kingkeld's Journal, 31 December 2011

Brace yourself. This is a LONG entry. I'd go get a cup of coffee before reading, if I were you. :)

It's the morning of the last day of the year! New Year's eve is tonight, and the weight loss gods have been so kind to make it fall on Indulgence Day! Thanks! :)

So, first things first... I set a goal for the year. I set it late, a week or two ago, and I set it very ambitious. I wanted to be below 80 kgs for 2012, and I knew it would take a LOT of work, and I really pitched in to do it. I have NEVER in my life done as much exercise. EVER!

So how did I do? Well, I didn't make it. Boooo! Then again, I don't at all think of it as a mission not accomplished. Here's why - it takes quite a story of our doings yesterday, and then a little extra about the nerdiness of me recording my weigh-ins. :) Here goes:

Yesterday was an AWESOME day! Wife and I went out on our own, mostly to go shopping, but also to celebrate payday and have a date night. We haven't been out too much lately, Christmas pretty much wanted ALL our money, and we have eagerly been waiting for this paycheck to go have some FUN. Not complaining, but we all know how pricey the holidays get.

So we took the train to Holbæk, a slightly larger town a few towns over, and just went from there, going where we felt like, doing what we felt like and shopped for what we needed (and felt like).

We're having a belated Christmas thing with my brother next Saturday, so we were buying Christmas presents for them too. We found some awesome things for them. I won't give it away, as I am not sure if my nephew is peeking in here sometimes.

We started the trip off by getting off the train and taking a walk on a cute little trail by the water. It was a place that Wife knew from when she took a class in Holbæk at some point. I had never been there, and she wanted to show me. It was super nice. Also, it was great to see that SHE was up for the walk. After she lost a few kgs doing FatSecret, she has so much more energy, and we both love that.

Then, back to the stores. We went and bought some interesting Indian spices and the little Indian food supply, and I really can't wait to get cooking! I love Indian food, and it's like sensory overload when I go into that shop. I can't control myself! Must - buy - ALL!

We went to several electronics shops, and looked at a bunch of fun stuff. We actually came across a half price kinect for the xbox, but decided to NOT get it. I'm not sure how much I'd be using it right now, and they keep getting cheaper. I'll get one eventually, but I'm in no hurry.

What we DID find that appealed to us we the new tablets, as the infamous Ipad. I know a lot of you guys have them, but I have to admit to being a big opponent of Apple, and their way of controlling/restricting their product. I know they're good tools, but they go against my principles. I like things that are open sourced, public domain etc. It's hard to find in tablets, but the Android ones are as close as you get, in my world at least. I'm sure there are other alternatives too.

Anyways, we came across the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Oooooooh, how nice. Pricey, but nice. Even Wife was excited and interested in them. Well, we ended up agreeing to push through, tighten the belt, and simply order three for the entire family! Yeah, that should do it! LOL!

Daughter is turning 18 in March, and this would be an awesome gift for her too. They should arrive around Wednesday, and both Wife and I are SO excited! There are so many things I will be looking forward to doing with this thing, once being able to watch bigger screen movies at the gym when walking (unless I get going on those audio books!).

Now, here is the dilemma:
We ordered three. One for Wife, one for Daughter, one for me. Daughter's birthday is not until early March, but we get them this Wednesday, give or take a day.

Do we:
1. All get ours next week, tell Daughter it's an early B-day gift and not have anything COOL for her actual birthday?
2. Keep ours secret and play like sneaky kids for two months, and give Daughter hers on her big day?
3. Nobody gets anything until March (OBVIOUSLY not an option! LOL!)

What do you guys think? Comments, please! I am really split on this one.

