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19 Sep 17 by krstotts on diet krstotts's own diet, losing 4.2 lb a week Down
19 Sep 17 by kmar on diet LCHF: Low carb, High fat / Ketogenic Diet, steady weight Steady
19 Sep 17 by Larrywh on diet Larrywh's own diet, steady weight Steady
19 Sep 17 by Daniel McClain on diet Daniel McClain's own diet, gaining 3.5 lb a week Up
19 Sep 17 by skwhite on diet skwhite's own diet
19 Sep 17 by zarchasmpgmr on diet zarchasmpgmr's own diet, losing 9.8 lb a week Down
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16 minutes ago
Long term health goals, finding a unique WOE that works, mindfull eating, tweaking and adjusting as needed...a ...
17 minutes ago
Thanks, Steven!
17 minutes ago
It only counts as exercise if you're caught... else, its just "falling off the wagon", @Chesgreen!
18 minutes ago
Running is running😂😂 congrats, let's see who gets to onederland first this time! 😊