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  Can We Give Up Soda for 12 Weeks? I know we can!
Over-consumption of soda/sugary drinks is a leading cause of obesity in the US. LET'S SEE IF WE CAN GIVE UP SODA FOR 12 WEEKS
status: Completed
ended: 26 Apr 13
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  7lbs off in month of February
Drink more water, Exercise at least 20 mins a day, Smile More
status: Completed
ended: 25 Feb 13
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  40 days 40 minutes
Join me as I make the committment to workout for 40day for 40 minutes. This is to jump start spring training.
status: Completed
ended: 24 May 10
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  Weight Watchers 100 pound Challenge
12 weeks should get us all off to a great start in loosing 100 pounds. Come join us
status: Completed
ended: 29 Mar 10
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  10lb May Challenge!
10lbs may not seem like much but it makes a big difference. See yourself 10lbs lighter and take the challenge!
status: Completed
ended: 29 May 09
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  Cutey Booty Boot Camp is Back!
If you want to have great buns and legs for summer this is the challenge for you. You will daily to get nice buns hun!
status: Completed
ended: 01 Jun 09
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