The plan was. until I started feeling bad for holding out on her, to take her to a restaurant (I'll tell you more about his in a moment) with a few good friends for her birthday, and then at that point hand her the gift, with her favorite programs preinstalled, charged, set up and good to go for the ride home. She loves to read and draw, as you know, so I will set it up with hundreds of books kindle style and some art creativity programs. I will also put movies and music on it, so she can REALLY explore from Day One.
But afterwards, I kinda feel like I'm holding out on her. Wife and I are really excited to get ours, but I feel bad that Daughter won't get hers. Is it just because I am selfish and want mine NOW, or...? On the other hand, she doesn't know what she's missing, as she has no idea what's coming. It would make no difference to her either way. Right? Or...?

Anyways, I will see if you guys have any opinions on this, and make a decision. I'll talk more with Wife about it too, of course.

So, after we went shopping, we had booked table at a restaurant. Wife wanted Sushi, and sushi it was. It's pretty good on calories, so I had no trouble with this. Well... I did not go over my RDI, but I ate like a pig! We were both so stuffed that we almost needed help getting out of our seats! (Not really, but you get the picture).

After the restaurant, we walked a little detour on our way to the train station of "walk some of the food off", and it was really enjoyable.

I'm sure this restaurant visit added to my weight gain today, and I am sure it's not a bad gain. It's just a lot of food being processed. Of course it helped me not reaching my goal, but I don't think I would have made it anyways.

Now, here is what is interesting about the weight gain today:

I have a smart smart scale. One of those that measure body fat and visceral fat and all that.

What usually happens is that I stay around a fat percentage of approx. 9 or 10. It's normal for me, it seems. Then if I don't lose weight for a few days it will drop to maybe 8 or even 7 in extreme cases where I don't lose weight for several days, or RIGHT after Indulgence Day. When I lose a massive amount of weight, it rises to 11 or even 12 for a day or two. So weight gain with no fat gain means decrease in fat percentage, and vice versa. Are you with me? Good.

So, yesterday's weigh in gave me the following numbers:

Weight: 81.9
Body fat: 9.3 (normal)
Visceral fat: 7 (Low, has peeked to 7 every now and then, and SLOWLY starting to settle here).
BMI: 25.8

Today, I get the following numbers:

Weight: 82.6 (Booo!)
Body fat: 5.0 (INCREDIBLY LOW! Actually, the lowest EVER in this journey!)
Visceral fat: 6 (NEVER happened before!)
BMI: 26. 1 (Booo!)

As you can see, there are several things happening here. I gain weight. Sure. That's what it is. I hate it, but it happens. I'll survive. Then, of course, with the weight gain is a BMI rise. Duh. Those two go together. I see a first ever of Visceral fat at 6. This is a new low. I'm more than happy to see this, but I know it's not there to stay. It'll probably be 8 or at least 7 again tomorrow.

However, what is wild is that my body fat is 5%. It's not a real number, it's not an actual scientifically correct number, but it is one that I can use to register changes and progress. When I first got my smart scale back on 22nd of April I weight 113 kgs and had a body fat percentage of 32.3 and Visceral fat of 18. So I can see clear progress here.

Being at 5 is wild. At some point in early December I had the last low, which was 5.8% - and this happened when I suddenly from out of nowhere gained three full kgs. It was weird, and just happened. I put my trust in the numbers, and claimed that it was not a real weight gain, and that it would probably drop soon. Well, the day after I dropped almost 2½ kg! So what's gonna happen now? Do I have 2½ kgs waiting to drop? If I do, I am virtually at 80 kgs!

Of course, only time will tell. Sadly, it won't do me much good tomorrow, as we are feating for New Year tonight. I WILL gain weight, but maybe it will coincide and the damage won't be too bad.

Wife is cooking an awesome meal tonight. We're having some delish beef roast, and have all the fixins lined up. We'll also have black eyed peas. The neighbors are coming over for a little, laid back party, and they will bring starters and dessert. I don't know what the starter will be, but the dessert is chocolate mousse. Phew - I'm glad it's Indulgence Day.

