DairyFarmersWife's Journal, 07 May 2018

You know those people who don't really workout all that often or maybe they don't workout at all BUT they still like to give lots and lots of workout advice? Sometimes their workout advice even makes sense. Sometimes the advice seems like a pretty good idea. DON'T USE ANY OF IT. EVER. Ok maybe you can. Me? I can't. Why? Because I think I'm in better shape than I actually am and I don't know when to stop because one of the Jillian Michaels workouts once told me my body could do more than I believed it could. Huh... Maybe today's advice should be to listen to yourself.

I've signed up for the 5K, payed my fee, found out my boss is also running when he congratulated me and shook my hand and said... ME TOO!! Which may not be a bad thing as long as I don't curl up into a ball somewhere along the race as 30-40 of my co-workers run around me. Apparently the 5K is a BIG thing here. But it's for charity so that is also a good thing.. as long as I'm not photographed somewhere begging someone to drag me to the finish line. You get the idea. No pressure.

I've gotten a couch to 5K app. Which is great. So far so good. The only problem is it's an 8 week program and I have 4 weeks. I'm supposed to only train every 3rd day. Logic and friends confirm that I should train more often. It was also suggested that on rainy days I could follow the same training on the elliptical. Same muscles right? Makes sense... Sure there is a little more resistance on the elliptical but that could maybe help strengthen the muscles. Sure. Again. Makes sense right?

Today I decided to try the App on the elliptical. I ran last night around the farm and won't have time tonight so I figured I would hit the gym at work and try the elliptical. Slight resistance. Check. Guy next to me checking out my time and resistance. Check. Going a reasonable pace then alternating to there is an ice cream truck in front of me giving away free samples jog! Check. Then... the guy next to me starts doing the same thing. Maybe he sees the same ice cream truck. I don't know.. I do know my fast pace bursts lasted longer than his. Soooo HAHA. Then I hit the halfway point and the lack of oxygen has me attempting to yawn and run oh and drink because chasing fantasy ice cream is hard work. Ever try to yawn in the middle of running? I think it's phyically impossible but I still really wanted to yawn. I also think I was breathing like someone about to fall over and pass out but I can't tell because I had my earbuds on high listening to country music because well.. apparently I think country music sets a good pace.

I also think the lack of oxygen was playing with my head because the person on the row behind me turned on a fan which made my butt feel cooler. This automatically registered in my head as OMG my old gym pants finally gave way and I still have 10 minutes left!!!! To my credit I didn't feel up my own butt in front of copy cat man and everyone in the weight section to see if it had happened and I finished my workout. Luckily the old gym pants held on one more workout and now.. I'm planning on hitting the store on the way home to buy new ones because now I'm paranoid. Plus.. it's probably a good idea to retire something when it starts to show threads... or is worn regularly for several years. Unless they are a favorite pair of jeans. Those you wear until they become obscene.

Without the impact of running I can be pretty fast and according to the machine I added a half mile to my distance. So MAYBE there was something to it. Maybe. Don't tell the person who gave me this advice. I already accused them of attempting to kill me and my gym pants. It was probably pretty good cardio training. Maybe by alternating between running and training on the elliptical I could increase my time and not kill my joints. Huh.. See? It totally makes sense if you take out that whole I almost died trying to yawn thing.

Diet Calendar Entry for 07 May 2018:
1554 kcal Fat: 66.28g | Prot: 105.08g | Carb: 132.43g.   Breakfast: Atkins Mocha Latte Shake, Coffee-Mate French Vanilla Liquid Coffee Creamer, Coffee, Coffee, Pepper Jack Cheese, Coffee-Mate French Vanilla Liquid Coffee Creamer. Lunch: Lean Cuisine Culinary Collection Chicken, Spinach & Mushroom Panini, Cuties Clementines. Dinner: Chicken Breast, Birds Eye Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Brussels Sprouts, Pork Chops (Top Loin, Boneless) , Fig Newtons Fig Newton. Snacks/Other: Keebler Town House Toppers Garlic & Herb Crackers, Dove Silky Smooth Dark Chocolate Promises - Almond. more...

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...as long as I don't curl up into a ball somewhere along the race as 30-40 of my co-workers run around me... If that happens, you won't be the only one :) 
07 May 18 by member: RGADAWG
I have done the yawn thing when I'm running, like I'm trying to catch my breath and yawning will help, but I usually end up stopping for a bit. You're doing some good things, so keep it up. Maybe the new pants will be even more motivation. :) 
07 May 18 by member: mars2kids
😁 great job! 
07 May 18 by member: momma6224
Great story! There is nothing more spooky than a mysterious breeze hitting private body parts that you can’t see. Good luck with your training! 
07 May 18 by member: glen
You are hilarious! It sounds like you’ve got this! 
07 May 18 by member: Johanne
You will be just Fine on race day !!! GO GIRL !!! 
08 May 18 by member: DO N OK
LMAO! That actually sounds like a country song! FYI, when you do the 5K, no one minds if you walk part of it but something tells me you are too competitive to do that! Thank you for starting my day with a laugh!  
08 May 18 by member: Gingerk65


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