it's up to you... 
24 May 18 by member: DonSanAnto
You ain't alone! After reading your journal entry, now I want pizza! Cheesy bready goodness...will you marry me?  
24 May 18 by member: Fatboy199
I had a similar experience and yesterday I logged 700 calories for one of those square Totinos frozen pizzas (combo) and added 12 slices of pepperoni and 1/4 c skim mozzarella. I started doing some Keto recipes lately and if you have an instant pot, there’s some seriously good low/no carb delicious Italian foods. Meatballs and pizza sans crust... I won’t eat it if it isn’t delicious. So...hang in there! Pinterest has great Keto recipes for when you want to indulge but avoid the calories. 
24 May 18 by member: jdBart
I've got one more! 😄 You can make personal pizzas on naan bread, they're amazing and half the calories. Grease your baking sheet, put your favorite toppings on the naan. I love spinach, mushrooms, jalapenos and leftover meats for convenience. Bake at 400 for 12-15 minutes. Perfect size and better for you. I always crave fried and cheesy, my biggest weakness! You've got this! 
24 May 18 by member: brookofmirkwood
Reconditioning the mind to allow a big serving of bacon and/or taco meat with cheese when craving comfort food can make next week an upgrade. Stronger mind and mood. The bread cause painful mood swings that can deprive our sense of self control. 
24 May 18 by member: Diddlee
Lol, whatever you say, Diddlee. 
24 May 18 by member: Diablo360x
this has helped me: 
24 May 18 by member: pamelarose3
if your watching ur carbs have you tried making ur own pizza you can google cauliflower pizza its so easy to make im having it tonight  
24 May 18 by member: raveneyes76
Hope your back heals quickly! As for pizza I love Carbquik for a lot of things but the pizza crust is great so are chocolate waffles. Good luck! 
24 May 18 by member: 8Patty
Ohhhh, Pizza. Sometimes I really NEED pizza. Here are my strategies, not that they have to be yours but figure out when you need that comfort how to make it work for you. 1. I order take out--I cannot have them in the freezer. 2. Sometimes I make my own and put in on the BBQ which came with a pizza stone (small). I freeze the extra dough in dough balls. 3. I have pizza with friends so there are NO leftovers. 4. I have pizza now and again to keep me from desperation 5. If I REALLY need pizza I have the 800 calorie big slice at Costco--no Pepperoni as I cannot eat it. I LOVE that pizza. Now, I eat half and eat the other part later and that feels decadent (pizza for lunch and dinner. The 2nd half I usually add salad at home). AND sometimes, you do need to have someone else make it for you. A cheesy pizza with tomato sauce is reasonably healthy if you can eat the one slice. I would rather have a single slice more often, than deprive myself and then eat too much. So, if you really need it, figure out how to eat it in a reasonably healthy way even regulalry. Now, you've made me want pizza! My daughter is flying in from SF tomorrow so maybe we get pizza! Hope this helps. You just have SOOOOOOO much on your plate right now. You do need to take care of YOU, too, and that has nothing to do with pizza, although maybe it does! 
24 May 18 by member: HawaiiTutu
Thankfully on Keto plan pizza is ok! Fathead dough is the bomb! My family says better than any other pizza bought. 
24 May 18 by member: Tabbigurl
I let the kids at the pizza first and don't go back for seconds. If I go back for seconds...I'll go back for thirds, you can see which days I had pizza on my calendar without even opening them up. Sometimes that's enough to keep me away from it but sometimes I'm just gonna eat it. Just remember that you are not your fail are the sum of all of your days and you just have to try to have more good days than bad. Mostly that helps me be good but...sometimes nothing helps but the pizza lol. 
24 May 18 by member: katies71
Feel better! When i cant stand the cravings, i make pizza with the thinnest, whole grain tortilla, turkey pepperoni, low fat mozzarella and marinara with any and all veggies i please 😁 it fills the void and even though it’s a little bit of a cheat, i dont feel so guilty. Get well first is the priority 
24 May 18 by member: dlewis1234
For pizza, cheese, frozen. Small ones. Then I cut peppers, tomatoes, onions. In top of raw pizza. Some mozzarella, or blue or fat-free and or Parmesan. I forgot. To the cut veggies I salt and pepper them and add Italian seasoning. Okay. Bake the broiled. Cheap and better than a restaurant.  
24 May 18 by member: Damaris Berdut
Even though the rut you're in feels like a lifetime, be assured it isn't, and the good news is that your still on the young side, which means you'll heal a lot faster than me :) Nevertheless, drowning your woes in the pizza sauce will only create a cycle of despair, punishment, indulgent, and on it goes. Hang in there, brighter days are ahead. 
24 May 18 by member: adamevegod1


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