As always on a special night like this my strategy will be to NOT look at numbers too much, but I WILL register everything I eat. It helps me to do just a little bit better than I would have otherwise. I will probably go way high, but that's okay. I have my exercise bike right next to me, and tomorrow is gonna be a lazy day for us. Last day of our break from work, and I know Wife is not gonna want to do much. Perfect day for me to break my time record on the bike! :)

So, what's more to say today... oh yeah... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Wow this has been a crazy year. I have changed SO much, and found so many new values in life. I have gotten a great new job. I have upgraded my music. I have gotten what feels like a new lease on life. I have gotten the best buddies in the world here on FatSecret. I love Wife more than I ever have, and I love seeing that she is better too.

I think I can safely say that 2011 has been one of the best years in my life. By far. And then some. You're all part of that, and I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Of course, even more, I want to thank Wife. Thank you for understanding and supporting me losing my weight, and spending sometimes HOURS here on FatSecret writing and catching up. I love being here. It keeps me sane. Thanks babe!

So what's up for next year?

Well... I don't really believe in New Year resolutions. To me, they have always been half assed promises about things that we really need to do, but really never will be done.

I won't do a weight loss resolution, that's for sure. I'm already doing what needs to be done. I think it's awesome going into 2012 knowing that I am losing weight, and almost done.

I think, if I have to make a resolution, it will have to be something not weight loss related. Maybe to enjoy more quality time with La Familia? Sometimes, life gets busy, work, music and everything else, and things can become a little more of the same old same old. Maybe try changing things up a little bit? That sounds good.

I do have plans for 2012. I want to finish the weight loss journey. I want to reach maintenance stage. I want my surgery. I want to be able to say that losing weight is DONE - and I want to be able to stay my ideal weight by using the tools and the knowledge that I have gained through the last 15 month.

I want to be a better musician. I want to spend even more quality time with Wife and Daughter. I want to master exercise. I want to start looking at doing a book. I want to see if an idea for a company could possibly become real. I want so many things.

Now, once thing that I do NOT want, is stopping using FatSecret. I love this place, and even when I am done losing you can rest assured that I will be here.

I see being here it as one of the greatest gifts anyone has ever given me. I still can't believe that help and tools like these are given out for free. So, I want to keep this spirit alive and pay it forward. I want to keep supporting, and I want to keep using these tools to maintain and keep myself accountable. I think I need this for a long, long time still. I love hanging with the FatSecret crowd, and I love helping, supporting, listening, commenting, reading, writing, joking around and all the other things that are happening here.

Today, I am thankful for:
- A super low fat percentage - since I couldn't record a new lowest weigh-in.
- Coffee!
- A short, but good night's sleep. I wonder if I need a nap before guests arriving? Probably.
- A great dinner tonight AND Indulgence Day to limit the damage.

Have a great New Year's Eve, my friends. You know that 2012 is gonna be so awesome and so full of success for all of you, and I can't wait to be there and share it all with you.

Can you guys tell that today's journal is written with a big smile on my face? Life is INDEED good!

182.1 lb Lost so far: 159.6 lb.    Still to go: 0 lb.    Diet followed 100%.

Diet Calendar Entry for 31 December 2011:
3913 kcal Fat: 147.88g | Prot: 117.84g | Carb: 333.45g.   Breakfast: Egg, Rye Bread (Reduced Calorie). Lunch: rye bread, eggs, extra lean ham. Dinner: roast beef, potatoes, carrots, red wine. Snacks/Other: chocolate mousse, chocolate. more...
on diet kingkeld's own diet   gaining 10.8 lb a week


