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Ok distracted today.... 😇. Hey anyone use any great Oriental style leafy greens. What is most common over there? Tiring of Kale, Baby Spinach, head lettuce etc....
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If you have an Asian market near you it might be worth a field-trip. I started using various green tops from my veggies and really liked the new addition to my diet. Beet greens, radish greens, mustard greens and collards etc. I'd steam them instead of the traditional way of cooking them and they really changed my opinion of them. My mom would add vinegar to greens and it always put me off. Now steamed and with a little lemon juice over top and some feta cheese sprinkled over and it's my new favorite thing.  
20 Jan 19 by member: 00Marx00
00Marx00 has really summed it up. The ones at regular groceries would be bok choy and hakusai. The Asian markets have more interesting options. I’m enjoying the mustard greens which seem to be in season here. Shungiku or chrysanthemum leaves are a fun sukiyaki ingredient. Agree that vinegar can really make a difference in taste but I usually use a tablespoon of say sesame oil. When it’s starting to cook down some stevia based sweetener optional, sake, salt, and a teaspoon of rice vinegar at the end. 
20 Jan 19 by member: Tash23
BTW de-stemming the greens and treating the stem like celery and sauteing them completely changes them. They're still crunchy but you don't have to overcook the leafy parts to cook the stem.  
20 Jan 19 by member: 00Marx00
Edamame, bok choy, asparagus, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, green beans, beets, eggplant, squash, snow peas, mushrooms, bitter gourd, okra, zucchini are among my favorites when I'm tired with spinach, carrots, bell peppers and cabbage. They're not all green leafy but still nutritious.  
20 Jan 19 by member: keyten77
I add a bag of turnip greensto the oriental greens mix and toss all in the freezer. After frozen I crunch them up in the bag(saves on chopping) in big pot I cook bacon and toss in the greens then red pepper flakes and a beer simmer on low till done.  
20 Jan 19 by member: respire8
All the bok choy! So yummy Any of the cabbages are good! Steam lightly is best for me. Not sure if you can have butter but I throw 1 tablespoon in with a pan full of greens and it makes me super happy! I haven't had it in ages...off to the store I go!! 
20 Jan 19 by member: katies71
Bok choy or Napa cabbage 
20 Jan 19 by member: chrisw77
I agree on the outing that others have suggested (if you have on anywhere near you) to an Asian Market. Tiny Bok Choy (my market calls it Shanghai Bok Choy) is divine. I clean it, spray a saute pan with Pam, add some minced garlic then throw in the bok choy with 1 Tbs of Low Salt Soy and put a lid on it. Done in like 5 minutes or less. Best easy veg ever. But There are other interesting veggies at the Asian store. Pick a few up (they're cheap) and look online for a recipe that appeals to you. If you don't like it, try something else. If you do, add it to your shopping list. Ta-da! I've found Chinese Broccoli (a leaf, not broccoli-y at all... Gai Lan) and Leafy Celery (again, not celery at all... Kun Choy) to be crazy good too. 
20 Jan 19 by member: newgrl
Man look at all the recommendations and inspirations! You’ve all done it again my fellow FS friends! My mouth is watering and I’ll be mapping and saving my nearest Asian market for sure! Special thanks to respire8 for the idea of freezing greens and crunching them in order to easily mix! Good eating to you all and thanks again!  
21 Jan 19 by member: 60pack


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