DairyFarmersWife's Journal, 15 May 2018

Is it bad if you can hear your joints over your headphones? I swear my knees sound like rice crispies when I am working out. If I'm just walking around I don't hear them. If I'm in the middle of doing lunges or squats I sound like someone poured milk on me. For the most part it doesn't hurt. I just find it mildly concerning that someone can hear me snap, crackle, and pop from across the room. I'm not positive... but I don't think this is normal and no one actually poured milk over me while I was working out so I have no explanation for it. Huh.. sounds like some strange dairy farmer fetish. I will have to ask the husband if its a thing.

I also noticed that I would be in way better shape if I wasn't heavy and if everything didn't hurt when I ran. I take that back. I say everything but what I really mean is everything that bends.. and some things that don't bend.. Like feet, ankles, shins, knees.. all those things you need in order to run. I seem to remember being younger and being able to run for more than a minute without wondering what they will put on my headstone. Here lies Elizabeth... she thought running sounded like fun.. she was wrong. Here lies Elizabeth whose dying words were "WTF was I thinking?" or "If a bear came over the hill right now I would be food." or "Stupid spandex running people that make it look soooooo easy but nooooooo it's not." Any suggestions for not popping or training for a 5K without hurting? I asked the cows. They watch me run. I'm not positive but I think one yelled either Moo Moo Moooooo or Move... Moove... Mooooooove woman!!! For crying out loud you're slower than a turtle. Did I mention I run in circles around an ag bag pad? Oh and it's kinda level... but not really. Sometimes there are bumps and clumps of things.

I think I'm done complaining about getting old and falling apart now. I ordered supplements on Friday that should be here soon for joints and stuff. I got sucked into listening to a podcast while waiting for the teenager and it seemed like a good idea. So did buying 3 books on raising kids that weren't self absorbed thanks to the Oprah podcast. I seriously need to stop either listening to podcasts or being addicted to amazon prime. Hmmmmm.. I wonder if I put joints popping into amazon if I will find something!!!?!?!?! I bet I would.. I bet it also has a solution to running pain.

I should probably step away from the computer and take a walk now... just sayin.

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Hey there Ms Snap, Crackle and Pop, bummer about being a running box of cereal but I love the analogy. I’m old and even though I may not have all the sound effects, I totally relate. I generally walk about 5 miles in a stretch and once it’s over, and I attempt to pick something up, I wonder if I will ever be able to straighten myself? My brain says yes, while my body has second thoughts. Self-help books. I was hanging out with my 3 month old grandson this morning. He was attempting to roll over when my daughter said, “the book says he won’t roll over for another 4 weeks”. It was then when I shot back, “obviously he hasn’t read the book?” 
15 May 18 by member: glen
No idea about the joint noises, but the soreness can be a sign that you need a good massage! 
15 May 18 by member: abbadabba
google -golden tea-turmeric milk, turmeric and ginger are excellent natural anti-inflammatories turmeric is also available in pill form. as we get older we lose some of the lubricating fluids in our joints. try adding more gelatin and collagen to your diet. from bone soups and broths. as well as fish oil. even powdered gelatin added to broths can be every le l  
15 May 18 by member: Chef Martin
If your joints are making that kind of noise, you know its not a good thing. Loose the weight first, then start exercising. Or at least a good portion of it. Our bodies are not designed for strenuous activities when overweight. At very least, switch to a lower impact cardio routine. 
15 May 18 by member: ggreen67
I totally agree with 'ggreen67' - lose the weight first then begin an exercise routine. The creaking and cracking and popping sounds are because the joints are suffering from the excessive weight. Once you've lost the weight you'll notice all the noise will be greatly diminished. You want to be able to still walk and even run when you get older and your joints will thank you for it :) 
15 May 18 by member: Jaym64
Right now I would not even entertain the thought of running because I am extremely over weight myself (6'1" @ 274lbs.), but I do walk a good distance (for me) every day and I definitely noticed that it's working along with the dieting. If I were to try running now I would be down and out on the ground sucking air like there was no tomorrow within 100 ft. They would then be trying to find the closest source of water to roll me back into... :) 
15 May 18 by member: Jaym64
Hey, Glen, love the book reading. Kinda like the deer who cannot read the deer crossing signs. They always seem to miss the entrance and exit. Drat. As far as cereal analogy. start slowly... Loosing weight before exercising is like putting the cart before the horse. It all has to function together 
15 May 18 by member: cstella1
I have some arthritis and will snap, crackle, and pop, but that my not be your issue. I was standing in front of a class the other day and when I moved my knee popped really loud, so I was embarrassed, but there'd nothing I can do about it. If you're running every day, maybe try alternating days with something else, that may help with pain anyway. I also have to stretch a lot so I'm not super sore, so if you're not stretching much maybe try to do more. Over time you may find that the soreness just goes away or isn't as bad. I hope tomorrow you feel better. 
15 May 18 by member: mars2kids
I know that feeling....... snap, crackle and pop!!!! 
15 May 18 by member: skinnyminny54
Try MSM. Its a natural supplement. It did wonders for my joint pain and I'm way, way older than you. It takes a month or so to take effect. 
16 May 18 by member: fatoldlady


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