Whew! I'm thankful you have had such a well rounded year to review. I hope the coming ones only get better for you! 
31 Dec 11 by member: Dani_Suave
A really super entry today, Kingkeld, and a joy to read. You have achieved so much and the fact that you are so willing to share your success and support others is one of the reasons why I love FatSecret. I found this place quite by chance and I love it too - I can't quite believe the quality of the service that's provided here free. I'm sorry you didn't make your target for the new year, but it's not such a big deal as that new low is clearly just a few days away. I feel the same for myself - enjoy today's food, friends and family and stay on the journey. The gift dilemma? I think if you and Wife are going to be using your tablets right away you should give Daughter hers now, too. Maybe you can give her a cool program or two extra on the day itself. Happy New Year to you and yours and thank you so much for being here and being you. 
31 Dec 11 by member: Earthlady
Fantastic journal this morning Keld. Not sure about the tablet issue.... Personally, I don't think I could keep it secret until March, so would have to give it to her and say it was an early b'day pressie. Re the visceral fat - wow.... I wonder if it is the exercise you have been doing - particularly as you have been using your legs and butt in the exercise - Your scales will only be measuring the bottom half of your body and averaging it out ver your whole body. If you have been loosing fat and building muscle there it must be reflected in the results. Does your scale measure water %? that seems to go hand in hand with BF and Visceral fat readings..... Something about water being retained in both muscle and fat - the scales cannot distinguish the water from the fat or muscle. -This may effect readings, particularly if you have had alcohol or salty food. - anyway... What ever it is great news that it is going in the right direction.... You have done fantastically well over the festive season, with food and particularly exercise - you put us all to shame :-). I'm with you on resolutions and am not setting any NY ones. Goals and targets should not just be for the NY, they should be continuous throughout our life.... Otherwise how are we ever going to improve our lives and the lives of others. I am also going to continue to use FS after I have reached my goals.... I also feel I will need it for quite a while. Plus, like you, I enjoy it and have some fab buddies - yourself included :-). I like to hear about peoples lives in other countries, how they are doing, helping where I can, with encouragement. By the way, your wife wanting sushi made me think about what food I am doing for tonight - so thanks for that. (it won't be sushi - probably some spring rolls - with stir fry, bizarre thought process I know). Anyway.... Have a great time tonight and HAPPY NEW YEAR x 
31 Dec 11 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
Today I am thankfull for Kingkeld. Looking forward to a slimmer 2012.  
31 Dec 11 by member: fattis mona
I see that smile from all the way across the pond, Keld. You HAVE had an awesome year and I, for one, am so proud and so happy to have had the opportunity to follow you along the journey. I say, option 1 for your daughter. She seems like an amazing kid and her birthday is not so far away. I think she'll love it. I hope you have another incredible year, filled with music, family and friends. I imagine your surgery will make for interesting journals and I wish you and Mrs. P. the best of health, happiness and love in 2012. 
31 Dec 11 by member: Helewis
I do not see the point of depriving your lovely daughter of months of pleasure, whilst allowing her Samsung galaxy tablet (which is the one i would love) to sit around, not realising its full potential and instead GATHER DUST, CAN YOU HEAR ME SHOUTING AT YOU. sacrilege. On second thoughts you can lend it too me, yippee. DONT WAIT and take her out for a nice meal on her birthday. Imagine if you had wasted two months not having joined fat secret huh ? much love to you and your family. Happy new year to you all. Sazy  
31 Dec 11 by member: sazy
I think what I enjoy the most about your journals is the joy you have. Many times I smile though the whole thing. You express yourself in such a way I can feel it myself. I thank you for that. Congrats on the low Body fat percentage. Thats great stuff. Funny you mention tablets. After working all my hours I have been thinking about splurging and treating myself to one as well. I am looking at the Asus. Theyve had great reviews. It too is an android. But so is my phone and from what understand they will be able to interact together in some way (Cant quite figure that out yet) Ive given my sons gifts ahead of thier birthdays and something small such as having friends over on the actual day and they turned out okay. Really do you think you will be able to withhold from her that long? I love the plan you have to personalize it for her. What a sweet and loving father you are. I too have decided not to make resolutions but to set goals. For some reason just that little word change seems to make a difference for me. Goals and achievements go hand and hand I think. Resolutions and failure seem to as well. Words and perceptions of what they mean to us are fickle things lol. HAPPY NEW YEAR. Hope to spend many a day reading your lovely journals in 2012 
