Diet Features: MIT Carson Chow

How long do you need to be on this diet for? Until goal reached

What additional weekly costs are involved? None

Exercise level
What exercise recommendations are there? None

Eating out
Is eating out an option? No restriction

Coffee / Tea
Are caffeinated drinks permitted? Free

Is alcohol permitted? Free

Are you on MIT Carson Chow?

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  Why choose "MIT Carson Chow"?
 Promotes long term weight loss
 Promotes rapid weight loss
 Maintain your goal weight
 Teaches sustainable weight loss skills
 A roadmap for a healthier lifestyle


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Draglist's top tips

1.Set your daily average calories using Carson's NIDDK tool, not FatSecret's, which promotes a slower weight loss. Here's a link: (ends with .gov)
2.Calculate your daily calories over a month. You can go over the average on 'cheat' days, just be sure to eat enough low cal days to stay within the average by the end of the month.
3.Set your activity only to sleeping and resting. Don't try to trick the system by adding exercise calories for mundane activities. Of course, if you do specific exercise, record it.
4.Keep lots of dill pickles and Giardiniera on hand for late night snacks. These have no calories and will allow you to munch on something if you get desperate after dinner.
5.Trade in the soda for Crystal Light, or another zero calorie mix. If water works for you, all the better, but I like a little flavor. Try to wean off the diet soda.
6.Read the New York Times article about Carson Chow. FatSecret won't allow the entire URL to display here, but you can Google it.