RkTkFx's Journal, 18 February 2016

Ok buddies, I need some input. I'm building a website around a weight loss game my wife and I created last year. On the stats page, there are charts of things we like to track (weight, distance run, pace, averages, etc). What other things should be tracked? Mood? Cardio time? Sizes? Squats? Trends?Goals? I'm all ears!!

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Measurements are good, I think? Perhaps neck/upper arm/waist/hip, or something similar. 
18 Feb 16 by member: real_gone_girl
I agree with Real_gone_girl about measurements. These are the measurements I track: Chest, hips, waist in two places, waist at belly button and waist at narrowest area, thighs in two areas, thighs upper leg with foot on floor, and thighs at high way point between end of knee cap and very top of thigh line with my foot on a chair, calves, flexed biceps, and wrists. 
18 Feb 16 by member: Scalewatcher3
How about water intake? 
18 Feb 16 by member: ferretlover
I think it should be the % of weight lost rather then pound for pound, because heavier people can lose weight quicker than a lighter person. Dietbet.com uses % as well when you compete with different people. I think BF% should be tracked. Because BF% tells us much more than weight on a scale 
18 Feb 16 by member: Panigale1199
mood and measurements . .. then for the mood you can track your triggers. when your sad to you gain weight?? you know?  
18 Feb 16 by member: 8hunter6
Lol its funny cause im on a mom site too and when I see BF I think breastfeeding lol!  
18 Feb 16 by member: 8hunter6
ohhh hahah. nope i meant body fat :) 
18 Feb 16 by member: Panigale1199
Lol ya I figured that out but when i first read it I was like "why the heck would you measure that??" LOL!!! 
18 Feb 16 by member: 8hunter6
Sleep! Water 
18 Feb 16 by member: Nicole Strong Barrett
Efforts to destress, perhaps - massage, prayer, meditation. Inspirational quotes. Time spent in support groups. 
18 Feb 16 by member: trackin64
The one thing I wish FS did, but it may be overkill in the game, is allow you to set a carb/fat/protein ratio goal and have it show that balance for each meal.  
18 Feb 16 by member: northernmusician
@ Northernmusician, I agree... 
18 Feb 16 by member: John10251
Resting pulse is a key measure for me, It speaks to overall cardio health. However, since your site is aimed at weight loss, the overall health might not be a can of worms you want to open. Then you get to questions like "if you track pulse, why not Blood Pressure? Then why not cholesterol? etc 
18 Feb 16 by member: mattstoc
Northernmusician - that would be nice. I'd also like to be able to post my blood sugar on my food diary page beside the meal. 
18 Feb 16 by member: debbievaughn
Firstly, Ok 8hunter6 & Panigale, you kill me...here I am trying not to move too fast so i don't aggregate my tender back and you guys are mixing body fat and breast feeding...good thing I wasn't drinking milk, it'd be out my nose :-) Ok, got that off my chest. RkTkFx, I track resting heart rate but I find that it is a pretty static number (varies more due to daily diet, caffeine, etc), once a person starts continously working out. How about tracking recovery heart rate, see a recent post by Mahjohn re same for details, that would really correlate well to stamina-aerobic endurance and is easily measurable if a person has an accurate HR monitor.  
18 Feb 16 by member: Steven Lloyd
@Mattstoc, just want you to know I also think resting heart rate is a key measure of cardio AND overall health, my higher than normal resting heart rate last year was a huge factor to prompt me to start eating right and lose the fat..  
18 Feb 16 by member: Steven Lloyd
@NorthernMusician - I agree 100%. I am always conscious of and making dietary decisions based on that ratio. I am not an anti-carb guy, but I try to keep it down. Most of the time, I'm successful.... :) @RkTkFx - Blood Pressure?  
18 Feb 16 by member: mdatek
Sleep. As I discovered it's very important. 
18 Feb 16 by member: dayberndt
;) ha ha  
18 Feb 16 by member: 8hunter6
It's a long way off before I will be able to launch the site, but I want to make sure I make it as robust as possible before I get too far down the road. These are AMAZING suggestions. I'll take as many of them as I can and incorporate them into the site. I especially like the sleep, water intake, body fat, destressing activities, and resting heart rate - I'd never have thought of those. I love the detailed measurements scalewatcher and real_gone_girl. This gives me a lot to work with and I think could make for some great game dynamics. As for food intake, that is a HUGE nut to crack, and I don't think I'm going to track food. FS is great for that (except for the carb/fat/protein ratio - sorry northern). Though, I'm with you on that one. I'd really like to be able to set better goals with FS. Lastly, as interesting as it might be, I'm pretty sure measuring breast feeding will not be very productive for most people - HAHAHA!!! As always, you crack me up!!! 
18 Feb 16 by member: RkTkFx


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