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18 January 2019

Woke at 229.0, down 1.2 from yesterday. Actually seeing a slight reduction in my stomach. More to do. Fasting Friday today with a trip to the doc and taking Denise to the airport to visit her folks in Colorado. Have a great day and weekend! UPDATE: Great doc visit with the best blood numbers in three years. Got Denise to the airport, but she just called and said her flight was canceled! Let's see if she gets to reschedule or if I need to go and get her. Did a blood glucose test with a reading one hour after drinking 20 ounces of Diet A&W Root Beer. Got a good 84 reading. Got Crack Chicken in the crock pot. It will be ready at 7 for this week's meal prep. UPDATE: Had to get Denise at the airport. A plane skidded off the runway in Omaha (where she was going), so they closed that airport. She will fly to Denver tomorrow. Jason is enjoying the Crack Chicken. And I got a nice 227.4 weigh-in. All is well.

18 January 2019

Weigh-in: 227.4 lb lost so far: 97.6 lb still to go: 22.4 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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17 January 2019

16 January 2019

Woke at 229.6, down 5.0 after a fasting day that included a lot of water movement. Going out for lunch with friends today but doing Bonefish Grill again so the choices will be great! UPDATE: Went to get blood work done. I shoveled snow for about 20 minutes to get my car out. Good exercise in a fasted state. Got my work and came home. Did a ketone and glucose test and was only .2 mm of ketones and 104 for blood glucose! Bogus! After fasting all day yesterday. I must have dumped some glucose out of the liver while I was working. Out for a nice seafood lunch in a little more than an hour. Read a compelling blog post last night that will have me lowering my fat intake as much as possible. I will be trying low carb AND low fat for the rest of the month. Here is that article:

UPDATE: Back from a nice 3-hour lunch with the pictured food and four glasses of red wine. Blood glucose: 82. Happy about that but frankly I'm lost with how my body works! Made it to 228.4 later in the day.

16 January 2019

Weigh-in: 228.4 lb lost so far: 96.6 lb still to go: 23.4 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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