kingkeld's Journal, 22 December 2011

Tired tired oh so tired... it sounds like a country song, but it's real life this morning.

The cat's in heat, and she's kept us awake every night all week. I just wanna choke her little neck, but she'd probably just squeal in ecstasy. So Wife and I are just ghosts of our normal selves today. I try to sleep with ear plugs, and they help, but not nearly enough. I woke up SO many times.

Yesterday we had "Stegt flæsk med persillesovs", which is basically lean bacon in thick slices, with potatoes and a parsley gravy. Super yummy food and a favorite of the family. It's a traditional Danish dish, and one that Wife (who is American) has really picked up on.

Trouble is, it has a lot of salt, and I am sure this is what added 2 lbs to my weight this morning. I had an almost 2000 calorie deficit yesterday (morning exercise and gym really makes this count fast) so I know it's not fat. That's okay. I'll make it. I'll drink TONS of water today to flush it all out. Trouble is, of course, that I'll have the same dish for lunch. More salt. Oh, well. I'll survive. If nothing else, I'll learn from it! :)

So this morning, at 5 AM, I just sit here, doing the best zombie impression I have ever done. I simply did NOT have the energy to do my morning exercise. I will do them later, when I come home from work. I will make it a priority to get them done. Just not now.

EDIT: it's now 7:36 AM. I felt so bad for not doing my exercise, that I reached deep into my soul and found the motivation. At 7 AM I am a lot more awake than I was at 5 AM without sleep. So there. It's done. I can not go to work happy with myself. END OF EDIT.

On a more positive note, my thighs are not hurting any longer. I went to the gym yesterday, and did a little tester of whether I could do the jogging again. I am kinda hooked on being able to do this, but my legs asked me kindly to not do so. So instead I went back to a good pace walking, with the sprints in between. I upped the speed on the sprints, and made them 75 seconds instead of 60, to up my game regardless. I am hoping that this over time will help me to eventually be running all the way. I can tell I'm getting exhausted from the sprints, and I want to do them longer. I'm wondering if it's smarter to run a little bit slower and then go longer. I'll experiment more. Main thing is that I do something, and I have set myself a goal that I will not stop exercising unless I have done at least one hour, and burnt at least 500 calories. When I go to the gym, I want it to pay of. I don't want to start something and not finish it.

I have started a nice little thing here in the mornings. I go through all my music DVDs, and watch concerts. I have a TON of music on DVD and blu-ray, and there are so many enjoyable moments. This moning, my choice fell on a Danish band called Dizzy Mizz Lizzy. They were a HUGE name in Denmark in the early 90's, actually the band selling most copies of their debut album EVER in Denmark, and everyone loved them. Last year, they went on a one-off reunion tour, and did a DVD of the last show. It's GREAT rock music, and I wanted to share some of it with you guys.

This is the "chick-song", the one all the girls liked (and still like) but it's a great song for the guys too - just a great rock song. I hope you like it.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Great - so now the kitty cat is here next to me sleeping. Maybe I should simply stay home and poke her all day as payback? lol...
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
I better be good. I hope this made you smile!

Anyways, it's Thursday and I have a long work day ahead of me. I am glad it's full of easy meetings and a "Thanks for your efforts through 2011" gathering from our bosses, so I think it's gonna go pretty swift.

I am more or less done with work for 2011, there is almost nothing left to do except what is being generated today. I just have to stay on top of this, and I am good. Then I need to clean my office and my desk to make it a comfortable place to come back to on Jan. 2nd 2012. It's a good day to do this.

This morning I am thankful for:
- NOT the cat.
- Last day at work before the holidays
- the option to push my exercise to later in the day. Yes, I WILL do them. They HAVE to be done!
- Stegt flæsk med persillesovs.
- The kitty cat. You know I love her. It's not her fault that nature is being a meanie to her.
- The prospect of added water weight coming off ASAP.

Happy Thursday, friends! I know it'll be a good one!

183.6 lb Lost so far: 158.1 lb.    Still to go: 0 lb.    Diet followed 100%.

Diet Calendar Entries for 22 December 2011:
1597 kcal Fat: 61.49g | Prot: 97.92g | Carb: 162.83g.   Breakfast: Rye Bread (Reduced Calorie), Sliced Ham (Extra Lean), Egg. Lunch: Nakkekam med svær, White Gravy, White Potatoes (Flesh and Skin). Dinner: Chicken Breast (Skin Not Eaten), Mixed Vegetables (Solids and Liquids, Canned), Tomatoes, Cucumber (with Peel). Snacks/Other: Tangerine, Kakaois, date, almond. more...
3086 kcal Activities & Exercise: Calisthenics (light, e.g. home exercise) - 30 minutes, Desk Work - 4 hours, Sitting - 5 hours and 10 minutes, Sleeping - 8 hours, Walking (moderate) - 3/mph - 20 minutes, Standing - 6 hours. more...
on diet kingkeld's own diet   gaining 17.0 lb a week