31 Dec 11 by member: petuniak
I can tell by the way you word things about the will wind up giving it to her...LOL..It reminds me of the Dennis the Menace movie...his little hands says it all..right before he pushes a button or what ever else he is about to get into...He can't stand it..and neither can you..You know the look she will have when you hand it over. What an awesome gift for the first day of the year...You may not see her until her birthday..if you do so...LOL..Keld, you have done so wonderful for your self this year...and I love the way you have sooo much fun with your sweet wife..makes me feel soo glad for you...take care and enjoy your day...HAPPY NEW YEAR......:O) 
31 Dec 11 by member: BHA
Another awesome journal, KingKeld. Love reading them, even if they are super long. Like EVERYBODY else has said, I vote to give daughter the tablet NOW! Happy New Year to you and your family. May you be even more blessed throughout the coming year! 
31 Dec 11 by member: pkgardner
What great year you've had - Please give your baby girl the Tablet NOW! LOL Happy New year to everyone. You are reborn in your new body - live life to the fullest. Let her know it's an early BD gift, then when the big day comes you can purchase accessories that go with the tablet and give her a gift card to make her own purchases. fair enough? 
31 Dec 11 by member: LisaWillB
My two cents is to surprise your daughter with a very early 18th birthday celebration ... complete with dinner out (or her favorite meal cooked by mom) ... decorations ... the whole cha cha and give her the tablet soon!!! Maybe NOT Wednesday when it arrives but very soon!!! This past year has been quite productive for you my friend. I too can see your smile from across the miles and am so happy for you. January 18th marks 3 years of me being here on FS ... can't imagine ever leaving, though I know many do. Happy New Year buddy!!! 
31 Dec 11 by member: madaboutmoose
I am with moose --- I thought the same while reading it. Take a week or two and get the whole thing set up special for her...then do the birthday thing early...she will be even more surprised! What is a birthday anyway... some arbitrary day that Wife's hormone's spiked? of course a little bit of sneaking is always fun too, so do it in a month? :) Have an aweome New Year! 
31 Dec 11 by member: JenKatja
Happy New Year’s Kingkeld! 
31 Dec 11 by member: bflegg
Wow, another absolutely inspiring and awesome journal entry! I'm so proud of you, your accomplishments and your I said a million times before, you are truly my biggest inspiration! Looking back at your 2011, it sure looks like it has been a very special year for you in a VERY POSITIVE way, so why not continue and make 2012 just as special? As far as the tablet goes, I guess I'm the only one of your buddies to suggest holding out until her actual birthday. Turning 18 is a very big deal in Germany (not sure about Denmark but it should be similar, right?). So, unless you can top the tablet with something even better on her actual birthday, I wouldn't give it to her just yet, but that's just me and I'm known to be different/weird ;) "Happy New Year" to you and your family!!! 
31 Dec 11 by member: SoLosingIt
I love your journals. They make me happy. I think loading that tablet up with all the lovely things you mentioned and then gifting as soon as you're done would be perfect. Take her out for a really lovely dinner or trip for her actual birthday . . . maybe that beautiful walking trail you and your wife shared. Happy new year Keld, and blessings to you and your family! 
31 Dec 11 by member: Johanne
This is my First read of a Kingkeld Journal.. I love it. Congrats on all your accomplishments sir. I would give her the Tablet now before they become "outdated" with a new model as frequently happens. nut you could have some fun first-- make sure she see syou and your wife Both have one, maybe leave one on the table for her to "play" with - Maybe make some Birthday hints. Then after a few days of teasing-- hand her Hers all ready set up to go.! (we are sneaky like that around here) 
31 Dec 11 by member: papaw
Here's my take on the tablet thing. You and your wife go ahead and enjoy your two tablets but save hers until her birthday. It should be a very memorable 18th birthday for her. Giving her the tablet when everyone has the same thing is not cool. (This advice is only if there is nothing else you will give her on her birthday that can top the tablet). Congrats on your day and so happy you guys are having so much fun together.... Happy New Years!!!!! 
31 Dec 11 by member: Mom2Boxers


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