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New to this site and diet
Hi ya'll! I am new to this site. I actually stumbled across it by accident. I am currently 265 and my first goal is to loose 30 pounds. Ultimately, I think my dream weight would be 200. That would ...
1 reply, last reply by Hedder52, 12 years ago.   2,071 views.
started by utoonozy.   
Thinking of a diet ?
There is a new site that’s getting popular called that you might want to check out. It’s all about staying motivated to lose weight – not selling a diet plan like all the ...
1 reply, last reply by Shai, 12 years ago.   1,693 views.
started by health4all.   
Buddy, Buddy, Where is my Buddy?
I am ready to go! I have been warming up for about a month now - getting healthy foods in the house, trying recipes and psyching myself up. What I am looking for is a buddy who will be working out as ...
4 replies, last reply by MAGNETLADY, 12 years ago.   2,738 views.
started by hopefloats.   
Hey I am looking for a buddy, male or female. I am eighteen and needing someone to help me stay on track! so if anyone is interested!!
2 replies, last reply by EvelynePink, 12 years ago.   1,753 views.
started by EvelynePink.   
Looking for buddy that also needs to drop 100 lbs
I can't believe I need to lose 100 lbs, but I do.:shock: I started Atkins three weeks ago but have only lost three lbs so far. I need a buddy on any diet with the same goals to help keep my motiv ...
3 replies, last reply by reeneejune, 12 years ago.   1,641 views.
started by kellygirl.   
How Do you add a diet buddy
Hey everyone my sister and law just joined and I noticed that she recently came up on my web page as her diet buddy. How can I add my best friend as my diet buddy I have searched this web site and cannot ...
1 reply, last reply by lizz, 12 years ago.   2,673 views.
started by trucker.   
looking for a buddy
I feel like a jerk:( I am looking at everyones starting weight and weight goals and feel like you all look at me like I am crazy. I know I am not heavy but I have such a distorted self image and I carry ...
6 replies, last reply by Mish, 12 years ago.   2,761 views.
started by lizz.   
Starting the Fat Smash Diet
Hello Everyone: I am starting the fat smash diet today and I am pretty excited. I am hoping to find a buddy that's on the diet as well for support purposes and to met a new friend as well. I am ...
2 replies, last reply by santrice, 12 years ago.   2,971 views.
started by drea.   
This Buddy Thing
I like this buddy thing. I've now got someone new in my life to share my ups and downs with and to compare notes on Shangri La. Pretty cool :!:
5 replies, last reply by blueyedmerle, 12 years ago.   3,161 views.
started by Penelope.   
Thanksgiving & Holiday planning
Hi everyone, What strategies are you using to make it through the holiday season? My first challenge is Thanksgiving dinner at friends, I'm baking a sugar-free pumpkin pie so I can have a slice ...
5 replies, last reply by Mary O, 12 years ago.   3,631 views.
started by lcnrainbow.   
hi! new and in need of support!!!!
Hi, I'm new and starting the South Beach Diet I'm excited but also confused! I'm trying to lose 50+ pounds and I know I'll need some help and support. I want to lose to feel fit and he ...
19 replies, last reply by caz60, 12 years ago.   5,697 views.
started by kayless.   
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new here, looking for support
I am a snacker! I get most of my calories, etc from snacks. Ugh! I have always eaten this way, and it usually works for me. Honestly, I think I am back on this site b/c I have been fixing dinner. I eat ...
by beckylw on 20 Jun 19 02:58 PM
I am BACK!
Good luck!
by Nice Matreshka on 16 Jun 19 07:52 PM
Got to get serious
not counting properly , btw the old demanding job is an excuse used by so many people, your body doesn't care how busy or important you think you and your job are it just responds to what you do to ...
by spacey48 on 16 Jun 19 02:10 PM

by annerolfe on 07 May 19 12:17 AM
Keto Lifestyle Buddy
Thank you
by Pippster Bridget on 11 Apr 19 05:36 PM

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by member ladydawny
Not been following this at all, need a low carb diet but not so sure this one is right for me.
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