Mandie160's Journal, 05 February 2008

Hello Guys,
I have been off my diet for 3 days now and I finally got sick from all the eating! I feel so bad today. I had to bring a bottle of Pepto-Bismol with me to work! I feel so sick! I had yesterday off from work and we continued to feast on left-over food (we had a lot of food!)
My dinner party couldn't have gone any better....well I guess it could have…. We had such a great time over all. The dinner didn't get started the way I would have liked. I just wasn't prepared and seriously ran completely out of time. I was so embarrassed! My boyfriend makes me late in doing ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! We were down to 15 minutes to get the food and drinks to the house and the food was on one end of town and the drinks and other stuff was on the other end. I told him that I should stay at the house while he went out and round up the stuff, well he wanted me with him.... I DON"T KNOW WHY???? But anyway, against my better judgment, I went with him. As soon as I got in his vehicle I said to him that I should drive my own car, that way we could split up and He go to one end of town and pick up stuff and I go to the other end and we meet back at the house and this would cut down on time (we only had 15 minutes guys!)....HE DIDN"T GO FOR THAT IDEA EITHER!!!!
Anyway to make a long story short, I started to get upset because it was taking longer than I ever thought it would just to get part of the stuff, so I said to him, just take me back home and I will leave a note on the door telling them to go on in the house and make themselves comfortable....(TACKY and STUPID, I KNOW!) I should have just stayed home in the first place! We went back to the house to write the note and drop the stuff off that he had already purchased and as I was coming out of the door, the first car pulled up! We started laughing at the fact that I was standing there holding the sign in my hand looking like a deer just before the crash! Luckily, it was my boyfriend's best friend, so I sent them off to get the rest of the stuff and his wife and I stay at the house and got the rest of the things out on the tables. By the time my boyfriend and his best friend returned, we had a house full of people! I felt the nerves kicking in....I don't really know why because I knew everyone that was there! All the women wanted a tour of the house. I was excited to do this. After touring the attic and the main level we went to the basement where all the men were. One of the men made a comment that he wanted to see the rest of the house too, so I asked my boyfriend to take the men to see the upstairs, while I finished showing the basement to the women. Everyone just loved my house and they especially loved the attic (which has been converted into my own little sanctuary!) I received such great compliments on my home! I was so happy that there weren’t any awkward moments. It was a wonderful night with great friends. The food was excellent we had enough to feed friends for two days. The men asked if they could come back on Sunday to watch the Super bowl game with my boyfriend and I told them that this would be fine and that the women should come back too. Let the truth be told, we were tired and wanted to just relax with each other on Sunday. My daughter was at my sister's house and wasn't coming home until late. I just knew that we were going to have some -all day- quality time on Sunday. I think we are going to do something like this again in two weeks. The women had mentioned something about going bowling and leaving the men at the house to play pool and watch some type of ball game on TV. I don't know if this is actually going to happen, but the next dinner party is going to be at somebody else’s house. I don't mind entertaining, in fact I love to entertain, it's just that it can really be stressful!
I am starting my diet again today. I didn't have a chance to update my photo, nor did I even think about weighing in on Saturday morning. I know not to weigh in today! I am probably back at the same weight currently showing. I may weigh in tomorrow morning. I don't know, I mean who other than me really cares anyway!LOL!!
I hope you guys have a great day! I am feeling a little tired today maybe TOM is near.... I really don't need that on top of feeling very nauseas!
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You sound like me with the nervousness when you're having a bunch of people coming over...In my head I know it'll all be great and perfect, but I rush around the house like a crazed women getting everything ready...haha it's actually funny! Good choice sending the guys to get the rest of the stuff and you hang with the friends waiting for them! Sounds like you had a GREAT PARTY!! Hugs to ya! 
05 Feb 08 by member: Sibby
sounds like you had fun girl. good luck on getting back on track! 
06 Feb 08 by member: lorik


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