LOL.... Poor cat.... She didn't seem to mind that much though :-). Dizzy Miss Lizzy - great :-). Well done on the exercise - I wish I had got off my bottom yesterday and done some.... I will def do some today. It's because aqua fit has finished until the new year, it's my structure. Burning 500 calories every day - wow KingKeld, that's some calorie burn EVERY day :-) 
22 Dec 11 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
LOL, not 500 EVERY day. 500 every day I go to the gym, which is 3 times per week. That being said, I have taken a liking to standing up at work instead of sitting - burns approx. 300 extra caloriers per day, and of course my morning exercise - burns approx. 100-150 extra calories per day. I do these things ALSO on gym days, so you could argue that gym days are an "extra burn" of 900 cals, normal days about 400, compared to what I did about a month ago. Not too shabby.  
22 Dec 11 by member: kingkeld
LOL... I did think wow... 500 at the gym EVERY day, that's some routine. Mind you, burning 500 each time you go, is pretty good...I don't think I do that amount, but then I input it when get home, so wouldn't know while I am there. I tend to "go with the moment" if I feel like doing more I will - if not - I won't. That's probably not the right attitude - I do have to MAKE myself go sometimes - and once I am there, I tend to WANT to do it. Amazing the calorie burn just standing instead of sitting.... If you did nothing else this would result in nearly a half pound weight loss... 2 pounds in a month. DEFINATELY something to think about - especially when I think about calories we burn while cooking dinner eg standing stirring something or peeling veg. When doing the washing, you are up and down stairs, then in and out hanging it up, then standing ironing. Makes you wonder how you put on weight in the first place :-) 
22 Dec 11 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
Well done on the gym, Keld P. Not so well done on the sleep. Glad you enjoyed your Stegt flæsk med persillesovs treat. BTW, How's DW's Danish? 
22 Dec 11 by member: Helewis
Aw, look at your beautiful chilled cat and yes you put a big smile on my face with your lukewarm attempts to punish your cat "you big softie, except you are not big are you?" You are amazing. Easy to see who lives the "life of riley" in your home". WANT SOME. Of your stegt flaesk med persillesovs, how do you like my attempt at your language, fluent eh. Hee hee, still really want some. Have a great day. Sazy.  
22 Dec 11 by member: sazy
Helewis, I assume DW is Wife? We've been here for 4 years now, her Danish is pretty good. She speaks Danish every day at work, and with friends, though we tend to mostly speak English at home. 
22 Dec 11 by member: kingkeld
Sazy, you're doing great on Danish. You're almost fluent. You just need the "æ" letter, but "ae" is almost as good. That is the solution we use when typing from a non-Danish keyboard. For those of you curious, the flæsk is basically pork, kinda like bacon, but very lean compared to. You slice it, put it in the oven (on a grill, so the fat can drip from it) and bake/roast until golden and crips - depending how you prefer your meat. I like it somewhat crisp, but not dry. Then add white potatoes and a normal, plain white gravy with added chopped parsley, and voila! you're done. Very easy and simple, very tasty!  
22 Dec 11 by member: kingkeld
You crack me up buddy..and I know you love your kitty soooo much... enjoy your zombiefied day...:O) 
22 Dec 11 by member: BHA
I did mean your dear wife, the divine Ms. M. That's way cool about her Danish. I took one look at Stegt flæsk med persillesovs, and for that minute, could not imagine being American born in Denmark. Hope you two have a splendid holiday.  
22 Dec 11 by member: Helewis
Well done getting your rear in gear with the exercise this morning!!! Unfortunately, I have an idea how you felt this morning. Good sleep is a mere memory for me ... lovely being a woman and getting older!!! LOL!!! Sort of like a cat in heat without the yowling. Usually, the exercise helps get me going in the morning. I can be feeling very sluggish and tired and 30 minutes on the elliptical usually perks me up. However, I do hope dear kitty lets you two sleep tonight!!! As for the up fluct ... it will definitely come back down!!! Have a great day!! 
22 Dec 11 by member: madaboutmoose
A cat in heat is almost scary to me :/ Good luck with that. I must say that one of the things we in the FS community can be thankful for is our buddies and their inspiration in our lives. So THANK YOU to you =) Enjoy our last day at work before the Holidays. P.S. Your sprints sound like they are kicking your body into a marathon mode. Keep it up. You'll be running circle around us.  
22 Dec 11 by member: M.Trublu
Chuckling about you poking your kitty as a payback. My hubby does the same thing to our dogs when they keep us up at night wanting to go outside and howl at things moving in the night. (Lot of nightlife out here in the Boonies). I am zombie-fied many a day. LOL! Loved the kitty video and the Dizzy Miss Lizzie show. Love that name! Glad you are having a busy but good day at work today. Nice end to the year. Your Danish dish sounds like a good ol' Southern meal here in states. We make something called Red Eye Gravy that is made from country ham (lean but extremely salty) heated in a cast iron frying pan and the gravy is made from the essence and flour. Add Hash Browns (fried cut up potatoes) and yum yum! (I think I heard a Rebel yell *Yehaw!*) 
22 Dec 11 by member: Mom2Boxers
Mom2, I'll second that Yehaw! Sounds yum! I love southern cooking and I am no stranger to it (or is it the other way around). I used to live in Houston, TX. :) 
22 Dec 11 by member: kingkeld
Yes, the food sounds delish, and your cat looks lovely, but the thing that really struck me in your journal today is the holidays! Nearly twenty years in Turkey, Christmas holidays are a thing of the past. We do celebrate new year but since there's no such thing as a day off in lieu and it falls at the weekend, work continues as usual...I have to admit to feeling a little envious. 
22 Dec 11 by member: Earthlady


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