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  Which Hogwarts House Reigns Supreme?
Which House can lose the most weight in one month? There's only one way to find out!
status: Completed
ended: 20 Nov 17
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  The 6-Week, 10lb Slimmer
With 6mini challenges as guides, losing 1.8lb a week is a moderate, easy, and fun diet to make you look amazing!
status: Completed
ended: 25 Jun 12
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  30lbs by Labor Day Weekend
Labor Day Weekend signifies the end of "summer fun". Lets get the weight off now before we go into hibernation mode!
status: Completed
ended: 04 Sep 11
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  Fitness for Life
You're ready to commit to a healthy lifestyle. Let's build habits that lead to healthy weightloss!
status: Completed
ended: 26 Jun 11
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  Simple Changes, Dramatic Results
This is my first challenge and I am hoping to help myself in addition to helping others. By getting back to the basics!
status: Completed
ended: 28 Mar 11
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  Ballet Warm Up
Ballerina's have fantastic legs for a reason! Let's do the standard ballet warm up daily for four weeks!
status: Completed
ended: 05 Jul 10
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  Sweating off Summer pounds
Tired of being unhealthy. Please join me in starting a new way of life. Exercise, eating, and drinking right.
status: Completed
ended: 12 Sep 10
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  Team Vs Team 4 Week Challenge
Everybody loves a good competition right? Get split up into two teams and see who wins!!
status: Completed
ended: 08 Jun 10
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  Drop the pounds
5 Week drop the pounds challenge, lets see who can loose the most. Groups are based on your current age range.
status: Completed
ended: 07 Jun 10
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  One Step at a Time to a Healthier You-Newbies
To help you learn the ins and outs of exercising and eating healthy to lose weight successfully and keep it off.
status: Completed
ended: 10 May 10
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